瑞典银河真理报|第360期 非常重要的新更新

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瑞典银河真理报|第360期  非常重要的新更新VERY IMPORTANT NEW UPDATE~MARCH 13TH 2021~#360




13th March 2021


As you read this new update you will come to have a very clear picture of how our exact situation is right now and you will hopefully take a few deep breaths and sighs of relief in the KNOWINGNESS that the end of the darkness that I have described in the Dark Pyramid of Power above is getting closer and closer with each day that passes.


瑞典银河真理报|第360期  非常重要的新更新Let's take a look at that dark pyramid now and review what has already been achieved.


1)At the top of the pyramid you see the Chimera.Recently we learned that these were once a group of Archangels who conducted experiments upon themselves with toplet bombs and ended up transforming into the evilest imaginable spider beings.


The Chimera beings are now GONE~utterly and completely GONE.


They no longer exist in any form either surrounding the'Veil'or in any bases below Earth's surface.


2)Secondly on the pyramid you see the heading Inter-Dimensional Beings.Who are they?They are/were our Archon controllers who created the astral plane Heaven and Hell realities surrounding our planet.This is where you and I incarnated to and from life after life.The ONLY way to leave Earth beyond the Veil was to Ascend like Jesus Christ.Very few have managed to achieve this because of the utter darkness.On these planes the Archons had most of their minions~the races that they created~working from these planes to keep us all in tow here.These were the Draconian Reptilians and the Reptilians and a host of other demons and amoeba like creatures.


The Archons on these planes are GONE!


The Draconian Reptilians are GONE!


The Reptilians are GONE.


KNOW THIS NOW~when you lose a loved one now,they really do go to HEAVEN straight into the arms of Angelic Beings and other deceased loved ones!They will of course not even dream of reincarnating here until after The Event,they might choose that although their choices will be limitless.


3)The Archons have now all been removed from the astral ethereal planes but there are Archons still with us incarnated on the surface mostly within the Black Nobility Families.At present I am informed that they are 106 in number.


4)The Draconian Reptilians and Reptilians who still hold a seeming measure of control over us are incarnated here on the surface.Some of them as main political figures,some as royalty,etc.They are the Antichrist,narcissistic,sociopathic,psychopathic figures controlling us BUT remember they are below the control of the Archon controlled Black Nobility Families who control everyone else like the Jesuits,Illuminati etc.whom they have created.


5)The numerous dark underground bases/military bases that were in the control of the chimera group are GONE.


6)There were 2 Rhic Collider bases on the surface,the main one on Long Island,the second CERN in Switzerland.This is where the Chimera/Archon groups have been creating the Strangelet and Toplet bombs to hold us as hostages and keep the Galactic Confederation at a distance.The Long Island base was completely deactivated 3-4 years ago.The CERN base was deactivated about 3 years ago.THEY ARE GONE!

6)地表有两个 Rhic 对撞机基地,主要位于长岛,第二个位于瑞士的 CERN。这里就是奇美拉/执政官组织制造奇异和顶夸克炸弹的地方他们把我们当人质扣押并且和银河联邦保持距离。长岛基地在3-4年前被完全关闭。欧洲核子研究中心基地在3年前就被关闭了。他们消失了!

7)There have been 4 facilities for the creation of clones on the surface.One of these was located on Long Island.All of these are now deactivated.The last one was removed about 18 months ago.There are NO CLONES currently.GONE!


There was an occasion some years ago during the American Presidential campaigns when Hilary Clinton was speaking at two very distant from one another locations simultaneously.A mistake had been made.A clone always needs a handler to keep them in tow.They might manage 15 minutes on their own.I recently read some ridiculous so called'channelled'information claiming that President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis were either look a likes or holographic figures!!!Putin has not been replaced by anyone.If the Deep State had control over Putin,we would have had a 3rd World War~we would probably not have been here.This man will be seen to be the John F Kennedy figure that saved this planet when all of the truth be known.#236'Russia Today'.


How Pope Francis could manage just this last week,to do a round trip in Iran meeting hundreds of people and holding masses in several cathedrals as a holographic figure is beyond my understanding?The amount of utter and complete nonsense spread on the internet to keep people focused upon'ridiculousness'and away from real truth is endless.


8)The Chimera group had its own Space Fleet.GONE!


9)The Draconian Reptilians had their own Space Fleet.GONE!


To see the end of the story about how and when the Galactic Confederation took these fleets down there are 2 articles from 2020 which may bring some needed clarification~see#263'One Final Synopsis of Our Liberation Story'from October 1st 2020.See also#315'The Beginning of the End is Now'further down the blog.I wrote that on January 11th 2021


The dark ones have no escape route via space.


There are Galactic Confederation Light ships ALL AROUND US NOW.


