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(ECETI 新闻) : 地球状况演讲,圣诞节和新年通讯|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

State of Terra Address
Christmas and New Years Newsletter


By James Gilliland

作者: James Gilliland

While in meditation and doing clearings Baba ji came to me with an obvious but profound message, “God is Love.” He then said it does not matter what you name it, what image you project on it, the real God is Love. He said between the 21st and January 7th there would be a great outpouring of love. Love is the manifesting force behind creation, those who create from fear will experience the manifestation of those fears yet it will be amplified and accelerated. Those coming from love in service to others will receive a profound blessing. Those coming from fear in self service that seek power over others will create some profound lessons. The energy coming in will amplify and accelerate everything including karma. It will uncover what is hidden, the masks will come down and you will see people and their actions for what they are, not what they mislead and portray them to be. This is already well underway yet there will be waves of energy exponentially getting stronger in the days to come. Some waves are timed with other natural and religious events where people’s hearts are more open and receptive. Between the 21st and the 7th is one of these times.


Today we live in a world of opposites. Science has become political, profit driven. The mainstream and social media rather than inform people disinform people. Rather than provide a platform for free speech and communication they have become censors of opinions that do not align with their agendas or the goals of their corporate sponsors, the global elite and the CCP. The alphabet agencies and justice departments are the best money can buy, Just Us systems. Most are politically driven straying away from the law, especially the supreme law of the land, The Constitution. The majority of Health agencies, hospitals and doctors use junk science or profit driven science betraying their Hippocratic oath and have instead made an oath to big pharma. The global elite, CCP and big pharma, “the vaccine companies” are running the show with disastrous results. The censored and suppressed crippling and deadly side effects are a testimony to this. According to Vayers which records less than 10% the adverse side effects to the vaccines, vaccine injuries and deaths are exponentially increasing in unimaginable numbers. Still births have increased over 300% and 173% more children have died from the vaccines than covid. Up to 90% of the people checking into the hospitals with covid or variants are vaccinated. This is a total fail when it comes to health care agencies and systems.

今天,我们生活在一个截然相反的世界。科学已经变成了政治的、利益驱动的。主流和社交媒体并没有告知人们虚假信息。他们没有提供一个自由言论和交流的平台,而是成为了意见的审查者,这与他们的议程或他们的企业赞助商、全球精英和C*P的目标不一致。字母机构和司法部门是钱能买到的最好的,Just Us系统。大多数人是受政治驱使,偏离了法律,尤其是国家的最高法律——宪法。大多数卫生机构、医院和医生使用垃圾科学或利润驱动的科学,违背了他们的希波克拉底誓言,而是向大型制药公司发了誓。全球精英,CCP和大型制药公司,“疫苗公司”正在上演着灾难性的结局。审查和压制的严重和致命的副作用就是证明。根据Vayers的记录,疫苗的不良副作用不到10%,疫苗的伤害和死亡人数呈不可想象的指数增长。死产增加了300%,死于疫苗的儿童比死于covid的儿童多173%。到医院就诊的患者中,高达90%的人接种了疫苗。当涉及到医疗保健机构和系统时,这是一个彻底的失败。

The vaccine companies were given immunity as long as there is not willful misconduct. It has now gone beyond willful misconduct, fraud and in many cases premeditated murder. The vaccine companies knew according to their previous communications of the crippling and deadly side effects. This means their immunity is null and void. So where is the justice system? Why aren’t the heavily invested politicians in the vaccine companies speaking out? The defense department has always been the offence department, the brute squad for the global elite. Religions have failed to bring universal peace, a personal God connection and judging by the homeless and sick have become misdirected. Satanic/Luciferian influences, pedophilia including child sacrifice has infiltrated the tops of almost all institutions. It has become epidemic in the political, music, movie, and news networks. It is not a matter of who, now it is a matter of who is not. Then there is the educational system that teaches gender confusion, racism, socialism, communism and are paid enforcers of the lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates. Did you know billions are given to governors and school boards to enforce the masks and vaccine mandates? Is this a conflict of interest, collusion, is this why parents, trusted guardians of the children are speaking out? Is this why they ignore real science?

