Q:“治愈将在全世界传播”—— Sierra(NZ)

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An older Q drop has this message.Anons believe the cure is HCQ...

一个老的Q下降有这样的信息。无名氏相信治愈是 HCQ..

'The Cure will spread WW(World Wide).


Have FAITH,Patriot.'



President Trump has always said that the virus will'go away'without the need for a vaccine.That's because he knows THERE IS A CURE.


Check out the video in TheDirtyTruth Twitter feed of a Fox News interview with a Texas doctor.The doctor says'every patient she has prescribed Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ)has started helping them immediately'... dirtytruth Twitter feed

查看"肮脏真相"(dirtytruth)推特上福克斯新闻(Fox News)对一名德克萨斯医生的采访视频。医生说,"每个她开过羟氯喹(HCQ)的病人都立即开始帮助他们。"dirtytruth Twitter


Q:“治愈将在全世界传播”—— Sierra(NZ)

By the way,Josh of TheDirtyTruth is a young man in a wheel chair who is forced to live in a rest home.He is a tireless Keyboard Warrior(see end of this post for explanation).He is looking for funding so he can move out of the rest home.Josh,you are amazing.I hope you get out of the rest home as soon as possible.

顺便说一下,"肮脏真相"的 Josh 是一个坐在轮椅上的年轻人,他被迫住在养老院里。他是一个不知疲倦的键盘战士(见本文末尾的解释)。他正在寻找资金,这样他就可以搬出养老院。乔什你太棒了。我希望你尽快离开养老院

Julian's Rum has an interesting tweet connecting Devin Nunes(a tireless Light Warrior)and a Q drop...

Julian's Rum有一个有趣的推特连接德文努尼斯(一个不知疲倦的光战士)和一个Q下降..


Q:“治愈将在全世界传播”—— Sierra(NZ)

'Not sure it means anything but over the past couple of weeks,Nunes has posted 3 pics of a fox in his yard.Reminded me of Q's'FOX THREE'markers.'The Q drop mentions the words,FOX THREE.There is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to Q.

不知道这是否意味着什么,但是在过去的几个星期里,Nunes 已经上传了3张狐狸在他院子里的照片。让我想起了Q"狐狸三号"标记
下拉菜单提到了字母 FOX THREE。谈到Q,没有巧合这回事

This post is a mixed bag of stories I felt like sharing,in no particular order.I love this President Trump/Q proof from one of his rallies...



I see 我明白了Q:“治愈将在全世界传播”—— Sierra(NZ)

Today President Trump gave a shout out to his dedicated digital army in this tweet...



Q:“治愈将在全世界传播”—— Sierra(NZ)

'Thank you to all of my great Keyboard Warriors.You are better,and far more brilliant,than anyone on Madison Ave(ad agency).There is nobody like you!'

感谢我所有伟大的键盘战士们。你比麦迪逊大街(Madison Ave,广告公司)上的任何人都要好,也要聪明得多。没有人比得上你

The term'Keyboard Warrior'is very cool.Thank you,sir!I am happy to be in your YUGE global army of Keyboard Warriors.We'Down Under'Keyboard Warriors think you are awesome.Please come to New Zealand one day so we can show you and your family around our beautiful country.


Finally,as many of you know,I am passionate about the arrival on Earth of our Galactic Federation friends.When they land,I would give anything to be there to greet them.Check out this thrilling add for the new Space Force.President Trump will be presented with the new Space Force flag on Friday...



'Maybe your purpose on this planet isn't on this planet...'A great big WOW.


May the Force be with you,friends.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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