X22报道|第2649集: 黄金将毁灭美联储,阿桑奇成为 DNC 的关键

2021年12月11日19:25:27揭露宇宙 X22报道|第2649集: 黄金将毁灭美联储,阿桑奇成为 DNC 的关键已关闭评论401阅读模式


 X22报道|第2649集: 黄金将毁灭美联储,阿桑奇成为 DNC 的关键

Ep. 2649a – Gold Will Destroy The Fed, In The End The [CB]s Will Not Survive

2649a-黄金将摧毁美联储,最终[ CB ]将不复存在

Ep. 2649b – Scavino Message Received, Assange Key To DNC ’Source’ ‘Hack’ ‘187’

Ep. 2649b – 收到斯加维诺的信息,阿桑奇成为 DNC 的关键来源‘ Hack’‘187’



The fake news is now pushing the narrative that the economy is the best we the people have ever seen. The [CB] has no cover story they need to spin it all. This will fail. Jobs lowest we have seen, inflation hitting 6.8%, people see it all. The [CB] system will be destroyed by Gold when people truly see the real value of the [CB] currency.



The [DS] is getting hit from all sides. The conspiracies have now become the truth and the fake news has now become the conspiracy. The [DS] has lost the narrative, as time goes on the enemy people will be on full display the American public. The US is trying to extradite Assange back to the states, he is the source and key to SR and the hack. Think Durham. Scavino sends message letting us know that the fake news is about to go down, they are the enemy of the people and the people are about to get their voice back.



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