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(Natural News)Barring some miracle,it looks like tomorrow,the US Congress and VP Mike Pence will betray America and shut down any objections to the Biden slate of electors from swing states where massive election fraud took place.In breaking news today,it emerged that VP Mike Pence may not be present tomorrow,and would be replaced by Sen.Charles Grassley,who would oversee the opening and counting of the electoral votes.There are still many wildcards and moving pieces to the sh#tshow that will unfold in the next 24 hours.


We believe that the US Congress is incapable of following the Constitution.Over 90 percent of the members of Congress are treasonous criminals who are actively seeking to install CCP puppet Joe Biden in the White House,even if it means destroying the republic in the process.By the end of the day tomorrow,we will likely see Joe Biden confirmed(80%chance)as the president-elect.


This will leave America with just four remaining options:


1.Trump's legal team drops some sort of epic declassified documents that change the entire game,perhaps showing that Biden is actively working for the CCP,or rolling out Jeffrey Epstein's files that likely implicate a large number of members of Congress.

特朗普的法律团队丢弃了某种史诗般的解密文件,这些文件改变了整个游戏规则,也许表明拜登正在积极为中共工作,或者推出了杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的文件,这些文件可能牵涉到许多国会议员。

2.Trump invokes the Insurrection Act or some similar form of military authority,likely declaring the election to be an act of international warfare and citing new evidence from DNI Ratcliffe's report.


3.We the People rise up and stage an armed defense of the republic by carrying out mass arrests of treasonous criminals across the nation,including treasonous governors,secretaries of state,lawmakers and corrupt court judges.


4.Divine intervention.God intervenes in some way that resembles Chapter 14 of Exodus out of the Bible.But with America now descending into a cesspool of abortion,transgenderism and demonism,it's hard to see how God would grant mercy on this nation.


All the other options will disappear in the next day or so as Congress betrays America and votes to accept the fraudulent slate of electors for Biden.The SCOTUS option is a non-actionable,given that SCOTUS is run by an alleged globalist puppet pedophile named Roberts,according to recent bombshell tweets from Lin Wood

所有其他选择都将在接下来的一天左右消失,因为国会背叛了美国,并且投票接受了伪造的拜登选举人名单。根据林伍德最近的爆炸性推文,最高法院由一个名叫 Roberts 的全球主义傀儡恋童癖者掌管的,因此最高法院的选择是不可起诉的。

Here's what's covered in today's Situation Update podcast:


