科里•古德|SSP 联盟,黑暗舰队,超级联盟和宣传战

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科里•古德|SSP 联盟,黑暗舰队,超级联盟和宣传战

WTF IS GOING ON?SSP Alliance,Dark Fleet,Super Federation&Propaganda Wars–As Above So Below


September 11th,2021–Updates Posted on Facebook&YouTube

2021911-更新发布在 Facebook YouTube

From Corey Goode:


More detailed updates to come?YES and Soon.I will be giving more details of my recent briefings with Gonzales,Anshar Delegation,and the SSP Alliance Leadership that was flown around by the Mayans in a cloaked ship on a tour hosted by Aree and an Anshar Elder(Ka-El-Lil).


We were given quite a briefing on what has been going on while visiting these locations one by one(Investigating until we were detected and left)over several separate briefing tours that were held weeks apart.The ICC has locked down the Solar System in much the same way we have seen lockdowns on Earth due to a'pandemic'.


Before Sigmund's death,he received the entire Dark Fleet database on a number of hard drives.He was killed over this information but was able to get it to the SSP Alliance prior.The SSP Alliance released the info within the other SSP's and the ICC used it as an excuse to lock down the Sol System while they searched and rooted out these'security threats'.This was an epic backfire for the SSP Alliance.

在西格蒙德去世之前,他收到了黑暗舰队数据库中的一些硬盘。他因为这个消息而被杀害,但是在此之前他得到了 SSP 联盟的消息。联盟在其他 SSP 的内部发布了这些信息,国际刑事法院利用这些信息作为借口,在搜索和根除这些"安全威胁"时锁定了索尔系统。这对于 SSP 联盟来说是一个史诗般的逆火。

We were taken to locations on the Moon,The Asteroid Belt,and Mars.We made two separate trips to Antarctica where we were briefed and at the other locations witnessed the Mayan cloaked/out of phase probe enter facilities and Reptilian Cities until they were detected by Psychic Soldiers and Beings at these locations.


We then went to the Super Federation bases(Close to Saturn and Jupiter)for the SSP Alliance to be briefed by custodians of these bases on the role humanity has been playing in their meetings since Earth was given a seat at their table.We were also informed of meeting at one of these bases that the New Guardians are expected to appear at and deliver messages to the members(A first time for any of the Super Federation including the new ICC members to see them).We were told to expect to attend this meeting when it happens.

然后,我们前往超级联邦基地(靠近土星和木星),由这些基地的监护人向 SSP 联盟简要介绍自从地球在其会议桌上获得一个席位以来人类在其会议中所扮演的角色。我们也被告知在其中一个基地开会,新的监护人将会出现在那里并向成员们传递信息(这是超级联邦中的任何一个成员包括国际刑事法院的新成员第一次看到他们)。他们告诉我们,一旦开会,我们就要参加。

The Anshar believes we are on the optimal timeline though we teeter back and forth between a number of timelines,some partially'optimal'others are not optimal at all.It fluctuates with the mass consciousness of Earth which is in great chaos right now.Seeing the doubtful look on my face she explained that chaos occurs at the end of every age due to the energies and it was a part of their own timeline.I am trying to figure out the best way to bring this briefing to everyone Written or via a video as Aree is guiding me on the timing of the update.


These briefings/tours were going on as recently as this past week.I am still compiling my thoughts and information at the moment.I have also had some interesting encounters with the Zulu where they actually communicated with me directly in a few dreams that Aree confirmed as actual contact.They and the Anshar are working with me on a number of levels preparing me for what is to come over the next year.They have also assisted my family with quite a lot of Black Magic that was being used against us(Shadow People&Demonic Intrusions in our home etc…)I will speak more about the spiritual warfare aspect that many are overlooking.


We are in scary but amazing hopeful times if we can see past the fear,propaganda and begin to understand our own power of manifesting reality.This co-creative power has been manipulated for eons to control reality and it is time we took that power back.No waiting for saviors to rescue us,we are the ones we have been waiting for.Remember,in the end-times,even the elect can be deceived.Discern now more than ever!That included my information and everyone else,no matter how sincere the source may seem.TY CG

如果我们能看到过去的恐惧和宣传,并开始理解我们自己展现现实的力量,那么我们就处在一个可怕但令人惊异的充满希望的时代。这种协同创造的力量已经被操纵了千万年来控制现实,现在是时候我们把这种力量拿回来了。不要等待救世主来拯救我们,我们就是我们一直在等待的人。记住,在末世,即使是选民也会被欺骗。现在比以往任何时候都更加清楚!这包括我的信息和其他所有人,不管消息来源看起来多么真诚。TY CG

[Updates Posted on Facebook & YouTube – The Video (YouTube) and Text above (From Facebook) are two separate updates recently shared by Corey Goode]

[发布在 Facebook YouTube 上的更新——上面的视频(YouTube)和文本(来自 Facebook) Corey Goode 最近分享的两个独立的更新]

WTF IS GOING ON? SSP Alliance, Dark Fleet, Super Federation & Propaganda Wars - As Above So Below

UPDATE: More detailed updates to come? YES and Soon. I will be giving more details of my recent briefings with Gonzales, Anshar Delegation, and the SSP Leade...



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