X22报告|第3103集: 世界经济衰退恐惧增加,特朗普确认深层国家的存在

2023年6月28日14:32:49揭露宇宙X22报告|第3103集: 世界经济衰退恐惧增加,特朗普确认深层国家的存在已关闭评论114字数 1381阅读4分36秒阅读模式

[DS] 失败了,他们的攻击不起作用。[DS] 公布了特朗普谈论机密文件的录音,但他从未提及机密文件。

X22报告|第3103集: 世界经济衰退恐惧增加,特朗普确认深层国家的存在

Ep. 3103a – Countries Backing Out Of Green New Deal, World Recession Fear Increases


Ep. 3103b – [DS] Attacks Failing, Trump Confirms The [DS] Exists & Their Reign Is Coming To An End

[ DS ]攻击失败,特朗普证实[ DS ]存在,他们的统治即将结束

X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 27, 9:00 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 6月27日,美国东部时间晚上9:00


Countries are beginning to back track on the green new deal, they are realizing it will not benefit the people, it will hurt them. NY is pushing their agenda to remove gas oven this will fail. Green energy has barely made a dent against fossil fuels.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 27, 9:30 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 6月27日,美国东部时间晚上9:30


The [DS] is failing, their attacks are not working. The [DS] has released an audio recording of Trump discussing classified docs, but he never mentioned classified docs. Trump most likely set them up. Trump lets the people know that the [DS] is real and soon their reign will be coming to an end. Trump has them where he wants them and the following the path to war, which is the final battle.

[DS] 失败了,他们的攻击不起作用。[DS] 公布了特朗普谈论机密文件的录音,但他从未提及机密文件。很可能是特朗普设计的。特朗普让人们知道[DS]是真的,他们的统治很快就要结束了。特朗普把他们带到他想要的地方,然后走上战争的道路,这是最后一战。


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