X22报道|第2759集: 中央银行刚刚发出被困信号,棋盘上的另一个棋子已经移动到位

2022年4月26日16:30:46揭露宇宙X22报道|第2759集: 中央银行刚刚发出被困信号,棋盘上的另一个棋子已经移动到位已关闭评论482字数 1294阅读4分18秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2759集: 中央银行刚刚发出被困信号,棋盘上的另一个棋子已经移动到位

Ep. 2759a – [CB] Just Signaled That They Have Been Trapped, Nothing Can Stop This

Ep. 2759a-[ CB ]刚刚发出信号,他们被困住了,没有什么能够阻止这一切

Ep. 2759b – When Do Birds Sing? Panic, Another Piece On The Chess Board Has Been Moved Into Place


X22 报告发表于2022年4月25日


IMF director admits that the printed to much money, they thought know would notice, they thought the global economy would be shutdown. The Fed is trapped, they will not be able to control what is coming. The people are realizing that they need to protect their own wealth.



The [DS] is panicking, Elon Musk just grabbed the bull horn and now the game has changed. The [DS] is ready to fight back, think communication blackout. [HRC] was trapped by Durham, another piece on the chess board has been moved into place. Elon Musk refers to a poem by Robert Frost and it references a storm. All will be revealed to the public. 



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