X22报告|第2984集: 美联储对加密技术感到恐慌,特朗普反驳了这种说法

2023年1月30日13:38:42最新动态X22报告|第2984集: 美联储对加密技术感到恐慌,特朗普反驳了这种说法已关闭评论3181字数 1459阅读4分51秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2984集: 美联储对加密技术感到恐慌,特朗普反驳了这种说法

Ep. 2984a – Biden Admin Has Lost The Economic & GND Narrative, The Fed Panics Over Crypto

拜登政府已经失去了经济和 GND 的叙述,美联储对加密技术感到恐慌

Ep. 2984b – [DS] Pushing Antifa, Chaos, Civil War, Trump Counters The Narrative By Mentioning The Military

[ DS ]推动反法,混乱,内战,特朗普通过提及军队来反击叙述



Everything the [DS]/[WEF] has told us about the earth and the climate agenda has not come true and the people around the world see this now. The people are pushing back against GND agenda. The Fed is panicking because they know if people see another currency it is game over.

[ DS ]/[世界经济论坛]告诉我们的关于地球和气候议程的一切都没有实现,现在世界各地的人们都看到了这一点。人民反对 GND 的议程。美联储感到恐慌,因为他们知道,如果人们看到另一种货币,游戏就结束了。


The [DS] is now panicking, the truth is coming out and the evidence and facts are showing the people of America who the real criminals are. The [DS] is now trying to create as much chaos as possible to distract from what is now dripping out. Antifa, Soros, Biden etc are all in play now. Trump counters their narrative by mentioning the military. The people are with the truth teller and the military will back the people. The storm is coming and the storm is going to hit the [DS] hard. 



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