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Question:in medieval times,when did the Military Adviser of the King have to hold long working sessions with the Diplomatic Adviser?


Answer:when the King needed advice to make a country comply with his demands without having to invade it militarily.


Often,they advised him to organize a grand parade to which the king of the target country,as well as his family and close advisors,were graciously invited.This gave them the opportunity to judge the military superiority of their host and understand that it was wiser to try to satisfy him.


Why are Iran leaders defiant?Answer:because the Cabal and its Deep State traitors that shake them from the shadows think they know the capabilities of the US Military for having led it until Trump's arrival.




There has been a lot of water under the bridge for the US Military since Trump's arrival.Water like…700 Billion dollars and an upcoming 716 Billion dollars!Our Commander in Chief recently illustrated this reality in his speech at the South Korea Osan Air Base,listen very carefully:until 25:00

自从特朗普到来之后,美国军方的过去已经过去了很多。水就像...7000亿美元和即将到来的7160亿美元!我们的总司令最近在 South Korea Osan Air Base 的演讲中说明了这一现实,仔细听好:一直听到25:00

About the Democrats and our Military,he says:"They weren't going to give it to you,folks.They weren't going to.They want open borders and the hell with the military."


You know the reason right?It's right here:


Q2640 Why did HUSSEIN attempt to destroy our military(weaken)?What was the 16-year plan to destroy America?Why did HUSSEIN install traitors at the highest levels of our Gov't?


The resurrection of our Military and its undisputed supremacy has been also recently illustrated by the US Navy,using the comms.Enjoy:Img1


As you can see,the US Navy's message is an ADMONITION.In other words,they are hoping not to have to use the US Military might and kill people.This is what wise Military spending is all about:flowers are not intended for direct consumption but you invest in them to beautify the garden and give it a wonderful smell.Those who have solved the Rocket Man Riddle know exactly what I'm talking about…Here is the confirmation from our Commander in Chief:until 26:20


This Might for Peace principle is the argument we'll oppose to those who present themselves as doves and want to cut military spending to satisfy their socialist lust while,in fact,they are preparing the Country to be invaded and disrespected in the meantime.Look at how the controlled Fake News was secretly enjoying China's humiliation of HUSSEIN:video.



Look at the difference:video



Now that we have a common understanding of military might and how it translates into diplomatic equations through symbols like peaceful and admonition parades,let's go back in time and analyze the military parade that Trump canceled last year.


Do you remember?It coincided with Andrew Cuomo's outrageous statement made in August 2018 about America never being great.I wrote about it here  and essentially told you that POTUS had to cancel the parade because the 13 Illuminati bloodlines with Cuomo and their related secret societies still had some Deep State assets in control,making the parade a dangerous event with a possible high cost we would have to pay.At the time,the Maestro tweeted about it and promised to do something next year when the"cost comes WAY DOWN".Read very carefully:Img2

你还记得吗?与此同时,安德鲁·科莫在20188月发表了令人震惊的声明,称美国从来没有伟大过。我在这里写了一篇文章,实际上是告诉你,美国总统不得不取消游行,因为与科莫有关的13个光照派血统和他们相关的秘密社团仍然控制着一些深层国有资产,这使得游行成为一个危险的事 件,我们可能不得不付出高昂的代价。当时,这位音乐大师在推特上发表了相关言论,并承诺明年"成本大幅下降"时将采取行动。仔细阅读:Img2


原文:The 13 lluminati Bloodlines with members like Cuomo, puppets like HUSSEIN and HRC and their Deep State assets hidden within the Government are about destroying America and exporting its power and wealth. They therefore oppose the holding of a parade that would demonstrate America's independence and military might.
In 2018, the balance of power, did not allow Trump to take the risk of holding a parade. There were risks of an assassination attempt against POTUS and false flags. Trump had to wait until their power went WAY DOWN.

He wisely canceled the parade and stated he was hoping to do something next year (2019). He would use this time to "buy some more jet fighters", which is code for consolidating his power and control.
In conclusion, holding a successful military parade is the ultimate proof and display of CONTROL that can demobilize and demoralize he enemy's troops.
Black Hats knew this very well in 2018 and could not allow it to happen.
We are now in July 4 2019 and we are holding the parade. Do the math.


