2023 年 7 月和 8 月的最新情况|theunveiling33

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2023 年 7 月和 8 月的最新情况|theunveiling33his post will feature a situation update followed by several insights and answers to questions after that. The clearing of the subquantum anomaly and chimera group is still in full swing, though there were not many special or new advances but rather the clearing of what was already topic of the previous posts. 


As many people in the spiritual communities still have a new age induced problem with any kind of negativitiy, please keep in mind that the description of what was and is still going on on Earth is highly negative per se. Some posts here might therefore seem negative but ascendants certainly have to get a grasp on the problem to address it correctly and to be enabled to be part of the removal of the issues eventually. Therefore the Unveiling necessarily also faces the shadow side which is already shadow work and will also help you battling your personal negativity and master your individual shadow work.

由于灵性团体的许多人仍然对任何形式的负面情绪有新时代的偏见,请记住,对地球上过去和现在发生的事情的描述本身就是非常负面的。因此,这里的一些帖子可能看起来很消极,但占星者当然必须掌握问题的症结所在,才能正确地解决问题,才能最终参与解决问题。因此,"揭幕 "必然也会面对阴影的一面,这已经是阴影工作了,也会帮助你与个人的负面情绪作斗争,掌握个人的阴影工作。

As mentioned in the last update, the 'devil'-humans of the Andromeda faction of the chimera are already gone.


However there is still one of the 'bastards' of the Orion faction left. These 'bastards' were administrating the surface and the last one is being let active due to strategic reasons for a while.


The descendants of the first female traitor were reduced to six by now. While it is a big step forward, it does not mean anything changes yet, as even one of these chimera members is able to keep their illusions active. 


Additionally all departure plans into the Central Sun are foreseeable by now for all major chimera monsters besides those mentioned here. Most of these monsters and problem cores will leave the Earth within the next five months.


And generally speaking, we are again still quite a bit below the threshold of the veil nevertheless, otherwise we would already see bigger changes on the surface that create actual changes for human society as a whole.


Several bases of the microscopic part of the atlantean species were neutralised. The original microscopic atlanteans are for big parts longterm enemies of humanity. Intelligence does not necessarily correlate with size, so these tiny atlanteans are relatively intelligent for their miniature sizes. While Atlantis was the high culture of humanity, some humans fell for greed and power. It was those human clones which were bred for the microscopic, original atlanteans who showed those tendencies. They later on slaughtered the original humans and were the reason why Atlantis fell eventually. They went into pact with the chimera to get those human bodies, which were then stabilized by chimera AI. These humans were literally humans under control of microorganisms. They became indistiguishable of the real, natural humans, when they (first covertly) began to win in competitions against those real humans. This competition later perverted into slaying each other. Till this very day, these atlanteans are part of the people on Earth who desire to torture and kill humans. This attitude derived from their belief that Earth was their property, when the first human settlers and the colonists arrived here. The atlanteans who got sick took the excuse that they were protecting their planet and that any measure would be suitable to regain the Earth. Many humans nowadays are still steered by miniature souls, some of which are high-end developments of the chimera and the remaining atlanteans. These are the humans who are (covertly) subversive against their ‚own' species. Even many sicknesses, bacteria and viruses are atlantean developments and demonstrate how much some of them hate humanity. 


There were always some atlanteans though, who stayed true and did not attack humanity. And while the atlanteans were some of the first microscopic lifeforms, which developed on this planet, Earth is by galactic and cosmic law not their property. All their belief and the laws they base their claims and offensive behaviour on were rejected via galactic and cosmic law. The atlantean legal foundation is in big parts just a lie of the chimera that has no ground on a galactic nor on the cosmic scale. They were misinformed regarding their rights and therefore instrumentalised by the chimera to turn against humanity. The early atlanteans who were equipped with human bodies became the atlantean Gods some might heard of from ancient legends. These Gods are probably what most humans think of, when they hear about the atlanteans, though their essence is rather microscopic. The atlantean people base much of their knowledge upon their central computer which administrates the atlantean records, the foundation and main knowledge of their people, may they be the rebels or the atlanteans who stayed true to life. The main problem of that approach is that the atlantean records were constantly manipulated by the chimera from some time in the invasion onwards. Crucial parts, especially those which would have led the atlanteans to a fair behaviour were steadily rewritten by the chimera in their favour. As there are trillions upon trillions of these microscopic atlanteans on the planet, the records are necessary for organisation, their survival and correct interactions with other lifeforms and more. Basically those records are the main instrument of the organisation of their whole species. Though the chimera is able to fake their data and calculations to a high degree which then leads to maleficent behaviour to which even the good atlanteans are prone to. These microorganisms do not just surround you to a degree, in the average human body there are approximately 20% to 40% of the microorganisms still of this ancient atlantean origin. While the chimera reigns war against human bodies via all sorts of nano-materials including pollution, nano-bots, etc. they also manipulate the atlantean microorganisms against their enemies. Part of your body is constantly working against you, most of the time the reasons are ranging from pollution up to cleverly designed nano-bots which at least lead to general body-decay called ageing. As laid open before, human bodies are rather being digested than ageing, but humanity will not be able to figure that out scientifically yet.

