2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

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PFCC: Prepare for Change China (PFCC) has always upheld the philosophy of voluntary promotion of the awakening culture. We appreciate the opportunity to conduct a second interview with Cobra.

First of all, let us ask a few questions that are of concern to all.

PFCC: Following quotes are from your article The Ascension Plan published in March 7, 2016, (http://prepareforchange.net/2016/03/page/13/): "when Super-wave from the pulse of the Galactic Heart reaches the Solar System, it will clear all darkness from the surface of the planet and trigger the Event"; "each Solstice Sun / Galactic Equator will align at the time of the Galactic Super-wave." The Pleiadians also confirmed to you that the exact date of the alignment was actually on May 17, 1998 when the destiny of this planet was decided and the forces of Light will ensure the Ascension Plan be successful." So it would be logical to think that the Galactic Heart has already sent Galactic Super-wave on May 17, 1998.

The questions are: What is the speed of the Galactic Super-wave? Is it the speed of light? How long will it take to reach the Earth from the Galactic Heart?

COBRA: One aspect of the Galactic Super-wave travels with the speed of light, one aspect is much faster.


PFCC: If all the toplet quark bombs are removed before the Galactic Super-wave reaches the Earth, can the Event happen instantly? Do we have to wait for the arrival of the Galactic Super-wave?

Similar questions but from a different perspective, as follows:

COBRA: Galaxy is a living being and the removal of toplet bombs and the Galactic Super-wave are synchronized.


PFCC: The next questions involve the key of humanity:

Recently a Humanity Report was released through a video of Manifesto of Humanity gaining wide recognition. Their impression is throughout time the forces of Light have not had sufficient understanding of the changes of humanity on our planet (Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkuuouGXdI4).

The opinion of some of those who are awakened is: People have talked about the Event year after year, the story is endless. This causes more disappointment for the light workers. Sheldan Nidle has been saying every week that "The time is near, it is now and the Light Forces are ready to let it happen". Here comes the question:

"During the time of liberation of earth and mankind, the key component of humanity is 'trust' and 'seeing is believing'. After repeated delay of the Event for many years, the faith of the Light workers is fading. Do you think that the Light Forces realize the danger of it?"

COBRA: The reality of the situation is that toplet bombs take long time to clear. The sooner we all realize this and keep working for the liberation, the sooner it will come.


PFCC: Many people think that: "Human beings prefer to have a clear plan. However, light workers have lived on a vague timeline for many years. They are not sure of the time scale of bomb-removal and the Event. Hence, it is not possible to make practical arrangements to balance work and life. They understand that the Light Forces cannot predict a specific time. But if it does not happen within a few years, can they tell the Light workers so that they can make arrangements for their own work and lifestyle? "

COBRA: You need to listen to your inner guidance for your life plan.


PFCC: "Because of the above reasons, many think that a deadline should be set for the removal of the toplet quark bombs. This can be kept confidential but it should be set. It is a strategic thinking. Have the Light Forces ever considered this issue or just allowed it to develop without a timeframe? "

COBRA: The answer to this question needs to remain classified.


PFCC: Some have asked that since the Unity Meditation has reached the critical mass on August 22, is it possible to organize another meditation that will exceed the threshold to trigger the immediate occurrence of the Event? If not, please explain the reasons.

COBRA: Another meditation will be organized when the time is right.


PFCC: Next we will ask some financial investment questions:
According to David Wilcock's intel source, a one-ounce Silver coin is currently worth of $15. But it costs $26 to manufacture it. This is due to Cabal's manipulation to bring down the value of silver.

Do you agree with this intel? David's original article URL: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1195-partial-disclosure

COBRA: Yes, I agree.


PFCC: David also mentioned, "Silver may go as high as $400 per ounce in the near future and will maintain at that level for a period of time. Insiders recommend it as the best bet to secure assets right now. Gold's price is now 81 times higher than silver for the same weight, which is an all-time high in history. So silver is a much better buy than gold right now." What do you think of this?

