ECETI 新闻|2020/4/24 —詹姆斯•吉利兰

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ECETI 新闻|2020/4/24 —詹姆斯•吉利兰

It has been a while since the last newsletter.We have been real busy with winter repairs,cleanup and getting the gardens in.We are going to see how things roll out as far as opening.Considering the fact that we have 70 acres social distancing is not a problem.We are planning on having the July 4th conference with the possibility of pushing it out a couple weeks.We don't want to sell tickets until we know for sure it is a go.Stay tuned to the website


There having some brilliant Doctors and Biophysicists in the family we are up to date on what is going on with the Scamdemic.I would google Dr.Shiva and Judy Mikovits if you want to get the big picture.If we put up the link they get censored.We be lie ve the virus as all viruses are created in labs.They are not natural and anyone who says they are natural are science impaired.This includes the way they are transmitted which is another can of worms.This will all come out in the very near future.Follow the money,research who holds the patents,who stands to gain and how this would fit into the global elites agenda as far as population control and total domination and control of humanity.Research how the vaccines,the chips,and vaccination ID cards fit that agenda.You won't be able to go to school,any major event or social gathering without the chip or the card if they have their way.

有一些杰出的医生和生物物理学家的家庭,我们是最新的发生在骗子学会。如果你想了解大局,会用谷歌搜索 Shiva 博士和 Judy Mikovits。如果我们把链接放上去,他们就会被审查。我们相信这种病毒,因为所有的病毒都是在实验室里制造出来的。它们不是自然的,任何说它们是自然的人都是科学受损者。这包括它们的传播方式,也就是另一种蠕虫。这一切都将在不久的将来出现。关注金钱,研究谁拥有专利,谁会获利,以及这将如何适应全球精英的议程,以控制人口和完全控制和控制人类。研究疫苗、芯片和疫苗身份证如何符合这一议程。如果没有芯片或卡片,你就不能去学校、参加任何重大活动或社交聚会,如果他们有办法的话

Luckily there are social media warriors,light bearers,people of integrity blowing the whistle on these events.Although this scamdemic was created and released by the deep state or global elite there is a bright side.We are not saying the virus is not real and you should take precautions.We are deeply concerned by what is behind the curtain,the real motives for shutting down the robust economy and promoting fear concerning a virus much less viralent and deadly than previous flus.If you want to know who the players are listen to their words knowing most stand to make billions at the expense of humanity.Global pandemics are real money makers and reduce the population.Are you figuring it out yet?


The good news is this is all being exposed,they will fail and the people will rise up and put an end to the war and disease profiteers.The massive pedophile,child trafficking and other abuses to children are coming to an end.What a perfect time to clean up the tyrants,the predators and abusers.No false flags,mass shootings etc.when everyone is home.This is prophecy.God wins.Not Satan or Lucifer the real God,the One Consciousness that Encompasses all Consciousness on all Planes and Dimensions throughout the Multiverse.The Creator within all Creation,the well spring of life.The God that loves you beyond be lie f.Time to walk away from tyranny,those who are suppressing individual freedom and prosperity for all.Time to live a life of impeccable integrity in service to the Creator in all Creation.Time to align with Universal Law and hold your leaders to the same law.Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All.



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