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    Might put these into a separate section and add small chunks regularly to get out some of the knowledge that shows up during ascension.

    可以将这些放入一个单独的部分,并有规律地添加一些小块,以获取扬升过程中显现出来的一些知识。

    The cabal will usually not really attack or kill you(although they can kill almost every human)until it is 100%clear to them that they cannot overtake you anymore.Until that point they will let you ascend to invade ascension in general and jam the ways for those humans ascending after you and to invade the Lightforces eventually.If you are completely controllable,your life will be normal.Once you are seen as not controllable,they will cancel your will-whatever you want in your life they will prevent you from getting-while they try to get you into contract to stop the Lightforces from the inside with you.When they are certain that they won't be able to use or overtake you anymore,the real terror and attacks on your body will begin-you will feel pains on and in your body from then on which were deadly if you were not protected by the Lightforces.They also want to drive you insane from phase two onwards or if you are a risk-person for them,just to destroy your credibility,in case you get further and expose the cabal-measures you witnessed.


    Do not let the cabal fool yourself,if there are no global positive changes coming,obvious for all of humanity,the cabal is still in charge.And with positive changes I mean other aliens landing and liberating Earth(basically the Event)-but stay aware of their rapture scenario,they will try to establish that parallel to the real liberation if they are still able to at that point.


    The cities on the surface are known to be ghost towns,that means few living souls are living there,even in big cities.The rest of those cities is controlled unknowingly to a very high degree by dead spirits of the cabal.Most humans can be controlled by the light as well but usually they're not.That is also the reason why many humans are unwilling to wake up or unwilling to see even the most obvious betrayals.The cabal will try to build traps according to their degree of control in those cities against the few living souls and ascendants.


    The cabal hierarchy contains 5D monsters who hate humanity to the core and love to torture humans(also in the long run over thousands of years).Basically they just keep us to further exploit and invade our godly roots and to eat(loosh)from us.Since they built the first human prototypes in the image of a stolen god(they even tell us that humans were created in the‚image'of God in the Bible),they manipulated our bodies to worsen our life since thousands of years.Most of our godlike abilities are gone since many generations and the Lightforces have a very hard time repairing our bodies and DNA during ascension.By now the Lightforces are aware that humanity is the most malformed and manipulated species that was ever found in a parasitic nest of the primary anomaly like it is on Earth.The cabal even tried to make it impossible to repair our bodies and life in ways only few higher species out there can even realize.The treatment of humanity is sinister to the maximum while the topmost of humanity remains completely unaware of being raped by the cabal constantly.


    During ascension,the cabal will let you know constantly,that they have you trapped,that they own you,that they just trick you and so on.Do not be irritated by that(as hard as that is)they are being told that they are winning till the very end and they are rather remote controlled by those higher in the cabal hierarchy.So they will not even be able to learn or to aknowledge that you will inevitably ascend and be free eventually.It helps to ignore those who tell you these things over and over as they are just some poor parts of the cabal hive-mind most of the time(close to being entities the cabal program to keep up their control system and their lies unseen)


    From some point in ascension onwards,your sperm(or genital juices in general)will suddenly(after certain repairs of your body)taste most sweet.Before that,your juices are rather belonging to the cabal,sabotaging sex for both genders.Sweet taste is not a criteria for ascension though,the cabal does that clean-up(in lesser degree)for their slaves as well.It is said that demons(basically Archons and grays are meant with‚demons'in the old scriptures)hate and prevent sex,basically love-making and love itself,most,so it should be obvious that the cabal created enormous sabotage of the sex-life of humanity.

从提升的某一时刻开始,你的精子(或一般的生殖器汁液)会突然尝到最甜的味道(在对你的身体进行某些修复之后)。在此之前,你的汁液相当属于阴谋集团,破坏了两种性别的性行为。甜味并不是提升的标准,但阴谋集团也会(在较小程度上)为他们的奴隶进行清理。据说恶魔(在古老的经文中基本上是指Archons和grays的 "恶魔")憎恨和阻止性行为,基本上是做爱和爱本身,所以很明显,阴谋集团对人类的性生活造成了巨大的破坏。

    During ascension,you will get to know bigger and bigger spirits constantly as you are seen by them while you rise.They will be around you,they will influence humans and more around you.Just keep in mind,regardless of their size,many of them are dead and belong to the cabal knowing or unknowingly.Some will be‚from above'some will be‚from below'but those classifications are an illusion set up by the cabal most of the time.Higher and lower worlds are oftentimes just cabal-grids(illusionary worlds)for the dead(those people the cabal captured).Those spirits believe that they were higher because they are being shown a highly believable illusion of being in a higher world(sometimes since thousands of years).They will treat you bad no matter if they are from above or below while at the same time being very kind to you.Part of the cabal-programmed defect of those spirits is that they are bound to hurt and destroy life(sometimes without even knowing).So take care and protect yourself if you choose to communicate with spirits.



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