COBRA: Silver price may increase, but not so drastically. Historical average is for the gold to be 10 times more expensive than silver.


2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

PFCC: On April 4, 2017, it was reported in the news that a 59.6 carat pink diamond was sold to a Hong Kong jewelry dealer for about US$71 million setting a new world auction record for any precious stones. The annual diamond production is around 30,000 kilos and yet it could fetch such a high price. In your opinion how did they achieve this?

COBRA: Natural pink diamonds are extremely rare, and a 60 carat flawless pink diamond is expected to reach that kind of price.


PFCC: As most of the diamonds around the world are managed and speculated by Rothschild's corporations, should we advise everyone to stop buying diamonds?

COBRA: Use your own inner guidance.


PFCC: Sexual energy has gained a lot of attention recently. So let us ask a few questions about sex.
The dark forces are using pornographic pictures, advertisements as well as movie and television dramas etc. to steal public's sexual energy. Could you explain the operating principle behind all these?

COBRA: The Archons distort genuine natural sexual energy to be used as a dynamo/battery to power the plasma AI matrix.


PFCC: Some think that the dark forces are stealing and using our own sexual energies against us. If so, please explain the process.

COBRAThe Archons distort genuine natural sexual energy to be used as a dynamo/battery to power the plasma AI matrix.


PFCC: A reader asked: Where does sexual desire come from? Is sexual desire the opposite of love, or originated from love?

COBRASexual energy is an aspect of Love.

PFCC: How can we use our sexual energy wisely on all aspects of our lives? Can you explain briefly on all of them?

COBRA: Merge it with heart energy and express it according to your inner guidance.


2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

PFCC: Here we shall talk about other aspects:
These pictures were taken by a Chinese Light worker in New York. The blue spots are the reflection of the lens. But there are some small white spots surrounding the sun and neatly lining up while constantly changing shapes. What are these small white spots?

COBRA: Lens reflection.


PFCC: On chemtrails: Who is conducting the spraying of chemtrails? It is said that the meteorological weapons of the Cabal groups have already been controlled by the Alliance. Why are there still chemtrails sprayed in the air?

COBRA: Meteorological weapons of the Cabal have not yet been controlled by the Alliance.


PFCC: Is Earth Alliance a coalition of the Earth's benevolent groups including the Agarthans and the Resistance Movement organizations?

COBRA: Earth Alliance is an alliance of groups from the surface of the planet.


PFCC: According to Corey, China has dominated the Earth Alliance. Which faction do the top leaders of China belong? Are there any physical contacts between Chinese leaders and any extra-terrestrials? If so, with which races? Does China have its own SSP?

COBRA: Some of the top leaders belong to the Alliance and are in contact with Dragon families, other have ties to Rothschilds/Jesuits. They do not have direct contact with positive ETs. Yes, there is a Chinese SSP.


PFCC: Have there been UFO spacecraft crashes in China?



PFCC: On the issue of Full Disclosure or Partial Disclosure, what is the agenda of China? Currently, have the arrests of Cabal members in Chinese region already begun?
COBRA: Certain faction want partial Disclosure, some Dragon groups want full Disclosure. There were some minor arrests already.


PFCC: Do you know Alex Collier? What is your view of his information?

COBRA: Yes. Use your own guidance for his information. He has some interesting things to say about Andromedans.


PFCC: Is the Blue Light Sphere that Anastasia encounters the same as Corey's when he contacts the Blue Avians? Does Anastasia have any connections with the Galactic Confederation?

COBRA: No. Yes.


PFCC: A few months ago, China Central Television CCTV 9 channel showed a documentary program called "The Great Dreamer - Tesla's Free Energy". It suggested that The Tunguska Event might have been the result of Tesla's experiment of energy conduction using atmospheric ionization. A reader would like to ask the truth of the Russian Tunguska Event in1908.



