X22报告|第2943集: 世界经济论坛计划加速,人们拒绝 CBDC,深层国家建设国内恐怖主义叙事 

2022年12月8日10:55:33最新动态X22报告|第2943集: 世界经济论坛计划加速,人们拒绝 CBDC,深层国家建设国内恐怖主义叙事 已关闭评论2791字数 1454阅读4分50秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2943集: 世界经济论坛计划加速,人们拒绝 CBDC,深层国家建设国内恐怖主义叙事 

Ep. 2943a – [WEF] Plan Has Been Accelerated, They Are Not Ready, People Are Already Rejecting The [CBDC]

[世界经济论坛]计划已经被加速,他们还没有准备好,人们已经在拒绝[ CBDC ]

Ep. 2943b – [DS] Is Building The Domestic Terrorist Narrative, They Are Walking Right Into The Trap

[ DS ]正在构建国内恐怖主义的叙事,他们正步入陷阱



The fake news organizations are in real trouble, this is one of the reasons they are pushing the JCPA, they need funds to keep their propaganda outlets operational. The people are now rejecting the [CBDC], the infrastructure is not ready and the people see the truth.

假新闻机构真的有麻烦了,这也是他们推动 JCPA 的原因之一,他们需要资金来维持他们的宣传机构的运作。人民现在正在拒绝(CBDC) ,基础设施还没有准备好,人民看到了真相。


The [DS] is going after Trump and the people that surround him. The [DS] is panicking, they need to stop him at all costs because if they don’t all of these people will be going to prison, they know this. Trump has been setting these people up for a long time and exposing their crimes, the people aren’t stupid they are seeing the truth, more is on its way. The [DS] is now building the Qanon, MAGA terrorist narrative, they are walking right into the trap the patriots have set for them. 



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