X22报告|第3183集: 贷款人准备应对潜在的信用恶化,战争贩子暴露了

2023年10月12日10:34:28最新动态X22报告|第3183集: 贷款人准备应对潜在的信用恶化,战争贩子暴露了已关闭评论51阅读模式


X22报告|第3183集: 贷款人准备应对潜在的信用恶化,战争贩子暴露了

Ep 3183a – [WEF] Plan Just Backfired, Lenders Are Preparing For Potential Credit Deterioration


Ep 3183b – Warmongers Are Being Exposed, Missile Warning System Transferred To SF, Stage Is Set

战争贩子暴露,导弹警报系统转移到 SF,舞台设置

X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 10, 8:00 pm EDT

X22报告流向: 美国东部时间10月10日晚8:00


The [WEF] plan is backfiring, Germany is in a death spiral and the people will soon be fighting back against this. Finnish government has a leak in their gas pipeline, coincidence? The economic lies are getting worse and the people are seeing through it. Lenders are preparing for a depression.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 10, 8:30 pm EDT

X22报告流向: 美国东部时间10月10日晚8:30


The [DS] tried to use a wag the dog tactic to distract the population. The people are now seeing the warmongers. Trump and the patriots are exposing the people that are pushing war, once the D’s are coming to the side of Trump and as we go throughout 2024 and the economy breaks down, the border invasion gets worse and we head into war the people of this country will start to understand who the true enemy is. This will all come together for the 2024 election.



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