X22报告|第3208集: 各国央行遵循他们的剧本,透明化是唯一的出路

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每一天,大重置和绿色新政都被揭露出来。[DS] 正在被迫走上选举的道路,他们将别无选择,只能推迟选举或让特朗普获胜,他们将没有作弊的能力。

X22报告|第3208集: 各国央行遵循他们的剧本,透明化是唯一的出路

Ep 3208a – Dutch PM Sounds Alarm, [CB] Following Their Playbook, Playbook Known

荷兰首相敲响警钟,[CB] 按照他们的游戏规则行事,游戏规则众所周知

Ep 3208b – Infiltrators Are Being Exposed, Transparency Is The Only Way Forward, Stage Is Set


X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 9, 6:30 pm EST

X22 ReportStreaming on: Nov 9,6:30 pm EST X22报道于美国东部时间11月9日下午6:30播出


Everyday the passes the great reset and the green new deal are exposed. The [CB]/[WEF] will now need to move quickly to implement their system. This will fail because the playbook is known. Dutch PM sends out a warning that the digital id is coming, a population that is awake can counter this.

每一天,大重置和绿色新政都被揭露出来。[ CB ]/[ WEF ]现在需要迅速采取行动来实施他们的系统。这将失败,因为剧本是已知的。荷兰首相发出警告说,数字身份证即将到来,一个醒着的人口可以反击这一点。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 9, 7:00 pm EST

X22 ReportStreaming on: Nov 9,7:00 pm EST X22报道: 11月9日,美国东部时间下午7:00


 The [DS] is being forced down the election path, they will have no choice but to postpone the election or let Trump win, they will not have the ability to cheat. The infiltrators are being exposed and Obama and the swamp are now separating themselves from anyone that supports Israel. The people will have a choice at the end, do we take back the country or do we allow the [DS] to control us. The people will do the right thing.

[DS] 正在被迫走上选举的道路,他们将别无选择,只能推迟选举或让特朗普获胜,他们将没有作弊的能力。渗透者正在暴露,奥巴马和沼泽地现在正在与任何支持以色列的人分开。人民最终将有一个选择,我们是夺回这个国家,还是让 [DS] 控制我们。人民会做出正确的选择。


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