PFCC: During a previous interview, you mentioned that if a person can imagine in his mind that he is creating a ship, then the ship may be created or will be created in another parallel world. So I would like to ask about matter of the novel as novel is also a product of human consciousness and even created a world. If consciousness can be transformed into physical material, then do the characters in the novels really exist in a certain world? Is the author God-like to the characters?

COBRAThe characters of the novel exist as ideas.


PFCC: You have mentioned Peach Blossom Spring twice in your blogs. Is the Peach Blossom Spring described by the Chinese Poet Tao Yuanming in Jin Dynasty the same as what you mentioned? Is it part of the underground Agartha Network?

COBRA: Yes. Yes.


2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

PFCC: There is an obscure little circle called The Center of the Universe built with concrete bricks in the city center of Tulsa, Oklahoma. When a person stands in the circle and speaks aloud, the echo of his voice will increase several fold. However, people standing outside the circle cannot hear what the people inside the circle are saying and can only hear some distorted and vague voices. Could you explain this phenomenon?

Article linkhttp://mykec.net/mykec/vintage/1999/04/center.htm

Video linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEx2HheoXpI

COBRAI cannot confirm that this story is true.


2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

PFCC: On the Google map, "undersea straight lines" can be seen across thousands of kilometers on all major ocean floors. What are those lines?

COBRAFracture zones:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fracture_zone



2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

PFCC: Tolec reported that in 2011 a Reptilian undersea base at the location of the East China Sea (location 27.291 ° N, 125.868 ° E at a depth of 209.5 km) was destroyed, resulting in a 6.5-magnitude ocean earthquake.

Source: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2011/11/andromeda-council-east-china-sea-69-quake-undersea-reptilian-base-destroyed.html

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in fact reported a 6.9 earthquake in the East China Sea on Tuesday Nov. 8, 2011 at 02:59:06 AM UTC, location 27.291°N, 125.868°E at a depth of 209.5 km (130.2 miles).USGS)。

Other parts of the world have also detected the earthquake at the same time. Can you confirm this information?



2017.11.21|The Second Interview with Cobra from PFCC

PFCC: There are some very orderly, apparently man-made transverse rectangles and vertical rectangles near this location. Are these the structure of the Reptilians' undersea base?


COBRA: This is undersea base, but it is not Reptilian.

PFCC: A recorded history in Chinese classic books stated that a black dragon impregnated Confucius' mother who later gave birth to Confucius. A reader asked "Was Confucius a Reptilian or a benevolent Draconian descendant? Did he profoundly mislead Chinese culture by advocating class hierarchy through mind program implant to the Chinese race?" Cobra, could you please provide your point of view?

COBRA: He was a Draconian who tried to express wisdom through his limited, hierarchical point of view.

PFCC: You have mentioned earlier that India has been infiltrated by the dark forces, and so they have started to do some hanky panky in the financial field, including hording gold and recalling large denomination notes. What is the current situation in India?

COBRA: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40371523


PFCC: It was revealed that South Korea's ex-President Park Geun-hye was under the control of her girlfriend. What actually happened to Park Geun-hye?



PFCC: What is North Korea's position in geopolitics? It is caught between China, Russia and the West, which seems to be of a special nature. Does North Korea's nuclear missile threat a measure taken by Cabal to control the East Asian Alliance, especially China?

COBRANorth Korea is under Jesuit control. They use (empty) nuclear threat to increase tension in the region.


PFCC: A reader in Taiwan stated: In April 2016, my inner-guide led me to a place 15 kilometers away from Jiufen to purchase a piece of land with an area of 1300 square meters. In October 2016, my intuition told me that there was a tunnel underneath my land. In the 2017 Taipei Ascension Convention, you mentioned that there is an underground base of 50 km wide, 100 km long north of Taoyuan Airport with the capacity of accommodating 1 billion people and potentially up to 3 billion people in the future. Is there any relationship between the underground tunnel in my land and the underground base?

