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10月29日,来自 Vice News 的 MJ Banias 写了一篇文章,声称”QAnon 和 UFO 阴谋正在融合”。巴尼亚斯提出一个所谓的”假情报专家”,说深层国家、ufo 和 QAnon 之间的联系所产生的问题是有害的,那些调查这些问题的人只是机会主义者。


On October 29,MJ Banias from Vice News wrote an article claiming that"QAnon and UFO Conspiracies Are Merging".Banias promotes an alleged"disinformation expert"to make the case that questions arising from a linkage between the Deep State,UFOs and QAnon are harmful,and those investigating such questions are merely opportunists.

1029日,来自 Vice News MJ Banias 写了一篇文章,声称"QAnon UFO 阴谋正在融合"。巴尼亚斯提出一个所谓的"假情报专家",说深层国家、ufo QAnon 之间的联系所产生的问题是有害的,那些调查这些问题的人只是机会主义者。

Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion is a particular target for Banias'article that devotes much time to him and his comments connecting QAnon and UFOs.I also get a dishonorable mention for one of my articles linking Trump,QAnon and UFO's,as does Dr.Steven Greer,founder of the Disclosure Project.In fact,I wrote about the Q Anon and UFO connection here.

来自《摧毁幻象》的乔丹·萨瑟是巴尼亚斯文章的一个特别目标,文章花了很多时间在他和他的评论上,把 QAnon ufo 联系起来。我的一篇文章将特朗普、QAnon UFO 联系在一起,还得到了一个不光彩的提名,还有大揭露项目的创始人史蒂文·格里尔博士。事实上,我在这里写过 QAnon UFO 之间的联系。

Sather's YouTube channel has nearly 200,000 followers thus making him a juicy target for those from the mainstream media threatened by the growing popularity of alternative media sources,which are routinely labeled as"fake news".

萨瑟的 YouTube 频道拥有近20万名追随者,这使得他成为主流媒体攻击的目标。这些主流媒体受到了另类媒体来源日益流行的威胁,这些媒体通常被贴上"假新闻"的标签。

It's worth mentioning that the"fake news"term was initially pushed by mainstream media sources wanting to delegitimize the alternative media which the US and the global public were increasingly visiting to inform themselves on multiple issues.The breaking point was Hillary Clinton's presidential election loss,which was largely attributed to alternative media support for Trump's campaign.

值得一提的是,"假新闻"一词最初是由主流媒体来源推动的,这些主流媒体希望使替代媒体非法化,而美国和全球公众越来越多地访问这些替代媒体,以便在多个问题上了解自己。突破点是希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的总统大选失利,这在很大程度上被归因于媒体对特朗普竞选活动的另类支持。

The"fake news"label has been subsequently used to demonetize,shadow-ban and remove countless alternative media websites,YouTube channels and social media pages to ensure that the 2020 election goes more along the path desired by those controlling the mainstream media.

"假新闻"标签随后被用来妖魔化、影子禁令和删除无数替代媒体网站、YouTube 频道和社交媒体页面,以确保2020年大选能够更好地沿着主流媒体控制者所希望的道路前进。

QAnon has exposed the mainstream media as tightly controlled in multiple posts showing that many journalists get talking points sent to them each morning at 4 am,which are then used to craft their news articles.For example,in a January 18,2018 post(561),QAnon wrote:

Qanon 揭露了主流媒体在多个帖子中受到严格控制的事实,许多记者每天凌晨4点收到发给他们的谈话要点,然后用于撰写新闻报道。例如,在2018118日的一篇文章(561)中,QAnon 写道:

Talking points[4am]–private email addresses.
Paid contractors.


Those journalists faithfully writing up their(4 am)talking points to the satisfaction of their media handlers are"paid contractors"who are subsequently promoted,honored and rewarded in multiple ways.


This perspective promoted by QAnon helps explain why President Trump has been so strident in publicly attacking the mainstream media as fake news.He well understands that many celebrated media pundits are nothing more than hacks receiving 4 am talking points to focus exclusively on in their writing and news commentary.

Qanon 提倡的这种观点有助于解释为什么特朗普总统如此尖锐地公开抨击主流媒体是假新闻。他很清楚,许多著名的媒体专家只不过是接受凌晨4点谈话要点的黑客,专注于他们的写作和新闻评论。

Trump is the proverbial prophet warning of the coming Judgement Day,foretold by QAnon,that will expose the media hacks that are"paid contractors"for the Deep State.

