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我在 RT 上读到这篇关于辛普森一家预测的文章,其中包括汤姆·汉克斯将会感染冠状病毒…


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Future proves past alrightey!未来证明了过去的正义

First I read this at RT regarding The Simpsons predicting-amongst other things,that Tom Hanks would have Coronavirus…

首先,我在 RT 上读到这篇关于辛普森一家预测的文章,其中包括汤姆·汉克斯将会感染冠状病毒.....


But the King Myers Tweet in the article contains"At this rate somebody needs to investigate the Simpson's creators"Which if I recall correctly-we did dig this phenomena way back…


"Back in 2006,Dr.Dan Burisch,a microbiologist,came out and claimed he once worked for Majestic 12,a secret organization formed in 1947 by U.S.President Harry S.Truman.It was created in order to facilitate the recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft."

"早在2006年,微生物学家 Dan Burisch 博士出柜,声称他曾为美国总统哈里·s·杜鲁门(Harry s.Truman)1947年成立的秘密组织 Majestic 12工作。它的创建是为了便利对外星飞船的回收和调查"

"According to Dan,U.S.intelligence agencies were in possession of several devices that were capable of bending space-time,allowing one to look backward or forward in time.They were supposedly a part of a top secret CIA program known as Project Looking Glass.""根据丹的说法,美国情报机构拥有几种能够弯曲时空的装置,可以让人在时间中向后或向前看。他们被认为是中情局最高机密计划窥镜计划的一部分。"


Dan explained how one of the devices was built using instructions found in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian carvings as well as technology recovered from a crashed UFO.The ship was said to come from Zeta Reticuli,a binary star system somewhere in the Orion arm of the Milky Way.


The Seti I Temple in Egypt is a very strange place.It has odd carvings Egyptologists can't explain and some people think there's actually a portal to another world somewhere inside it.It sounds crazy,but some physicists think naturally occurring wormholes could exist on Earth.


The ancients believed the temple was built on the closest entry point to the next world.For this reason it was protected by a cosmic priesthood.They were known to possess knowledge of the cosmos and were here to help humanity's ascension.


Dorothy Eady,the infamous caretaker of the temple in the late 1900s,was quite the character.She believed in a past life she had a been a priestess in the temple.The New York Times once called her one of the most intriguing and convincing modern cases of reincarnation.


Dorothy also claimed she once fell into a dimensional hole while inside the temple where she could see the past.Did she fall into a naturally occurring wormhole?Were ancient Egyptians also able to see backward and forward in time?Is that what inspired these carvings?


Another carving shows a Pharaoh dragging a weird sled-like vehicle with wings on it.Oddly enough,it kinda looks like the time travel device from the H.G.Wells movie The Time Machine.Ironically,the film primarily takes place in Egypt

另一个雕刻显示一个法老拖着一个奇怪的带有翅膀的雪橇状车辆。奇怪的是,它看起来有点像 h.g.Wells 电影《时间机器》中的时间旅行装置。具有讽刺意味的是,这部电影主要发生在埃及

According to Dan,this ancient Egyptian knowledge was used by the military to create the devices used in Project Looking Glass.One of them was described as being a small"magic box"you can hold in your hands.They called it the Yellow Cube.



He says the Yellow Cube was used by world leaders to see what fate had in store for them.However,they discovered the future wasn't set in stone.They were shown many different probabilities.They attempted to use this knowledge to manipulate our timeline.


They could now see which future would be best for them and what needed to be done to get there.However,they also discovered a future where the whole world was nearly destroyed.They saw that it was caused by the Yellow Cube and immediately shut down Project Looking Glass.


But it gets stranger.Matt Groening,the creator of the Simpsons,a show notorious for predicting the future,said the inspiration behind the fictional town of Springfield was a real place in Oregon.Groening grew up there,a couple hours away from a town called Lookingglass.

但更奇怪的是。以预测未来而臭名昭著的《辛普森一家》的创作者马特·格罗宁说,虚构的斯普林菲尔德镇的灵感来自俄勒冈州的一个真实的地方。Groening 在那里长大,离一个叫 Lookingglass 的小镇只有几个小时的路程


Groening is rumored to be a high ranking Freemason.Perhaps at one point he was involved in Project Looking Glass.Is the Yellow Cube where all the predictions in the Simpsons came from?Are they using television to subconsciously suggest which future to manifest?

据传闻,Groening 是一个高级共济会员。也许他曾经参与过窥镜计划。辛普森一家里所有的预言都来自于黄色立方体吗?他们是否利用电视潜意识地暗示着哪个未来会显现出来?

The Simpsons is arguably the most watched show to ever exist.It's one of the longest running series in history.To say the least,it's been able to influence the psyche of your average American every night for the last 30 years.When things are this big you should be suspicious.


The Simpsons has made countless seemingly impossible predictions.In season 10 episode 2,The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,Homer accurately predicts the mass of the Higgs Boson 14 years before scientists at CERN even discovered it.How is this possible?



The show also seems to be immune to the Mandela Effect.Did the elites do this on purpose?Perhaps they use the show like an interdimensional timestamp.They can tell when they've shifted timelines because the television show makes references to things in our original reality.


Supposedly the Yellow Cube is now somewhere out of reach.Some say it was thrown in the ocean somewhere near Antarctica,some say it's not even on this planet anymore.Let's just hope no one finds it and turns it back on.It could mean the end!Anyways,thanks for reading."


…All of those posts were from Nick Hinton's Twitter,highlighted by King Myers Tweet on the article mentioned at RT today.

所有这些帖子都来自Nick Hinton的推特,King Myers的推特在今天的RT中提到了这篇文章。

Stay safe and well all good people.




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