Latitude and longitude of Taoyuan Airport: 25.077146, 121.229848
Latitude and longitude of my land: 25.058013, 121.704610
Latitude and longitude of Jiufeng, Taiwan: 25.109416, 121.844980

COBRADo you have any proof that there is really a tunnel on your land?


PFCC: Many people who are now involved in spirituality still have a concept of authority. For example, most people in the West will revere Jesus, and in the East they revere Buddha, and in China, Lao Tzu. Do you agree that such consciousness of authority will not exist in an enlightened mind? What is the correct thinking on cognitive authority?
COBRAAn enlightened mind does not need external authority


PFCC: What is the mission of Krishnamurti who is known as "Savior"? What is his mission?
COBRA: To inspire you to listen to your inner guidance.


PFCC: Why is the Chinese culture the only culture that has been preserved and sustained in the last 5000 years?
COBRA: Because ancient China has led the policy to keep its civilization stable rather than to lose power with military expansion beyond its borders.


PFCC: You stated that the main members of the Resistance Movement are beings from Planet X. Some readers reckon that the beings from Planet X are defected Reptilians. Please clarify what constitute the main Resistance Movement races? What is the race of the Planet X beings?

COBRA: Members of Resistance are absolutely NOT Reptilian. Mostly they have Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan and Arcturian soul origin.


PFCC: A reader asked: Human beings on planet earth are more inclined to evidence. When will the real pictures of the Resistance Movement or the Pleiadians be released including their living environment and people?
COBRA: At the Event.


PFCC: After the Event can everyone remember their past lives, or only part of the awakened people can remember?

COBRA: Only the awakened people will remember more and more.


PFCC: During the Second World War, the Japanese army committed countless cruel crimes in China. Did the Japanese army have influence from the Archons for their behavior, or was it dictated by human nature?
COBRA: Both.


PFCC: After 2025, can human beings who have not ascended continue to live on planet earth?

COBRA: This answer is classified.


PFCC: Is the key content in the Chinese "Book of Mountains and Seas" (Shan Hai Jing) related to the Atlantis civilization or other alien civilization? What is the true purpose of this book?
COBRA: It is related to ancient Chinese civilization and has positive Dragon influences.


PFCC: How was the human body meridian map in the Chinese "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor" obtained without advanced technology? Please comment on this book.
COBRA: It was obtained with advanced ET technology and then passed from generation to generation.


PFCC: What is the current clearing progress of the implant surveillance stations?
COBRA: All of them beyond moon orbit are removed.


PFCC: "Angel Matches" is a Chinese ancient legendary story which talked about the marriage between mortal The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver from Vega (Lyra α). Is this true?



PFCC: Pangu, Fu Xi and NuWa were the primogenitors of the Chinese nation. The Yellow Emperor and Emperor Yan were the Chinese humane primogenitors. Were they extra-terrestrials, such as the Draconians?
COBRAYes they were positive Draconians, mostly from Thuban (Alpha Draconis)


PFCC: The original chapters beyond Chapter 40 of the legendary novel "The Dream of Red Mansions" were lost and were later written by other authors. May I ask: Can similar culture lost in history be retrieved through the Akashic records?
COBRA: Yes. The Resistance has access to original chapters.


PFCC: Is the source of China's Sanxingdui culture linked to Dubhe? What is the source of Chinese prehistoric culture? Among the large amount of Chinese literature, which are beneficial to the ascension of consciousness? What advise can you give in the study of the Tao Te Ching?

COBRA: Sanxingdui civilization was the main anchor point of an extraterrestrial faction from Thuban (alpha Draconis), the most prominent faction of the positive Draconians. Many Taoist writings are very beneficial for Ascension process.


PFCC: It is said that the Blue Avians have evacuated the spheres between the sun and the earth. As result, Galactic energy will directly impact the solar system and the earth. Many awakened people are making preparations. Some are prepared to leave the solar system through flying saucers. Some will go into the inner earth, and some will take refuge in the caves. I would like to ask, if unprepared, what will be the outcome?
COBRA: The Light forces will assist the unprepared.


