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 New Zealand blog reader Jayde is 21 years old. I asked her to write a guest post to share her viewpoint as a young person navigating her way through this chaotic time. Enjoy.

新西兰博客读者 Jayde 今年21岁。我请她写一篇客座文章,分享她作为一个年轻人的观点,在这个混乱的时代,她引导着自己的道路。请慢用。

It's always hard when talking to asleep family members. You try so hard to make them understand. But I found forcing it upon them will not work. As I say to my younger siblings, "I would never force my ideals or 'conspiracy theories' on you. Where I'm coming from is a place of love and truth. I would have no reason to lie to you. What I say to you about the world, the fake media, New Earth and the vaccine is truth - and what do I have to gain from lying? I want a better world for both of you and that's what we are heading in to..."  
和睡着的家人说话总是很困难。你那么努力地让他们明白。但我发现强加于他们是行不通的。正如我对我的弟弟妹妹所说,“我绝不会把我的理想或‘阴谋论’强加给你。我来自一个充满爱和真理的地方。我没有理由对你撒谎。关于这个世界,虚假的媒体,新地球和疫苗,我对你们说的都是事实——我从撒谎中得到了什么?我希望你们两个都有一个更好的世界,这就是我们将要面对的... ...”
I know everyone is struggling with this whoever it may be, family or friends, but don't force information or get frustrated with them. Instead show them love. I'm learning this with my mother. She persuaded my siblings to get the vaccine by bribing them with new phones, treats, etc. She has also gone behind my back saying to them and the rest of my family that I'm crazy, a conspiracy theorist and that I'm endangering her children. Most of my family ignored me on Christmas Day because of this. I was infuriated with my mum. I had had enough. I yelled at her, telling her that it's her job to protect her children, and if someone told me there was a slight chance that something would hurt my children, I would at least look at the evidence. I tried to tell her it will soon be a better world not just for her but for her children and all living on this world. I don't understand why she deflected it so quickly. They all do. But now I understand that being angry with her isn't going to help her or me. So, I choose to never give up and introduce the topics very briefly. 
If anyone can take anything from this, it is that you're not alone in any of this. You're not crazy. Never give up. You are supported and we are almost there. The sleepers will need us to be strong when the time comes. 
Kind regards 
Thank you, Jayde. I feel a great deal of hope for humanity knowing that the future of this planet is in the care of wise old souls such as yourself.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light  
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