由库莫、侯赛因和HRC这样的傀儡以及他们隐藏在政府内部的深藏的国有资产组成的13个光照派血统,正在摧毁美国,输出其权力和财富。 因此,他们反对举行游行来展示美国的独立和军事力量。

2018年,权力的天平不允许特朗普冒险举行阅兵式。 美国企图谋杀有可能对总统和假旗采取行动。 特朗普不得不等到他们的权力大幅下降。

他明智地取消了游行,并表示希望明年(2019年)能有所作为。 他将利用这段时间"购买更多的喷气式战斗机",这是巩固他的权力和控制的代码。



现在是2019年7月4日,我们正在举行游行。 你自己算算。

Did you notice and give justice to this"WAY DOWN"and"jet fighters"in the tweets?Peruvian coffee for those who caught this one!It's right here,when Trump signed the Taxpayer First Act on July 1st 2019 and took the opportunity to talk about the coming parade:until 1:30.


He said WAY DOWN twice.Coincidence?Let's see what happens 14 minutes later:until 16:08.Got it?So that it's clear he's referring to his last year tweets with the announced purchase of fighter jets and the control consolidation decoded earlier,he also says this:until 19:09..

他说了两次 WAY DOWN。巧合?让我们看看14分钟后会发生什么:直到16:08。明白了吗?所以很明显,他指的是他去年宣布购买战斗机和控制整合早前解码的推文,他还说:直到19:09

Don't you love it when the Maestro talks about the Lima tank plant?We get Abrams and Shermans from there!Who can decode this one?Peruvian Coffee on me for those who made it to the DMZ!


Do you still think the Maestro saying WAY DOWN twice was a coincidence?Value for WAY DOWN?Yes:105,we saw in the article about the canceled parade that it's also the value for MASONRY.Now what are the odds the number 104 appears in the Maestro's last tweet yesterday?Here is the explanation:Img3

你还认为大师说两次 WAY DOWN 是巧合吗?下跌(WAY DOWN)的值?是的:105,我们在关于取消游行的文章中看到,这也是砖石建筑(MASONRY)的值。现在,104这个数字出现在大师昨天的最后一条推特中的几率是多少?下面是解释:Img3



By tweeting the number 104, the Maestro is signifying the incremented loss of control of Freemasonry and secret societies in general. Their power and influence has gone WAY DOWN and there is no limit to their demise. They are heading to zero. This is the message about the 13 illuminati bloodlines and their assets.
On our side, all constraints to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN have been removed. Cuomo's disgraceful statement about America never being great is nulified. We are now freed to achieve Greatness individually and collectively.
Sky is the limit.


MASONRY(砖石建筑)=105=WAY DOWN(下跌)。




There is more.


The reference to the stock market at its highest point in our history in the same tweet where the Maestro coded the secret societies'loss of control is not fortuitous.


In this article,we solved the Happy Independence Day Riddle and,through the musical note B2=123.47,the related Nasdaq glitch on July 3rd 2017 link  and the simultaneous ICBM test in North Korea link,we decoded the following message to Trump sent by the Cabal on July 3rd 2017:

在这篇文章中,我们解决了独立日快乐之谜,通过音符 B2=123.47,相关的纳斯达克故障201773日链接和同时在朝鲜的洲际弹道导弹测试链接,我们解码了阴谋集团在201773日发送给特朗普的以下信息:

We control the stock market,we control the tech companies and the military-industrial complex,if we wanted to eliminate you,you could not escape even if you had to hide in Air Force One like Bush did on 9/11:we have the technology and the financial means to achieve military superiority and defeat you.If you doubt it,for a start,look at our ICBM test in North Korea today.

我们控制着股票市场,我们控制着科技公司和军事工业复合体,如果我们想消灭你们,即使你们不得不像布什在911事 件中那样躲在空军一号里,你们也无法逃脱:我们拥有取得军事优势并击败你们的技术和财力。如果你对此表示怀疑,首先,看看我们今天在朝鲜的洲际弹道导弹试验。

Well,2 years later,to the day,not only the Stock Market has reached its highest point in the history of our country,but Donald J.Trump is the first sitting US President to step into North Korea and we are holding a parade today in DC to show who REALLY controls the Military!


Are you tired of winning yet?


Once again,are you tired of wining yet?


Wait until I tell you how the DMZ meeting was organized behind the scenes,by whom and why the Cabal is hysteric about it!


Q1690 You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE.Q



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