根据 QAnon 的预测,特朗普是即将到来的审判日的预言者,这将揭露那些媒体黑客是"深州""付费承包商"

Sather responds to Banias'article with an entertaining Youtube video deconstructing the multiple fallacious points in his article.It's well worth watching to understand why Banias and Vice were targeting Sather over QAnon and the UFO connection.

萨瑟用一段有趣的 Youtube 视频回应了巴尼亚斯的文章,解构了他文章中的多个错误观点。为什么巴尼亚斯和维斯把萨瑟作为目标而不是QAnonUFO之间的联系,这很值得观察。

What I found particularly interesting was Banias'promotion of Ben Decker from the Global Disinformation Index who is cited extensively as a"disinformation expert"who can get to the truth behind conspiracy theorists.Banias wrote:

我发现特别有意思的是,巴尼亚斯从全球虚假信息指数(Global Disinformation Index)中提拔了本·德克尔(Ben Decker)。德克尔被广泛称为"虚假信息专家",能够揭露阴谋论者背后的真相。巴尼亚斯写道:

Disinformation experts say that the intersection of conspiracy theories is common,and can be particularly dangerous.


"I think that intersectionality is really important when discussing various online conspiracy theories whose relevance is partially handcuffed to the news cycle,"Ben Decker,lead analyst for the Global Disinformation Index said.

全球虚假信息指数(Global Disinformation Index)首席分析师本·德克尔(Ben Decker)表示:"我认为,在讨论各种网络阴谋论时,交叉性非常重要,这些阴谋论的相关性在一定程度上与新闻周期有关。"

Interestingly,when going to the Global Disinformation Index one finds no reference to Decker in the"about"page.The only references to him are five articles he has written on the GDI site since May 3,2019.We don't know anything about Decker other than him writing some articles in 2019,yet this is enough to make him a"disinformation expert"according to Banias.

有趣的是,当人们访问全球虚假信息索引时,在"关于"页面中找不到任何关于德克尔的信息。唯一提到他的是他自201953日以来在 GDI 网站上发表的五篇文章。除了德克尔在2019年撰写的一些文章,我们对他一无所知,但这足以让他成为巴尼亚斯眼中的"假情报专家"

We know that Global Disinformation Index has only been in existence since early 2019.It is a UK registered not-for-profit organization that acknowledges receiving funding from the UK government,philanthropy,and companies.GDI's funding is a red flag raising the possibility that the GDI is a front sponsored by one of the UK's intelligence services conducting online disinformation.

我们知道,全球虚假信息索引直到2019年初才出现。这是一个在英国注册的非营利组织基金会,承认接受来自英国政府、慈善机构和公司的资助。Gdi 的资金是一个危险信号,提高了 GDI 是一个由英国情报机构赞助的在线虚假信息的幌子的可能性。

We do know for a fact that the intelligence community from the UK,as well as other"Five Eyes"countries,do conduct"online deception"aka disinformation.This was confirmed in a 50-page document titled "The Art of Deception:Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations"that was part of the Edward Snowden document dump back in February 2014.

我们确实知道一个事实,那就是来自英国以及其他"五眼"国家的情报机构确实进行了"网络欺骗",也就是虚假信息。爱德华·斯诺登(Edward Snowden)20142月发布的一份名为《欺骗的艺术:新一代网络秘密行动的培训》(The Art of Deception:Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations)50页文件证实了这一点。

The document was authored by the British equivalent of the NSA,the Government Communications Headquarters(GCHQ)and shared among signals intelligence services from the US,Canada,Australia,and New Zealand.The document is quite revealing,as summarized by the journalist,Glenn Greenwald:

这份文件由相当于美国国家安全局(NSA)的英国政府通信总部(GCHQ)撰写,并由来自美国、加拿大、澳大利亚和新西兰的信号情报部门共享。正如记者格伦格林沃尔德(Glenn Greenwald)总结的那样,这份文件相当具有启发性:

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics:(1)to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets;and(2)to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.

