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织女星的伊沃|一场信念之战Sharon:Ivo,in Ashtar's message yesterday he said one thing that really was like a ping pong ball hitting me off the side of the head.He said,"The first milestone in the journey was the Quantum Financial System(QFS),which has already been implemented.Disruption and dissolution of the old Fiat monetary system is underway,and will progress as it is allowed to do so.The more people realize that their money is coming from this new source,the QFS,the more the old system will collapse.If one believes that it is what it always was and no change has been made,then the old system will prevail for them.Believe it.Change your thinking to align with this Truth.Which system do you wish to provide your income to you?You have a choice now."


That makes sense!They call this"A Consciousness War,"and when you think of how consciousness works,in the lower dimensions,we call consciousness"beliefs."So we have to change our belief system.


We're being given information to re-configure our beliefs.This information,though,aligns with truth and with God.


It hadn't occurred to me to believe my income came from the QFS,or that I'm dealing with the QFS as I do my banking,but we create this reality,so why wouldn't I be correct in believing that?As soon as I think it,I can switch belief systems and frankly,rise in frequency as well.


Ivo:You do create your reality.And you are allowed to have whatever beliefs you wish to have.The information that has come to you through the alternative community,through channelers such as yourself,through the Alliance,has been told to you to give you a choice as to what to believe.


Think of this as a big screen with events on earth playing out before you.As you stand there,you must choose what you wish to align with–what you wish to believe.


You were told that the QFS was operative.Ashtar told you as well that the QFS system can hack into any governmental computer system that it wishes and that eventually everyone would be paid via the QFS,not the defunct Fiat system.

你被告知QFS是有效的。阿斯塔也告诉你,QFS 系统可以侵入任何政府的计算机系统,它希望,最终每个人都将支付通过 QFS,而不是不存在的菲亚特系统。

However it did not occur to many of you to choose which you wished to have dispense your funding.Your children use their imagination always but it is a skill that many adults do not use.In using your imagination,you are activating the system of creativity.However most of the adults wish to rely upon"facts"and in so doing,you are delaying the process of creation,if not stalling it indefinitely.You are told that your thinking must align with truth,and that these are facts.


Many of you believe since nothing appears to have changed,then nothing has actually changed,and then you continue to believe what you always believed:that your money is being dispensed through the Fiat system.


Sahron:Guilty as charged!


Ivo:Now you have the choice of choosing which truth you wish to adhere to,which set of facts you wish to live by.Or do you wish to create your own?


This is not just a process where each person begins to understand their personal responsibility,it is also a process where you begin to understand how you must create your part in the process.Right now,you are being given a few options:QFS or Fiat?Mask or no mask?Liberal or Conservative?P or Traitor?Good or Evil?Vee or no Vee?Lockdown or no lockdown?

这不仅仅是一个每个人开始理解他们的个人责任的过程,也是一个你开始理解你必须如何在过程中创造你的部分的过程。现在,你有几个选择:QFS 还是菲亚特?戴不戴面具?自由派还是保守派?P 还是叛徒?是善还是恶?是Vee 还是没有 Vee?封锁还是不封锁?

These are not multiple choice questions you are being asked.You are being asked to steer your consciousness through a treacherous time in the history of earth by being given two options on any given subject.Yes or no.Positive or negative.Good or evil.


This is duality.In steering yourself through duality,you will rise to a consciousness level that is unified:the fifth dimension when you align with the correct response.In consistently showing that you are good,and aligned with goodness for all because that is what you are choosing from:issues that affect the entirety of the world,you are choosing what you want to see for yourself and for others,and raising your vibrational frequency higher to the fifth dimension.


We do not inundate you with information designed to confuse you,such as the DS does.You were put in lockdown,told a virulent strain was in Canada,and given the option of any number of different vee's.We ask simply do you wish to or not.The confusion comes from the evil end,and that is one of their tactics:to confuse you so you cannot make a clear response.

我们不会像 DS 那样,用旨在迷惑你的信息淹没你。你被关进了一级防范禁闭,被告知一种有毒菌株在加拿大,而且你可以选择任何一种不同的维。我们只是简单地问你愿意还是不愿意。困惑来自邪恶的结局,这是他们的策略之一:迷惑你,让你无法做出明确的回应。

We simply ask you to change your beliefs based on whether you wish to go along with the agenda or not.And we have always told you to put your creative energies into creating the timeline you wish to see for earth.However disinformationists have supplied confusion around the QFS,and you have been trained to believe what you see.You believe that if nothing has changed then nothing has changed.That is not working for you and must be dispensed with.You must believe in what you do not see.If you wish it to be true,then create it.Create that belief system.

我们只是简单地要求你们改变你们的信念,基于你们是否愿意按照议程行事。我们一直告诉你们,把你们的创造性能量投入到创造你们希望为地球看到的时间线上。然而,错误信息论者在 QFS 周围提供了混乱,你已经被训练去相信你所看到的。你相信如果什么都没有改变,那么什么都没有改变。这对你来说不起作用,必须摒弃。你必须相信你看不见的东西。如果你希望它是真实的,那么就创造它。创造那个信念系统。

Obviously,since the Matrix uses chaos and confusion to keep people ensnared in its belief system,we are meeting their efforts to create chaos with peace in the hopes of liberating as many on the brink of falling in as possible.


Be forewarned,however,that not all people are saveable.There are some who are inherently evil,and others too low of frequency to be able to believe in the good.We are helping as many as possible.


Sharon:Thank you,Ivo.


Ivo:My love,your world will be fine.Just keep envisioning peace,prosperity and happiness for all.


Sharon:Awesome!This is about what you consent to for many.Some go in to more detail and that's because it's our business to do so.


Ivo:Exactly,my love.


**Source**Channel:Sharon Stewart


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