Teri wade|我们与地球正在转化

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Teri wade|我们与地球正在转化

Earth changes are creating physical changes to the human body right now. Earth is mutating and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taken place in the human body on a cellular level. Basically, the human body is being formed using a whole new combination of elements altering its molecular structure. Our genetic code is changing.


The changes that are happening right now in our bodies is information that's coded in our DNA and is now being activated. All the information in the blueprint of our species is found in our cellular DNA of our bodies. Everything we need to know about everything is within us.

现在在我们体内发生的变化是编码在我们 DNA 中的信息,现在正在被激活。 我们物种蓝图中的所有信息都存在于我们身体的细胞 DNA 中。我们需要知道的一切都在我们内心。

"For all of human history, we have been striving for one goal, the spiritual reunification of mankind with Source, the Divine intelligence that lives within us."



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