X22报告|第2839集: 世界正在经济转型,但不是每个人想的那样,一些大事即将发生

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X22报告|第2839集: 世界正在经济转型,但不是每个人想的那样,一些大事即将发生

Ep. 2839a – The World Is Transitioning Economically But Not The Way Everyone Thinks, Keep Watching


Ep. 2839b – The World Is Helping, We Are Winning, Something Big Is About To Drop, Rig For Red


X22报告 发表于2022年8月1日


The green new deal is a disaster, people now see the lies that have been told since the 70s, none of the predictions have come true, actually the opposite has happened. The [WE]/[CB] will continue to pus their agenda but as they do they expose it at the same time. The transitioning is happening and the [CB]/[WEF] cannot stop it.

绿色新政是一场灾难,人们现在看到的是自70年代以来一直在说的谎言,没有一个预言成真,实际上相反的事情已经发生了。[ WE ]/[ CB ]将继续推进他们的议程,但他们这样做的同时也暴露了它。转变正在发生,[ CB ]/[ WEF ]无法阻止它。


The tension is now building. The fake news, the corrupt politicians are bringing the country to the precipice. The people are watching WW3 play out, this will be the scare event that will wake a lot of the normies up. The patriots are winning, the world is helping. Something big is coming, think Durham, Weiss, Election Fraud, Pandemic Fraud, Julian Assange, Seth Rich and War. Rig For Red.



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