但是总有一些亚特兰蒂斯人,他们坚守真理,没有攻击人类。虽然亚特兰蒂斯人是这个星球上最早的微生物,但根据银河和宇宙法则,地球不是他们的财产。他们所有的信仰和法律,他们基于他们的主张和攻击性行为被银河和宇宙法律拒绝。亚特兰蒂斯的法律基础在很大程度上只是一个在银河系和宇宙尺度上都没有根据的奇美拉的谎言。他们在自己的权利方面被误导,因此被幻想利用来反对人类。早期的亚特兰蒂斯人装备有人类的身体,成为了亚特兰蒂斯的神,有些人可能从古代传说中听说过。当人们听到亚特兰蒂斯人的时候,这些神可能就是大多数人所想到的,尽管他们的本质相当微小。亚特兰蒂斯人的大部分知识都建立在管理亚特兰蒂斯记录的中央计算机上,这些记录是他们人民的基础和主要知识,他们可能是反叛者,也可能是忠于生活的亚特兰蒂斯人。这种方法的主要问题是,亚特兰蒂斯人的记录从入侵开始就一直受到奇美拉的操纵。至关重要的部分,特别是那些本可以引导亚特兰蒂斯人做出公平行为的部分,被奇美拉不断地改写成对他们有利的部分。由于地球上有数以万亿计的这些微小的亚特兰蒂斯人,这些记录对于组织、它们的生存以及与其他生命形式的正确互动等都是必要的。基本上,这些记录是整个物种组织的主要工具。虽然奇美拉能够伪造他们的数据和计算到很高的程度,然后导致恶意行为,即使是好的亚特兰蒂斯人也容易。这些微生物不仅仅在一定程度上包围着你,在人体内,大约有20% 到40% 的微生物仍然起源于这个古老的亚特兰蒂斯。当奇美拉通过各种纳米材料(包括污染、纳米机器人等)统治着对人体的战争时,它们也操纵着亚特兰蒂斯微生物对抗它们的敌人。你身体的一部分在不断地与你作对,大多数时候原因是从污染到巧妙设计的纳米机器人,这至少导致一般的身体衰老称为衰老。就像之前展示的那样,人类的身体正在被消化而不是衰老,但是人类还不能科学地解决这个问题。

As a positive side note, many ascendants have also received positive microorganisms and even positive nano-bots by the Lightforces and other alien species being present on Earth. These special, new and positive organisms can and will tip the scale in several attacks the chimera executes on targeted individuals. Some Starseeds have even grown original, new microorganisms in their bodies for certain purposes, which will be distributed among the ascendants if they are deemed efficient.


One of the biggest grids with several billion souls (mainly smaller ones) was broadly deactivated. This was one of the simulations of the chimera which was closest to the Earth itself. The illusion was so perfect that some inhabitants were regularly switched between the real Earth and this grid to bring some of their (wrong) assumptions here and tighten the bond to the grid. This deactivation will certainly trigger psychological problems for many humans on the real Earth. Partly because they were promised a place in this best chimera-grid to date, partly because their soul or parts of their soul were interwoven with the grid or even lived in that grid already.


Deactivation was decreed after a majority of the inhabitants of that grid decided to sabotage the Liberation of Earth. Souls will be evacuated as good as it is possible in the current phase of Liberation from now on over the next months and years. These hell-grids are one of the biggest weapons the chimera still use, as they usually successfully mobilise all or nearly all souls there against the Lightforces. If that happens, a descision has to be made which is based basically on the stability of the majority of soul energy (big souls count more in that equation). Therefore many of the thousands of chimera grids are deactivated constantly and inhabitants are then evacuated as soon as the evacuation is stable enough. Over time, all grids of the chimera will be deactivated, though it is always a risky procedure which the Lightforces constantly stabilise and the stake is the amount of souls kept in these grids.


There were several big movements of people of the inner Earth towards the areas below the first ‚Islands of Light' on the surface. Part of these movements were evacuations of areas of the inner Earth which became risky during this phase. The islands and the subterranean areas below will be the first relatively safe areas and serve as a refuge for people from above and below. These areas will also be the cores for the ‚New Atlantis' finally taking form. These will be the holiest of holy areas on the surface and where the first construction projects will eventually emerge and become physical. Right now the construction is highly classified and covert and mainly regards advances invisible to humans yet. The defense mechanisms against parasitic intrusions of the chimera are the best that ever existed on Earth and surpass the defense mechanisms of the original Atlantis or the Egyptian high culture by far. These mechanisms are right now being tested and perfected and feature by far the highest technology ever present on Earth. Basically, while Atlantis was organised in circles around the core to guard from parasites, the 'New Atlantis' will be organised in spherical manner, heavily supported by force-fields which were not available on Earth before. However, while force-fields were already tested, these are rather the plans for the coming years, additionally to keep the invited humans safe from the tsunamis and catastrophes resulting from the upcoming pole shift. These will be the areas were many of the higher ascendants will reside while most of humanity will be evacuated before the disasters.