Jtrig 的核心自我认同目的包括两种策略:(1)在互联网上注入各种虚假材料,以摧毁其目标的声誉;(2)利用社会科学和其他技术来操纵在线话语和行动主义,以产生其认为可取的结果。

Destroying the reputations of different targets by the use of social science methodologies is precisely what the content of the articles by Decker and the Global Disinformation Index attempts to do.Greenwald concludes:


…these GCHQ documents are the first to prove that a major western government is using some of the most controversial techniques to disseminate deception online and harm the reputations of targets.Under the tactics they use,the state is deliberately spreading lies on the internet about whichever individuals it targets,including the use of what GCHQ itself calls"false flag operations."

这些国家通信总部的文件首次证明,一个主要的西方政府正在使用一些最具争议性的技术在网上散布欺骗行为,损害目标的声誉。根据他们使用的策略,政府故意在互联网上散布关于它所针对的任何个人的谎言,包括使用 GCHQ 自己称之为"假旗行动"的手段

What Greenwald is warning us about is that the intelligence community has many online operatives creating false narratives where targets are labeled"fake news".


The"Art of Deception"has three powerpoint slides that show UFO photos dating as far back as 1950.The fact that the photos take up three of the 50 slides of the"Art of Deception"document indicates that the UFO issue is covered in some detail in the training of online covert operatives in the use of psychological warfare techniques.

"欺骗的艺术"有三张幻灯片,展示了早在1950年的 UFO 照片。这些照片占据了"欺骗的艺术"文件50张幻灯片中的三张,这一事实表明,UFO问题在使用心理战技术的在线秘密特工培训中有一些细节。


UFO photo in The Art of Deception,p.35

"欺骗的艺术"中的 UFO 照片,第35

This is not a surprise to any familiar with a 1953 report issued by a CIA convened panel investigating reports of flying saucers,as UFOs were widely known at the time.The Robertson Panel delivered a report,the Durant Report,that recommended debunking the UFO(aka flying saucer)phenomenon for national security reasons.The Report stated:

对于任何熟悉1953年由中央情报局召集的调查小组发布的关于飞碟的报告的人来说,这并不奇怪,因为 ufo 在当时是众所周知的。罗伯逊小组发表了一份报告,杜兰特报告,建议出于国家安全的原因揭穿 UFO(又名飞碟)现象。报告指出:

The"debunking"aim would result in reduction in public interest in"flying saucers"which today evokes a strong psychological reaction.This education could be accomplished by mass media such as television,motion pictures,and popular articles.…Such a program should tend to reduce the current gullibility of the public and consequently their susceptibility to clever hostile propaganda.


The references to a"strong psychological reaction"and"gullibility of the public"when it comes to UFOs show the emphasis on conducting psychological warfare operations to deceive the public when it comes to the UFO issue.A national security policy that continues to the present day as reflected in"The Art of Deception"document.

当提到 UFO 时,他们提到"强烈的心理反应""公众的轻信",这表明他们强调进行心理战行动,以便在 UFO 问题上欺骗公众。一项国家安全政策,如"欺骗的艺术"文件所反映的那样一直持续到今天。

This takes us back to the Global Disinformation Index whose content and unknown funding sources raise strong suspicions that it is linked to the GCHQ's online deception program.By frequently referring to Decker and the GDI as authoritative sources on disinformation,the Vice's Banias is,in fact,promoting"disinformation experts"that are very likely part of an"online deception"campaign by the British intelligence community.

这让我们回到了全球虚假信息索引,其内容和未知的资金来源引起了人们的强烈怀疑,怀疑它与 GCHQ 的在线欺骗项目有关。通过频繁提到德克尔和 GDI 作为虚假信息的权威来源,Vice 的巴尼亚斯实际上是在推动"虚假信息专家",这很可能是英国情报界的"网络欺骗"活动的一部分。

By making the argument that the linkage of QAnon and UFOs is a harmful threat,Banias is merely providing a new twist to the decades-long psychological warfare policy of discrediting UFO researchers and reports.Banias'use of alleged disinformation experts,who can be linked to a GCHQ online deception program,suggests he is either simply naïve or has begun receiving 4 am talking points.

通过提出 QAnon UFO 之间的联系是一种有害的威胁这一论点,巴尼亚斯只是为长达数十年的诋毁 UFO 研究人员和报告的心理战政策提供了一个新的转折点。巴尼亚斯利用所谓的假情报专家----这些专家可能与英国通信总局的一个在线欺骗项目有关----暗示他要么只是天真幼稚,要么已经开始收到凌晨4点的谈话要点。


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