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Me:So Ivo what's this you're telling me,they're battling under Washington DC?


Ivo:Yes my love.There is a labyrinth underneath the capital and the U.S.forces are fighting draconian forces in order to overtake the DUMBS.


Me:There are probably a lot of military forces in the white house because that's where they can get into?


Ivo:They have blocked off the area underneath the White House for access.


Me:So all the access routes into these DUMBS have been closed and so how do they get into the DUMBS then?

:所以进入这些 DUMBS 的所有通道都被关闭了,那么它们是怎么进入 DUMBS 的呢?

Ivo:There are other access routes,some in Virginia some in the northeast states,some in Georgia,others in New York state.


Me:And they can access by these means,okay.So how do these DUMBS in Washington DC,how do they compare to DUMBS around the rest of the U.S?


Ivo:They're comparable.


Me:They have large housing facilities,they're probably the same in Hollywood or Denver,so that's where they would go to live if a nuclear event ever happened.So they still have access underground so they can just make a cell phone call.


Ivo:They have cell phone towers that extend from these DUMBS.


Me:So we just think that that's our wifi network but in fact it's coming out of the DUMB,it's not part of our network.It's beneath the surface.

:所以我们只是认为那是我们的 wifi 网络,但实际上它来自 DUMB,它不是我们网络的一部分。它在表面之下。

Ivo:You see some on mountains.


Me:Yeah!And so they they can just use their cell phone and dial in orders to tonight's editor of the CNN news or whatever.Oh my!And so I had seen at some point that some of these underground facilities had been raided and they had moved things like toilet paper that had been stored there for cataclysmic events.(I'm sensing their wifi networks are more powerful than ours,a lot more powerful).

:耶!所以他们可以用手机拨打电话给今晚的 CNN 新闻编辑或者其他什么人。哦,天哪!所以我曾经看到一些地下设施遭到袭击,他们移动了为灾难性事件储存在那里的卫生纸之类的东西。(我感觉到他们的 wifi 网络比我们的更强大,更强大)

Ivo:Yes,but they have not accessed all of them my dear.There are major centers that still need to be taken.


Me:Wow.So how extensive is this underground network under Washington,DC


Ivo:It extends past the actual boundaries of DC into the adjacent states.


Me:And again,access the movies we saw on Mars Attacks we go with the president,to underground facilities.To this underground system that they have.And we're seeing this,going"this is so funny!",so we're giving it permission to exist.And we allow it to exit.We have co-created these things.We're responsible for this stuff.


Ivo:Yes,you are.


Me:Many of us when we were watching these movies,we didn't realize how tricked we were.

It seems to me that there aren't enough military forces to do all the jobs that are required.


Ivo:They are calling in the reserves.


Me:I'm thinking that this base underneath Washington is linked to bases underneath NYC.


Ivo:They are.


Me:Interesting.So it's even safe for them to travel,despite the rioting.All they have to do is go underground from their particular location.All they have to do is take a train underground and go to a safer location.So if the Galactics are storming a base,if they can manage to get out….


Ivo:We like to surround the base first.


Me:Cut all the entrance ways off.


Ivo:It is easy to access the bases from where we are.


Me:You just go into the tunnels and blow up the tunnels.


Ivo:Yes we can do that and we have.


Me:And then that way there's no traffic under that base and if you block all the tunnels,those people are trapped.If they go out the top,there are military waiting for them.


I understand that you still need earthlings to do part of the work because we have the frequency to get into the tunnels.


Ivo:We work with Terrans to take these bases.The Resistance has worked with us on this for many years before the militaries began working with us.(Also long before it was announced to us here on the surface!)


Me:And once they're arrested they're either shot on site or taken for debriefing or a holding cell to await galactic trial,to see what their dispensation is going to be.How many light forces are involved in taking these bases right now?


Ivo:Millions,my dear.It's also been ongoing for many years.


There are many ETS on your planet,both positive and negative.


Me:Okay thank you Ivo.



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