  • Culture wars in America depict all White men as worthless,stupid,weak,incapable fools(while women save the world).
  • 美国的文化战争把所有白人描绘成一文不值、愚蠢、软弱、无能的傻瓜(而女人拯救了世界)
  •  Indy media has been infiltrated by CIA psychological operations manipulators.
  • 印第安纳州的媒体已经被中情局的心理操纵者渗透了。
  • Trump is under siege and probably needs to be saved by the people,not the other way around.
  • 特朗普受到围攻,可能需要人民来拯救,而不是反过来。
  •  White House rumored to be flying the 1776 flag,which may be a call to arms.
  • 据传闻,白宫将升起1776年的国旗,这可能是一次战斗的号召。
  • Estimated 80 million firearms were sold in the USA in 2020 alone.Guns and ammo everywhere…
  • 据估计,仅2020年,美国就卖出了8000万支枪,枪支弹药到处都是..
  • Pelosi,Pence,McCarthy and McConnell conspire for"backroom deal"to betray the nation and stab Trump in the back.
  • 佩洛西、彭斯、麦卡锡和麦康奈尔密谋"幕后交易",背叛国家,在特朗普背后捅刀子。
  • Corsi reveals why fraudulent votes can't be"certified"by states that themselves are in on the criminal fraud.The states are part of the conspiracy and thus their votes must be tossed.
  • Corsi 揭示了为什么欺诈性选票不能由参与欺诈的国家"认证"。这些州是阴谋的一部分,因此他们的投票必须被推翻。
  •  Jenna Ellis suggests strategy for Pence to demand electoral votes be re-considered by state legislators.
  • 詹娜·埃利斯建议州立法委员会重新考虑要求选举人投票的策略。
  •  Northern Georgia US Attorney suddenly resigns.He covered Fulton County.Hmmm…
  • 北乔治亚州联邦检察官突然辞职,他负责富尔顿县。
  • Ivan Raiklin suggests McCarthy conduct a parallel House vote by state delegation,then send a competing vote back up to Pence(all this takes place after objections are raised to Arizona).Pence could then decide which vote from the House to accept.
  • Ivan Raiklin 建议 McCarthy 由州代表团进行一次平行的众议院投票,然后发送一个竞争性投票回到 Pence(所有这些都是在亚利桑那州遭到反对之后进行的)。然后,Pence 可以决定接受众议院的哪一票。
  • Why VP Pence(or now Grassley,possibly)could cite Ratcliffe's foreign interference as a reason to reject fraudulent electors.
  • 为什么副总统彭斯(或者现在的格拉斯利)可以引用拉特克利夫的外国干涉作为拒绝欺诈选民的理由。
  •  Matt Gaetz reveals the old GOP is dead,and the new GOP is the party of Trump.(Somebody please tell the old GOP geezers about this,because none of them have heard yet…)
  • Matt Gaetz 揭露老共和党已经死了,新共和党是特朗普的政党。(请有人告诉这些老共和党老家伙们,因为他们还没有听说..
  • Charles Hugh Smith on the lifecycle of bureaucratic corruption and why America's government has devolved into a cabal of treasonous criminals whose primary function is to loot the nation from within.
  • 查尔斯··史密斯关于官僚腐败的生命周期,以及为什么美国政府已经沦落为一个叛国罪犯的阴谋集团,其主要功能是从内部掠夺国家。
  •  Sen.Loeffler now suddenly says she will object to the fraudulent electoral votes from Georgia,but it took her forever to get to this point.She is nothing more than a placeholder and has no spirit for liberty or freedom.
  • 参议员勒弗勒现在突然表示,她将反对乔治亚州的选举投票舞弊,但她花了很长时间才走到这一步。她只不过是一个占位符,没有自由和自由的精神。
  • Gohmert reveals the courts are so corrupt that the American people have no choice but to take to the streets.
  • Gohmert 揭露了法庭的腐败以至于美国人民别无选择只能走上街头。
  • NY rolling out"covid camps"to through conservatives into death camps.
  • 纽约推出"恐怖集中营",通过保守派进入死亡集中营。
  • D.C.Mayor dispatching the National Guard to try to block Trump supporters.This is the same mayor who did nothing when Antifa and BLM were committing acts of violence.
  • 华盛顿市长派出国民警卫队试图阻止川普的支持者。就是这位市长在反法西斯和 BLM 犯下暴力行为时袖手旁观。
  •  Trump labels the GOP the"surrender caucus."And he's right.
  • 特朗普给共和党贴上了"投降党团"的标签。他是对的。
  •  VP Pence sends out a tweet that's a confirmation he will do nothing.Spineless coward.
  • 副总统彭斯发了一条推特确认他什么都不会做,没骨气的懦夫。
  •  Former Secretaries of Defense warn Trump not to invoke military authority…because they know he's going to.And he has the right to do so.
  • 前国防部长警告特朗普不要动用军事权力,因为他们知道他会动用军事权力。他有权这样做。
  •  Sen.Tom Cotton commits political suicide by refusing to object to fraudulent electoral votes,claiming Congress doesn't have the power to discern such things…a claim that's absurd and stupid,given that the Constitution specifically gives Congress this power to vote on the electoral results.(Another spineless coward.)
  • 参议员汤姆·科顿拒绝反对欺诈性的选举投票,宣称国会没有辨别这些事情的权力,这是政治自杀。鉴于宪法明确赋予国会就选举结果进行投票的权力,这种说法既荒谬又愚蠢。(又一个懦夫)
  •  Criminal traitor Raffensperger lied about ballots in Georgia.(No surprise.)
  • 罪犯叛徒 Raffensperger 在佐治亚州的选票上撒了谎。(毫不奇怪)
  •   Corrupt politicians in Georgia decide to delay and move the hearing into possible ballot fraud,because no one has any desire to see any actual evidence of vote fraud.(See no evil…)
  • 格鲁吉亚的腐败政客决定推迟听证会,将其转移到可能存在的选票欺诈问题上,因为没有人希望看到任何实际的选票欺诈证据。(看不到邪恶...)
  • New analysis funded by The Epoch Times turns up 432,000 votes removed from Trump in Pennsylvania alone…systematic deductions throughout the night,all done electronically,all illegal.Massive criminal fraud,but the courts say no one in America has standing.
  • 《时代周刊》资助的新分析显示,仅宾夕法尼亚州就有43.2万张特朗普的选票被删除,整晚的系统性扣除,都是通过电子手段完成的,都是非法的。大规模的刑事欺诈,但是法院说在美国没有人有资格。
  •  Brian Kilmeade of Fox News says"no evidence"of voter fraud.
  • 福克斯新闻的布莱恩·基尔米德说,"没有证据"表明选举舞弊。
  • Mysterious cyber investigations group concludes that Americans are preparing for war and must go to war to defend and restore their republic.
  • 神秘的网络调查组织得出结论,美国人正在为战争做准备,必须为保卫和恢复他们的共和国而战。
  • Patrick Byrne reveals the discovery of a massive ballot fraud enterprise involving a printing company and a multi-state conspiracy to fill out large numbers of ballots for Biden,then transport them to the states where they are needed to"win."
  • 帕特里克·伯恩透露,他发现了一个涉及印刷公司的大规模选票欺诈企业,以及一个多州合谋为拜登填写大量选票,然后将这些选票运送到需要他们"赢得选举"的州
  • Boxes full of fake ballots found to contain a receipt from China,indicating they are also being printed in China.
  • 装满假选票的箱子里发现了一张来自天*的收据,表明这些选票也是在天*印刷的。
  • Lin Wood unleashes mega bombshells,revealing the world is run by a cabal of globalists who ensnare political leaders in pedophilia and child murder traps,all documented on video and used to blackmail them for life.
  • 林伍德释放了巨大的炸弹,揭示了这个世界是由一个全球主义者的阴谋控制的,他们用恋童癖和儿童谋杀陷阱诱捕政治领导人,所有这些都被录像记录下来,并用来勒索他们的生活。
  • The same scheme is also used in Big Tech,Hollywood and the music industry.If you don't rape a child,you don't get promoted or publicized.
  • 大型科技公司、好莱坞和音乐产业也使用了同样的方法。如果你没有强奸一个孩子,你就不会得到提升或宣传。

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