X22报告|第3181集: 一旦释放它将改变一切,每一步都让我们离第三次世界大战更近

2023年10月9日15:48:59最新动态X22报告|第3181集: 一旦释放它将改变一切,每一步都让我们离第三次世界大战更近已关闭评论651阅读模式

气候专家揭露气候骗局,一切都是编造的。绿色新政将使美国破产,第三次世界大战正在走出阴影,走向光明。[DS] 制定的 16 年计划现在正被用在他们身上。

X22报告|第3181集: 一旦释放它将改变一切,每一步都让我们离第三次世界大战更近

Ep. 3181a – Energy Is The Key, Once Unleashed It Will Change Everything In The Economy


Ep. 3181b – Every Move [JB] Makes Brings Us Closer To WWIII, Do You See What’s Happening, 2024

每一步都让我们离 WWIII 更近

X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 8, 9:45 pm EDT

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Climate expert blows the whistle on the climate hoax, it is all made up. The Green New Deal will bankrupt the US, this is what the [WEF]/[CB] wants in the end, the country destroyed. Trump is going to unleash energy that will unleash a new powerful economy, which will destroy the [CB].


X22 Report
Streamed on: Oct 8, 10:15 pm EDT

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WWIII is now moving out of the shadows and into the light. The 16 year plan that the [DS] created is now being used on them. Every move [JB] makes brings us closer and closer to WWIII. Each move is connected to another. When you cheat in an election and you overthrow the US government it destroys the country. This is what Trump is showing the American people. Every decision, every action Biden/[DS] makes is destroying the country and bringing us to WIII. This is all about 2024.

第三次世界大战正在走出阴影,走向光明。[DS] 制定的 16 年计划现在正被用在他们身上。[JB]的一举一动都会让我们离第三次世界大战越来越近。每一步棋都牵一发而动全身。当你在选举中作弊并推翻美国政府时,国家就会毁灭。这就是特朗普正在向美国人民展示的。拜登/[DS]的每一个决定、每一个行动都在摧毁国家,将我们带入第三次世界大战。这一切都是为了2024年。


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