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In the space of less than two weeks I have had two dreams that contained a serious warning: the first more general and the second more specific. The meaning of the dreams can hardly be misunderstood: although there have been comments before by Cobra, the Unknown Lightwarrior and others that the Cabal was in a state of panic, now they have been really alarmed by recent developments and they are on high alert, willing to strike at anything that moves and that they consider a legitimate target. They resent the truthers, freedom fighters and lightworkers that have been exposing them and naming them for what they are and they are vindictive. That is why the advice is now to be very careful about what you communicate with whom and to limit your presence and posts on social media to less critical subjects. Also consider leaving your smart devices at home when you don't really need to bring them with you as carrying them makes you easily traceable, especially if you plan to wander into places where there are few people and little or no social control.

在不到两周的时间里,我做了两个梦,其中包含了一个严重的警告: 第一个更笼统,第二个更具体。这些梦的含义几乎不可能被误解: 尽管柯博拉、未知的光战士和其他人曾经说过,阴谋集团处于恐慌状态,但现在他们真的对最近的事态发展感到震惊,他们处于高度警惕状态,愿意攻击任何移动的东西,他们认为这是一个合法的目标。他们憎恨那些揭露他们的真相的人,自由战士和光之工作者,他们以他们的身份来命名他们,他们是报复性的。这就是为什么现在的建议是要非常小心你与谁交流,并限制你的存在和社会媒体上的帖子,以较少的批评主题。当你不需要带智能设备的时候,也可以考虑把它们留在家里,因为带着它们很容易被追踪,特别是如果你打算去人少、很少或者没有社交控制的地方闲逛。

So what has alarmed the Cabal so much? Firstly there is the progress in the clearing of the Chimera and we should be in the final stages where the last remaining Chimera are being removed. That makes the mass arrest scenario come into reach. Secondly, the White Hats in the US have made a few strong blows against their Deep State: adrenochrome junkie and Cabal kingpin Nancy Pelosi, torture porn producer Eli Roth and six other so far unspecified deep staters were arrested after visiting a banquet organized by the Biden government. Earlier in November CEO Stéphane Bancel of clot shot producer Moderna was arrested, convicted for mass murder and executed in Guantanamo Bay. Many perfectly healthy young people have died within weeks of receiving their covid vaccine and coroners have found unusually large blot clots in some of their corpses. It looks like not everyone has been receiving the same vaccine, part of vaccine samples have been doctored to contain various substances that should never be in vaccines, so no immediate need to worry if you have been vaccinated, but some people have been deliberately poisoned or injected with otherwise lethal substances. What is interesting is that Stéphane Bancel was working closely with and taking orders from the demon Baphomet as evidenced by notes on his iPad. These notes give some insight into how this works and how such a demon can gain control over a receptive host.

是什么让阴谋集团如此惊慌?首先,清理奇美拉的工作取得了进展,我们应该已经进入最后阶段,最后一个剩余的奇美拉将被清除。这样大规模逮捕的计划就可以实现了。其次,美国的白帽子已经对他们的“深层政府”进行了一些有力的打击: 肾上腺素瘾君子和阴谋集团的头目南希 · 佩洛西,酷刑色情制片人伊莱 · 罗斯和其他六位至今未指明的“深层政治家”在参加拜登政府组织的宴会后被逮捕。去年11月早些时候,血块拍摄制片人 Moderna 的 CEO Stéphane Bancel 被捕,被判犯有大规模谋杀罪,并在关塔那摩湾被处决。许多非常健康的年轻人在接种了冠状病毒疾病疫苗后的几周内就死亡了,验尸官在他们的尸体上发现了异常大的血栓。看起来并不是每个人都接种了相同的疫苗,部分疫苗样本被篡改了,含有不应该出现在疫苗中的各种物质,所以不必立即担心你是否接种了疫苗,但有些人是被故意中毒或注射了其他致命物质。有趣的是,Stéphane Bancel 与恶魔 Baphomet 密切合作,并从他 iPad 上的笔记中得到证明。这些笔记为我们提供了一些洞察力,让我们了解了这个恶魔是如何工作的,以及它是如何控制一个接受它的宿主的。

In general there is a lot of turbulence in the world which expresses itself differently from country to country and which in turn elicits different reactions from governments. We have seen blatant repression of mass protests in Iran after which the government has now decided to dissolve the vice police that was enforcing islamic laws, Indonesia's parliament has voted to enact a new constitution that replaces the old colonial constitution but that contains a number of very restrictive rules based on islamic laws and that will result in much less individual freedom, Russia is using increasingly ugly tactics in Ukraine to break the determination of Ukrainians to fight in what may have started as a targeted military intervention but is turning more and more into an ordinary war. There was also a lot of news recently about floods and other natural disasters, a large part of which is probably caused by the weakening of the magnetic field of the planet and increased radiation from the cosmos reaching the atmosphere and the surface. When I asked my twin soul about the turbulence, she said: we are causing it because people want change but they don't want to move. So we make them move. As I wrote before, people are creatures of habit and it is not easy to break old habits, even if they don't serve us anymore. I see it in others but also in my own life. That is why looking inside remains very important, challenging ourselves to push boundaries and at the same time be kind for ourselves.

总的来说,世界上有很多动荡,这些动荡在不同的国家表现不同,反过来又引发了不同的政府反应。我们看到伊朗公然镇压大规模抗议活动,此后政府决定解散负责执行伊斯兰法律的扫黄警察; 印度尼西亚议会投票通过一部新宪法,取代旧的殖民宪法,但其中包含一些基于伊斯兰法律的非常严格的规定,这将导致个人自由大幅减少; 俄罗斯在乌克兰使用越来越丑陋的策略,打破乌克兰人作战的决心。这场战争可能一开始是有针对性的军事干预,但现在越来越变成一场普通的战争。最近还有许多关于洪水和其他自然灾害的新闻,其中很大一部分可能是由于地球磁场减弱以及宇宙辐射到达大气层和地表的增加造成的。当我问起我的双生灵魂关于湍流的问题时,她说: “我们造成它是因为人们想要改变,但是他们不想移动。”。所以我们让他们移动。正如我之前所写的,人类是习惯的生物,即使他们不再为我们服务,也不容易打破旧习惯。我在别人身上看到了这一点,也在我自己的生活中看到了。这就是为什么审视内心仍然是非常重要的,挑战我们自己去突破界限,同时善待自己。


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