2021年8月25日16:35:31最新动态X22报道|第2560集:如果美国垮台,世界垮台,必须按照法治原则行事已关闭评论5771字数 1728阅读5分45秒阅读模式



Ep 2560a – The [DS][/CB] Just Made Their Economic Move That Will Destroy Them 

Ep 2560a-[ DS ][/CB ]刚刚发动了摧毁他们的经济行动
Ep 2560b – If America Falls, The World Falls,It Had To Be Done Right,According To The Rule Of Law 

Ep 2560b-如果美国垮台,世界垮台,按照法律规则,必须正确行事

The people can now see the difference between the D and R states, unemployment in the D states is among the highest. [NP] has now changed the rules to get the stimulus passed, this is the same tactic that she used with Obamacare. Trump warned us that this was coming, this will destroy them.



 There is panic in DC, all assets deployed, the forensic audits are coming and the chaos is about to begin. Trump is pushing to get reinstated on YT and most likely the rest of the platforms, if this fails most likely he has another platform ready to go. Trump knew what the [DS] was  planning, he knew if he didn't counter it millions of lives would have been lost, and in the process he was setting up big pharma. Scavino sent a couple of messages that a waterfall of information is coming and also sent dog comms, is [JB] about to be hit with the 25th amendment. The last message was a runner that was in the lead and the losing runner was catching up to the leader but was not going to win until the lead runner tripped.





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