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Cobra has posted an important article with updates on the situation. The interview that is linked at the end of the post is dated December 2 and sounds quite conservative as to how far we are, but his post is more optimistic. The 80,000 people meditating in the Timeline Correction Meditation on November 11 that Cobra mentions is also rather conservative, he only counts the people who did a meditation with sufficiently strong focus, but the total number of people meditating was larger. I can now reveal that the Chimera were able to pull in quantum anomaly from the universe on November 25 which increased their reservoir of quantum anomaly foam back from less than 5% to 14% of its original size. This caused a small delay in the clearing of the Chimera, and I was upset when I found out, but the light forces are making sure the Chimera don't pull in any more anomaly. The most important take aways from Cobra's post are that the Chimera fleet has now been fully cleared and that more officers that are part of the system are starting to disobey and act against the system. The remaining Chimera are all underground. The projection of the light forces is that the clearing of the last toplet bombs and last Chimera will coincide.

柯博拉已经发布了一篇重要的文章,更新了相关情况。本文末尾的采访日期是122日,对于我们的进展情况听起来相当保守,但他的文章更为乐观。在1111日的时间线修正冥想中,8万人冥想,Cobra 提到的也是相当保守的---- 他只计算那些做冥想的人有足够强的专注力,但是冥想的总人数更多。我现在可以透露,奇美拉能够在1125日从宇宙中引入量子异常,从而将它们的量子异常泡沫储存库从不到原来大小的5% 增加到14% 。这导致了清理奇美拉的小小延迟,当我发现时我很沮丧,但是光明势力正在确保奇美拉不会再拉进任何异常物质。从柯博拉得到的最重要的结果是,奇美拉舰队现在已经被完全清除,更多的军官是系统的一部分,开始不服从和反对系统的行动。剩下的奇美拉都在地下。光明势力的推算是,清除最后顶夸克炸弹和最后奇美拉的时间会一致。


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