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In the past days I didn't feel like writing and also I was busy doing my own things.And apart from that there were a lot of wild rumors circulating on internet,and I didn't want to be part of that circus.The fake alien invasion known as Project Blue Beam being imminent,the SWIFT banking system having been taken down,the light forces involved in operations against Cabal facilities on Mars,whatever.I also received telepathic information myself that turned out to be false.So here are three clues to discern true from false information:did you ask your higher self or the light forces for the kind of information or guidance that you are encountering or receiving,does it make you feel empowered and valiant,and does it really deepen your knowledge and consciousness?If the answer to these questions is no,then it is a clear warning sign the guidance or info is fake or contaminated.Cobra did mention repeatedly that many alternative media are either compromised or downright fake without mentioning names.I will mention a few names:Daniel Scranton who is supposedly channeling the 9D Arcturian Council,is working for the Cabal and is knowingly and willingly misleading lightworkers with his new age bullshit;he is not even really hiding it,he makes the Illuminati hand gestures in his videos.What a fucking jerk!Then there is Suzy Ward who claims to channel Matthew Ward,her deceased son.Well,she once was but not anymore.Matthew Ward has moved on and is doing other things beyond the veil,while Suzy continues to do her so called channeling which is now really a bunch of items she heard on the news or read on internet with some things from her own higher self mixed in for the spicing.It's a bit pathetic as she has become emotionally attached to the"channeling"and feels obliged to deliver;it is her way of honoring Matthew but she needs to move on just like Matthew has.Be very critical at what people are telling you and are trying to make you believe.

在过去的日子里,我不想写作,也忙于做自己的事情。除此之外,网上还有很多疯狂的谣言,我不想成为那个马戏团的一员。虚假的外星人入侵被称为蓝色光束计划,迫在眉睫 SWIFT 的银行系统已经被摧毁,光武装力量参与了对火星上阴谋集团设施的行动,诸如此类。我自己也收到了假的心灵感应信息。因此,这里有三条线索来辨别真假信息:你是否向更高的自我或光明力量寻求你所遇到或接收到的信息或指引,它是否让你感到被赋予力量和勇敢,它是否真的加深了你的知识和意识?如果这些问题的答案是否定的,那么这就是一个明显的警告信号,表明这些指导或信息是虚假的或被污染的。Cobra 确实反复提到,许多替代媒体要么是被破坏的,要么是彻头彻尾的虚假,但没有提到名字。我将提到一些名字:丹尼尔·斯克兰顿,他被认为是通灵9D大角星委员会,为秘社工作,并且故意和自愿地用他的新时代的废话来误导光之工作者;他甚至没有真正地隐藏它,他在他的视频中做光照派的手势。真他妈是个混蛋!还有苏西·沃德,她声称自己是马修·沃德的灵媒,她已故的儿子。她曾经是,但现在不是了。马修·沃德已经向前看了,并且在做其他超越面纱的事情,而苏西继续做她所谓的"通灵",这实际上是她在新闻或者网络上看到的一些东西和她自己的高我的一些东西混合在一起作为调料。这有点可悲,因为她已经变得情感上依附于"通灵",并感到有义务提供;这是她尊重马修的方式,但她需要继续向前,就像马修一样。对别人告诉你的和试图让你相信的事情要非常挑剔。


If ever there was a time to resist the Cabal agenda,engage in civil disobedience and throw sand into the NWO Great Reset scamdemic machinery,then it is now.If not now,then you will never do it.Don't lose your mind and attack blindly,be smart and plan and prepare your actions,but do something instead of waiting for the light forces to come in and save you or for the Cabal to show mercy.You don't know when the first will be and you sure know the second will never happen.Unfortunately the police and law enforcement bodies in many parts of the world have discredited themselves quite seriously by colluding with the enemy:some of the biggest criminals in the universe are still roaming freely,while peaceful protesters have been beaten down and people thrown in jail for minor offences.Cobra has posted a most welcome planetary situation update that brings some clarity of where we are at.It gives a reasonably good perspective,but we are not there yet.What I do is observe people,ordinary people in the street or public places and especially children,to see how they act and what their energy feels like.I do notice a shift for the better,there seems to be a bit more peace and balance in people's energy fields and I'm sure it has to do with the negative nonphysical entities(lesser demons and minions of the Archons)being removed as well as the continuing clearing of the quantum anomaly around the planet.

如果曾经有一个时间来抵制阴谋集团的议程,参与公民抗命,并向 NWO 大重置诈骗机器扔沙子,那么现在就是。如果不是现在,那么你永远不会这么做。不要失去理智,盲目进攻,要聪明,计划和准备你的行动,但是做点什么,而不是等待光明的力量来拯救你,或者等待阴谋集团的仁慈。你不知道什么时候会有第一个,但你肯定知道第二个永远不会发生。不幸的是,世界许多地方的警察和执法机构因与敌人勾结而名誉扫地:世界上一些最大的罪犯仍然逍遥法外,而和平抗议者遭到殴打,人们因轻微犯罪而被投入监狱。Cobra 发布了一个最受欢迎的行星形势更新,让我们对目前的状况有了一些清晰的认识。它提供了一个相当好的视角,但我们还没有到那一步。我所做的是观察人们,街上或公共场所的普通人,尤其是儿童,看看他们的行为和他们的能量是什么感觉。我确实注意到了一个向好的方向的转变,人们的能量场似乎有了更多的和平与平衡,我确信这与消极的非物质实体(较小的恶魔和执政官的仆从)被移除以及持续清除地球周围的量子异常有关。


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