PFCC: From the material point of view, what will happen if we fly a spacecraft into a black hole? Will the spacecraft be torn apart?
COBRA: No. Its physical matter will be translated into a zero point information signal.


PFCC: How accurate is Einstein's Theory of Relativity?
COBRA: Accurate within the subset of reality that it describes, totally inaccurate beyond that.


PFCC: What will happen to the global real estate industry after the Event?

COBRAIt will be restructured.


PFCC: After the Event, will Mystery Schools be established in every country? Can everyone learn from a Mystery School?
COBRA: Yes. No.


PFCC: The soul age of the Twin soul is same, but is it possible to encounter a twin soul with different biological age now? What is the difference between being with a twin soul and being with a soul mate?
COBRA: Yes. Twin soul is the other part of our I Am presence, a soul mate is a soul with similar point of origin.


PFCC: Was the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake a natural disaster or a man-made earthquake?


PFCC: How will highly populated countries such as China and India be guaranteed the supply of daily necessities during the Event? Will the public sectors be informed in advance of the situation?

COBRAChina has an excellent supply network that will keep functioning.


PFCC: For the people who have died before the Event, will the liberation of the earth benefit them? Or let's say the Asheo realm and the souls of the evil spirits, what will happen to them after the liberation of the earth?
COBRA: Yes. The negative souls will be purged from the astral plane before the Event.


PFCC: Are there some historical figures who were members of Chimera?

COBRANo, Chimera did not involve itself in the life on the surface of the planet.


PFCC: We observed that many people are waiting for a major change in the world to happen, and we call them "The waiters". Each of us has a lot of mental or emotional traumas. But the group of "waiters" do not want to face and heal their own wounds. Instead, they want to wait for "others" to heal them after the Event. These people are therefore vulnerable to interferences and instigations from certain negative entities, and will attack other people with violent emotional outbursts. The awakening community is full of light and love rhetoric, but no harmony. What is your opinion on this?
COBRA: True.


PFCC: In the 1960s, a black man in Africa was likened to be "black Jesus". He had the ability to see what others were thinking in their minds and so on. He promoted love, peace and forgiveness, and was hunted down by the Cabal, but they did not succeed. Did this black Jesus really exist? Can human beings develop those abilities? Are those abilities due to the "I Am Presence"?

COBRA: Yes. Yes. Yes.


PFCC: One of our team leaders asked: Our team is aiming to spread truths such as: the truth of the 911 incident being directed and performed by the US government, the truth of human beings being poisoned by genetically modified food, the truth of calcification of the human pineal gland from water fluoridation, the truth of human beings being poisoned by vaccines, and such other truths coined as "conspiracy theory".
Our vision is to make every human being aware of our true living environment and realize that we are veiled by deception. However, in this world of dualistic antithesis, the dispensing of such information will cause more serious dualism and expectations for the future. As a result, they give up paying attention to their own inner development, which contradicts what we are aiming to do --- to make the world a better place. Are there any other ways to achieve this ultimate goal?

COBRAYou can spread a combination of outer and inner information.


PFCC: What is the truth behind these recent events: the concert shootings in Las Vegas, USA and the independence referendum in Catalonia, Spain? Are they part of the last stroke of the Cabal?
COBRA: Shootings were orchestrated by the Cabal. Independence referendum reflects the genuine will of Catalan people.


PFCC: Finally, some are very concerned about Yaldabaoth and the two entities within. They asked: "If the whole Galactic Confederation is joining forces against two plasma entities, then why don't they dispatch two squadrons and hit two birds at once? Why must they remove one by one individually, prolonging the timeline?"

COBRA: They are removing them all together.


PFCC: All right, this interview comes to an end now. Thank you very much, Cobra, for answering so many questions.

COBRAYou are welcome. Victory of the Light!


PFCC: Victory of the Light! Blessings!

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