只要没有故意的不当行为,疫苗公司就可以获得免疫。它现在已经超越了故意的不当行为,欺诈,以及在许多情况下的谋杀。疫苗公司根据他们以前的通信了解致残和致命的副作用。这意味着他们的豁免权无效。那么,司法系统在哪里呢?为什么疫苗公司投入巨资的政治家们不站出来说话?国防部一直是进攻部门,全球精英的蛮力部队。宗教未能带来普遍的和平,人与上帝之间的联系,以及对无家可归者和病人的判断都被误导了。撒旦/卢西费尔的影响,恋童癖,包括儿童牺牲已渗透到几乎所有机构的顶部。它在政治、音乐、电影和新闻网络中已经成为一种流行病。这不是谁的问题,而是谁不是的问题。然后是教育系统,教授性别混淆、种族主义、社会主义、共产主义,并且是禁闭、面具和疫苗命令的付费执行者。你知道吗,为了执行口罩和疫苗的要求,政府已经给了学校董事会数十亿美元?这是一种利益冲突、共谋吗? 这就是为什么家长们,孩子们可信赖的监护人们会大声疾呼吗?这就是他们忽视真正科学的原因吗?

Lockdowns destroyed the economy and small businesses by design, if you put on 5 masks and blow through them you will fog up a glass. Go out on a brisk cold morning and watch the steam rise through the mask and spread rapidly, a cough and sneeze goes 30 feet. They demand you social distance at the airport then jam you inches away in a plane. The virus is .125 microns the mask blocks down to 30 microns. It is like thinking a chain link fence will stop a fart. It even says on the box does not protect against covid. Major university studies have proven the lack of oxygen creates brain and organ failure, the re-inhalation of bacteria, virus and other toxins create bacterial pneumonia. Psychologists are saying the masks are traumatizing the children inhibiting their social development. Top virologists are screaming to get rid of the masks they are killing you just as they did during the Spanish flu. More people died of bacterial pneumonia than the flu. Where is the logic? How did we become so critically thinking and research impaired? Who have we turned to for information upon which to make decisions concerning ours and our family’s health and well being? What is behind all this? Follow the money, know the goals of the global elite and the CCP, observe who is enforcing these agendas, there lies your answer.


Before you lose all hope there is a solution and that solution is coming on high, activating people of impeccable integrity, those in service to humanity and the Earth in every walk of life. Not all within the political, religious, business, justice departments, educational, health care institutions have sold their souls. They are stepping forward and truth is flowing through them like a river. This includes some within mainstream and social media. They are the ones shadow banned, in farcebook jail, and the ones who found other platforms to speak their truth. I might add freedom of speech is what America is all about, if you disagree operate in another country.


The conspiracy is a fact not a theory and conspiracies are replete throughout all walks of life. It only takes two to create a conspiracy and if you think there are not two people out there that have conspired against the people well, as they say in Texas God bless you.


The people are rising. The prophecy that all the iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops and no rock shall be left unturned is rapidly being fulfilled. The days of tyranny, unbridled greed and lust for power are coming to a close. The enslavement of humanity through manufactured lack and planned obsolescence, ill gained profit at the expense of humanity and the Earth is also coming to a close. This includes the hijacking of environmental movements. All those who violate Universal Law will be held accountable. Neither they, their actions or their kingdoms will continue. They are not frequency specific with the planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth which is well underway. The chaos is the healing, everything is surfacing, being made known, the masks and false appearances are coming down. Idols are falling, leaders are falling, icons are falling, their empires are crumbling, it is unavoidable.


If you want real science our solar system is moving into a highly charged place in space. The Schumann Resonance is off the scale, incoming energy bursts from the Sun and other systems if off the scale, the electromagnetic light spectrum has new bands and those who are sensitive feel there is a massive influx of higher consciousness and energy pressing in on the planet. Not everyone is going to finish this ride. Especially the tyrants, those who lust for power and wealth, those who have profited at the expense of humanity and the Earth, and especially those who have harmed the children. This includes those who willingly and in ignorance do their bidding. The tyrants and the morally challenged are going to have to find a new planet because the Earth is ascending beyond their ability to stay or return. Enjoy the light review, some will experience it in the physical. It will be like the Earth and all it’s inhabitants will go through an NDE near death experience once it hits critical mass. We will all experience this differently. Baba ji once said to some it will be like getting hit with a brick, to others like a feather. It is all about frequency. What determines your frequency? Your attitudes, emotions and beliefs in the world in which you live. Your frequency determines where you go when passing this plane. Love, joy, bliss, service to others are of the highest frequencies. Time for a lot of Karma Yoga, dedication of energies and resources in service to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is time to make your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit. Ours and the next generations’ future depend on it. Make this your New Year’s resolution. Nothing exists outside of the unified field, everything is connected. What you do for or against life, you do to self and the whole. Evil persists when good men/women live in denial and do nothing. It is time for courage and impeccable Integrity. Time to rise and find the lion within.




James Gilliland


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