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Even though I don't have much of a scientific background(certainly not in this lifetime),I am now getting information on some of the technologies that are used by our Galactic family.It's the kind of technologies that would make the average person with a limited 3D perception say"Dude,are you on dope or something?"and that would make the jaws of Earth scientists drop to the floor.But for members of the Galactic Confederation it's as common as a light switch or elevator for us.

尽管我没有太多的科学背景(当然这辈子也没有),我现在正在获取一些关于我们银河家族使用的技术的信息。这种技术会让3D 视觉受限的普通人说:"伙计,你是不是嗑药了?"这会让地球科学家的嘴巴掉到地上。但是对于银河联盟的成员来说,它就像我们的电灯开关或电梯一样普通。

For one thing I was wondering about the parks on board the spheres;even though they are rather large,wouldn't entropy set in if they are all restricted to the limits of their individual size?Well,they aren't limited to their 3D physical size.They are all connected through permanent wormholes on the sides;so while in 3D there may be a thick separator wall,a bird flying will see and experience a flawless continuation into another park on board the sphere or even on board another sphere.And how do people move about on the spheres?They don't walk through doors all the time,the spheres are a bit too huge for walking or taking the subway.Instead they use teleporting machines that are mind operated.Say a GC member wants to go for a walk in the park;he or she thinks about a certain place in the park of choice,activates the teleportation and finds himself or herself at the desired point.It's all based on energy,quantum connections and shielding technology.The shielding is a vital ingredient to keep the internal structural integrity of each item or body that is teleported.Same goes for time travel which is a closely related technology,it's all a question of moving in the timespace continuum,although time travel is more complicated due to wider energy shifts involved.You cannot do it without proper shielding,that would go horribly wrong as someone teleported could bump into a tree or animal or get physically enmeshed with the matter at the destination.This showed up in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment that was done in 1943.The technologies described above are just a few of the many very advanced technologies that the Galactics have access to.

首先,我对球体上的公园感到好奇;即使它们相当大,如果它们都被限制在个体大小的极限内,熵不会产生吗?当然,它们并不局限于3D物理尺寸。它们都是通过两侧的永久虫洞连接起来的;所以在3D中可能会有一个厚厚的隔离墙,一只飞行的鸟会看到并体验到一个完美的延续,进入球体上的另一个公园,甚至在另一个球体上。人们是如何在球体上移动的呢?它们不会一直穿过门,球体对于步行或乘坐地铁来说有点太大了。相反,他们使用心灵控制的心灵传输机器。比如说,一个 GC 成员想去公园散步;他或她想到了选择的公园中的某个地方,激活了瞬间移动,发现自己在想要的地方。这一切都是基于能量,量子连接和屏蔽技术。屏蔽是一个至关重要的组成部分,以保持每个项目或身体的内部结构完整性是心灵运输。时间旅行也是一样,它是一个密切相关的技术,它是一个在时间空间连续体中移动的问题,尽管时间旅行由于涉及更广泛的能量转移而更加复杂。如果没有适当的屏蔽,你就不能做到这一点,因为被传送的人可能会撞上树或动物,或者在目的地与物质产生身体上的缠绕,从而导致可怕的错误。这在1943年臭名昭著的费城实验中得到了体现。上面描述的技术只是银河人能够获得的许多非常先进的技术中的一部分。


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