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Ashian|如何驾驭这种困惑Beloved hearts,we reach out to you in great and infinite love,as you feel your worlds crumbling around you.Every truth you thought was unassailable,inviolate,and true will seem to crumble too.You imagined that the purity of intent would protect you,now this appears to false.You are being shown to be victims too.You are being shown to be powerless too,although you stood in your power.None of this is the truth.The truth will emerge and there will be a cleansing of distortions.


There is much afoot with words and counter words;ideas develop power and traction,but that does not mean that they are pure or true.


So where should you focus?What is Truth?


Focus on your inner knowing,on following your intuition.Focusing on your intuition will separate the wheat from the chaff,which is what this is about…


It is not about'who'is right.Will you give away your power to someone outside or will you hold strong?Will you trust your inner knowing?


Whether your intuition is'right'or'wrong'does not matter,what matters is that you go within and trust your intuition.


Your intuition is your road map,your soul map to your greatest vision for this lifetime;each one of you will intuit something different,depending on what lessons you are to learn,what karma you have chosen to rebalance,what soul learnings you desire to experience.Your intuition will bring you to the right understanding for you,the right place for you,the right timing for you,the right people for you.


You cannot skip a step;you cannot side step your soul journey.It is your divine and sacred marriage,inside,you to your soul and your soul to you.That is the only marriage that matters,that is the only truth that matters.Follow this and your inner compass will bring you where you need to be.


The focus in the chaos needs to be your inner marriage,you and your higher self,your soul,your knowingness of what is right for you.That will be your best,your truest guide and compass.That is the spiritual lesson of this time–not to listen to this or that,but to go within and to find your truth.And then live that truth.


When you are aligned with the truth of your inner marriage,your soul,you automatically align with divine grace and synchronicity,you are automatically on your soul's fast track.


If you try to bypass life experience,or'jump ahead'or second guess what is down the line,you will distort your journey and create unnecessary rebalancing,or karma.To move through your intuitive knowing with grace and love for all is truly the easiest path,the path that is most open to divine grace flowing in and through you.


J:What about when our loved ones make choices that are the opposite of our beliefs?


A:Sweet child,don't be upset.Come into your sacred knowingness.Where do you exist?In the divine field.What is your intuition?It is the map you created through that divine field for your highest good.Follow that pathway,all will unfold in perfection.You are not lost.No one is lost.You have not been abandoned.No one is abandoned.


There are no mistakes,for even when you try to chose something that may be a distortion for your soul,you will be brought back to your soul again,and allowed to realign.


Time is an illusion.Reincarnation is even an illusion,as is death.You are divine essence in experience.


The compass is your inner knowing.Follow that compass and it will bring you to the perfect place for you.


J:But what if these are'tests'in sovereignty?


A:Follow your intuition.Follow your inner knowing,your sense of what is right for you,not what others say or think,for so much of that will be shown to be partial or flawed.Sure,you may listen to everything,but ultimately,let your decisions flow from your inner knowing,that is your sacred journey,the road map that your higher self determined was the best path for you through this now moment.


That is the quantum leap.That is the return to Source,to your Source,your essence.That is your divine power.


J:What if I don't know?


A:Then wait.It will become clear.It will awaken within you.


**Source**Channel:Jeniffer Crokaert


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