军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

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Military V Justice System



Trump Cards 王牌

President Trump Official Donation Website 特朗普总统官方捐款网站


Weather Channel announced a huge storm to hit the South East.The name of this storm happens to be FLYNN.


军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

Now let's look at POTUS on the Football Field!


军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

Frog in the midst of all uniformed Military-Pepe Frog?


Step is on the Q Step-Coincidence?


19 Yard Line...POTUS walked from the End zone onto the field and photo is posted on the 19 yard line.Is he implying Q1-19 is confirmed and they are walking further onto the 20/21 yard line!President Trump is brilliant!!!And President Trump's hair is gold today.President Trump's comms are unbelievable!!!

19码线...总统从端区走到球场,照片贴在19码线上。他是在暗示 Q1-19已经确认,他们正在进一步走向20/21码线!特朗普总统才华横溢!今天,特朗普总统的头发是金色的。特朗普总统的通讯器令人难以置信

Q1-19 covers most EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!Mueller investigation was about the Dems wanting to take down a Constitutional President,however that boomeranged on all of them.Pelosi was screaming to not have Bob Mueller be the special counsel.It truly boiled down to,the crimes Mueller found were crimes leading to the Corrupt deep state politicians and players.




Every single Swamp rat,corrupt players,globalists are named.State Secrets  can now be used against them and the 3 letter agencies.If for some crazy reason,the CIA or FBI opts to intervene in an investigation or impose State Secrets as their argument to intervene,then the case is dismissed or glossed over.However,using their own argument to withhold State Secrets,has now boomeranged on each one of them because once they become the Treasonous or corrupt traitors to our Country,they no longer can use State Secrets for their defense and POTUS can then use it.


It's much like a Person A brings a case to court about a criminal act against Person B.Person A presents all evidence of the crime.Discoveries,etc.

这很像一个人 a 把一个案件带到法庭对人 b 的犯罪行为 a 呈现所有的犯罪证据。发现等等

However,if Person A has committed the same criminal act against someone else,then Person C(the victim of Person A's criminal act)sues Person A for the same,Person C can use that same evidence and argument against Person A.That is the boomerang.

但是,如果 a 人对其他人犯下了同样的犯罪行为,那么 c (a 人犯罪行为的受害人)就同样的原因起诉 a 人,c 人可以使用同样的证据和论据反对 a 人。这就是回旋镖

Taking it one step further,if Judge that hears Person A's case as a Plaintiff and then hears Person A's case as a defendant,and the judge did not recuse himself due to a prior ruling,then the justice system is corrupt.A perfect example is General Flynn's case and Loser Sullivan.

再进一步说,如果法官将 a 人的案件作为原告审理,然后将 a 人的案件作为被告审理,而法官没有因为事先的裁决而回避,那么司法系统就是腐败的。一个完美的例子是弗林将军的案子和失败者沙利文

Q11 Explained(SantaSurfing defined):

Q11解释(SantaSurfing 定义):

军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

CIA-Gina Haspel Fail


FBI-Christopher Wray Fail


Were they selected to set up to fail?


Q26 Explained(SantaSurfing defined):

Q26解释(SantaSurfing 定义):

This is the part of the Movie that will help explain how POTUS and MI can take our country back!When the justice system fails us,the Military can take over.The movie players all consist of


军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

The exposing of the corrupt players now is coming into play.Even POTUS is ready to expose their crimes.


军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

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军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)

President Trump's December 11,2020 Announcement isn't specifically about vaccines,it is about our Greatness that is coming.Cures,Therapeuatics and the beginning of NESARA.President Trump has had this plan in the works,knowing the corrupt Big Pharma industries and Hospitals,doctors,"scientists"were all in on this Covid scam.By President Trump releasing a"vaccine"to people,it is to prove that there has always been a cure and to truly expose the Big Pharma and corrupt medical industries?President Trump is saying he would give it to Seniors and Health Care workers and Medical industries first.Who needs cures the most right now...Seniors and those with terminal types of illnesses.Who fears this cure will expose their Big Pharma buddies,Health Care workers and medical industry.Why do most doctors always prescribe a drug rather than a new diet or type of natural cure?Because natural cures do not make money.If hospitals are getting a"Kickback"from the covid scandal($14k-$39k)per patient that passes away due to Covid,then don't you think they are scared and suddenly their scamdemic is exposed!Game On!


军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)军事 v 司法系统|圣诞老人冲浪(海滩广播)


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