10)CURRENTLY there is an ongoing removal process of all dark bases of all dark kinds taking place below and above the surface.These bases have mainly existed all over the USA and Europe.Our controllers will not be able to escape into outer space,nor will they be able to escape into underground secret bases and tunnel systems etc.below their castles etc.Nor will they be able to escape via sea.




11)At the time of The Event they will all be arrested~approximately 1 million beings will be arrested.There will not be any French Revolution type scenarios allowed by the Light Alliance and not in least would this be allowed by the Council of Love.Each one will have a fair trial,and many will have the choice of rehabilitation and joining the Light.


There are some beings that have sunken to such depths of darkness,such unimaginable darkness as to be beyond any form of rehabilitation.One such a being would be Michael Aquino.The being behind the creation of numerous MK ultra bases,Adrenochrome harvesting bases etc.This being has already been removed.

有些生物已经沉沦到如此黑暗的深渊,如此难以想象的黑暗,以至于超越了任何形式的康复。迈克尔·阿基诺就是其中之一。他创造了大量的 MK 超级基地,肾上腺素铬收集基地等等。这个东西已经被移除了。

If you have been following this blog,you will already be fully aware of the fact that many millions of Angelic and Archangelic Beings currently surround our planet.We have seen evidence of some of the work that they are doing,namely removing very dark satanic ritualistic energies from buildings such as courthouses,cathedrals etc.which were all a part of the control system of the Veil.I will provide a detailed information about how the Veil has been created and kept in place at the bottom of this article.


The MOST POWERFUL LIGHT ENERGIES on Earth earlier were to be found in the pre Christian Goddess Vortices in Goddess Temples worldwide.


"Theodosius was instrumental in completely erasing Goddess mysteries,by issuing laws to forbid Goddess worship,punishable by death,in 391 CE,and by ordering the destruction of Serapeum and the library in Alexandria in 392 CE.The Battle of Frigidus meant a complete collapse of the Goddess energy grid for the whole Western civilization,leading to the split of the Roman empire just a few months later,and ultimately leading to 1000 year delay of progress in the so-called dark(middle)ages.


Theodosius belonged to Theodosian bloodline that is now known as Theodoli family,one of the main Black Nobility families:"{see further#355 below}


Hundreds of thousands of lightworkers have been working steadily over the past 15 years to reunite and connect the Goddess Leyline Vortices all over Earth.We have~through the dedicated work of the many~succeeded in joining forces in numerous very important worldwide meditations to avert war situations,to strengthen the Goddess Energy on the surface.We have an ongoing Flower of Life meditation to secure the Light Grid on Gaia.Cobra and the Reisitance Movemnt cooperate with the amzing site We Love Mass Meditations in this effort.https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/

在过去的15年里,成千上万的光工作者一直在稳定地工作,以重新联合并连接遍布地球的女神地脉漩涡。我们通过许多人的奉献工作,成功地在许多非常重要的世界性冥想中联合起来,以避免战争局势,加强地表上的女神能量。我们有一个正在进行的生命之花冥想来确保 Gaia 上的光网格。Cobra 抵抗运动与我们热爱的大众冥想网站合作。

To see just how much we have achieved you can read my synopsis of this process in the past couple of years and see just WHAT ENORMOUS STRIDES FORWARD WE HAVE MADE.#211~'We Are Heading Full Speed Ahead into The Liberation of Planet Earth+A Historic Overview of the Past 22 Months'~written May 17th 2020.


So When Is This Event Going to Take Place?


I have been asked/allowed to give you an idea of when that could take place.I will begin by mentioning that we have here in Sweden a beautiful young woman who began holding gatherings about 2 years ago.She incarnated here directly from a Galactic Confederation ship.She has disclosed that her work will soon be over and that she is returning to her home ship in August.I am assuming that she won't leave the day after The Event.I'm assuming that she will take a while to say her goodbyes to loved ones here first.I'll tell you the truth~I was disappointed last week when I learned this fact~I thought that we were so much closer now.But it looks like we have a bit further to go before Compression Breakthrough.I am informed that{and I have asked many questions as to what the delays might be~such as rescuing of hostages etc}I would not be able to fully comprehend the reasons for the delays right now.I will later on.Just know this.There will NOT BE ANY GREAT RESET A LA CABAL.


NESARA AND GESARA will take place worldwide SIMULTANEOUSLY when the old financial system is completely removed at the time of The Event.The Resistance Movement along with the Red Dragon Society can and will do this at the appropriate moment by the touch of a button.

NESARA GESARA 将同时在世界范围内发生,当旧的金融系统在事件发生的时候被完全移除。抵抗运动和红龙协会能够也将会在适当的时候通过按一个按钮做到这一点。



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