X22报道|第2745集: 中央银行议程 ,美国现代历史上最大的丑闻

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X22报道|第2745集: 中央银行议程 ,美国现代历史上最大的丑闻

Ep. 2745a – The [CB]/Biden Agenda Is Now Showing, Countries Begin To Move Away From The [CB] System

Ep. 2745a-[ CB ]/拜登议程显示,各国开始远离[ CB ]体系

Ep. 2745b – Do People Really Believe The Biggest Scandal In Modern US History Will Go Unpunished?

Ep. 2745b – 人们真的相信美国现代史上最大的丑闻会不受惩罚吗?

X22 报告发表于2022年4月7日


The people are now seeing the policies of the [CB] and Biden, now the Airlines are saying you might have to take ground transportation. Countries are now moving away from the [CB] system.

人们现在看到了[ CB ]和拜登的政策,现在航空公司说你可能不得不乘坐地面交通。目前,各国正逐渐远离(CB)体系。


The [DS] is using everything they have right now to fight against the patriots. This is an information war, Trump is a war time president. The [DS] is doing everything they can to protect their crimes from reaching the public, this has already failed, they do not have control over this. AZ AG reports fraud but is not doing anything about it. The people must push and demand justice. When you overthrow a government and cheat your way in and you get caught, laws, nominations are revoked because the puppet government did not have the authority to issue these.

[DS]正在动用他们现有的一切力量来对抗爱国者。这是一场信息战争,特朗普是一位战时总统。[DS]正在竭尽全力保护他们的犯罪行为不被公众知道,这已经失败了,他们无法控制这一切。AZ AG 报告了欺诈行为,但没有采取任何措施。人民必须推动和要求正义。当你推翻了一个政府,然后通过欺骗的方式进入,你被抓住了,法律,提名被撤销,因为傀儡政府没有权力发布这些。


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