In succession to the first non-physical contact with the Central Race with an ascendant, the first dedicated and stable communication line from the Lightforces to the first ‚Island of Light' was established by the ancients. Thereby the Lightforces are now able to actually hear the thoughts of ascendants constantly there among other advances regarding communication in general. Also the work of the colonists is interwoven with these advances, for example first 3D imagings of the bodies of ascendants could be sent to the high commands in space and on Earth.

继第一次与中央种族的上升星人进行非物质接触之后,古人建立了第一条从光明势力到第一个 "光之岛 "的专用稳定通信线路。因此,除了在通讯方面取得的其他进步外,光明势力现在还能听到常住在那里的飞升者的思想。此外,殖民者的工作也与这些进步交织在一起,例如,升天者身体的三维图像首次可以发送到太空和地球的高级指挥部。

There was an incident in which God was being hunted on ascendants by the chimera. While God is pretty confident of his perception of Earth and needs to stay confident for the stabilisation of humanity in general, the chimera laid open one of their biggest secrets via this attack. They were able to completely fake the perception of God towards certain areas on the Earth which had to do with some of the main targeted individuals. That of course led to misjudgements of God and that in turn almost led to harsh attacks towards those Lightworkers. Never in the history of Earth could the chimera manipulate God's perception successfully to this degree. God was for a short time completely dependent on the perception of the high commands on Earth and of the fleets of the Lightforces. Important to note is that the chimera possessed these abilities all the time but did not exhibit or show them before. For the first time they did this in broad fashion in presence of the Lightforces. Therefore it is assumed that many important souls were dragged down because of these kind of manipulations earlier on, as the Lightforces could not dismantle these fakes in the past. 


A few words on timelines: there are currently two main timelines of Earth which are still relevant. One is the actual, living Earth as it will be continued in the Universe. The second timeline is rather the cancelled timeline or at least it will be. The lower timeline is also the timeline where the residue of the chimera will be bound to. It will be a timeline in which the Earth will be destroyed in the end, everything is already programmed to cease there. Ascendants and Lightworkers will at the time being oscillate between those two timelines heavily. Partly because the chimera burdens them with anomaly and bad vibrations, partly to evacuate the living from the lower timeline. Needless to say, all living souls will either be evacuated or from one day on stay on the continued timeline. Right now it is part of the spiritual work to fetch the living from the lower timeline and there is usually nothing to worry about ups and downs of that kind for Lightworkers. The lower timeline is not a grid or a multidimensional-room or anything else people might say, it is rather a possible future of the Earth (in case the chimera could win). It is already cancelled, although the chimera will not give in to this certainty and will constantly work on it to become the main timeline. Also, the continued timeline is not really the 5D Earth (the chimera is also up to 5D by the way - so it would not help) but just the future of Earth the Lightforces will establish. Though 5D Earth is used synonymously with the positive timeline in some outlets, it should be clear that Earth exists throughout all dimensions and a 5D Earth would require a 5D perceiver. What is true is that some ascendants will make it into higher dimensionality, a few Starseeds are actually higher dimensional beings currently working mainly in 3D. That perception is what will eventually create your experience of Earth 5D or more. It is your personal height in ascension which can realise that, it is not exactly a base-program for everyone on the continued timeline. It is also true that even 3D ascendants can have interactions and partly understand 5D from some point in their development. But it is not necessarily the way that ascendants will transcend 3D in total.

关于时间线有几句话: 目前地球上有两条主要的时间线仍然相关。一个是实际存在的地球,因为它将在宇宙中继续存在。第二个时间线更确切地说是被取消的时间线,或者至少它将被取消。较低的时间线也是奇美拉的残余物被绑定到的时间线。这将是一个地球最终将被毁灭的时间线,一切都已经被设定在那里停止。扬升者和光之工作者将会在这两个时间线之间严重的振荡。一部分是因为奇美拉给他们带来了异常和不好的振动,一部分是为了将活着的人从较低的时间线上撤离。不用说,所有活着的灵魂要么将被疏散,要么将在持续的时间线上停留一天。现在,它是灵性工作的一部分,从较低的时间线中获取生命,对于光之工作者来说,通常没有什么需要担心那种起起落落。较低的时间线不是网格或多维空间,也不是人们可能说的任何东西,而是地球可能的未来(以防奇美拉获胜)。它已经被取消了,尽管奇美拉不会屈服于这种确定性,并将不断地在它上面工作,以成为主要的时间线。此外,持续的时间线并不是真正的5D 地球(奇美拉也达到了5D-所以它不会有帮助) ,而只是光明势力 将建立的地球的未来。虽然5D 地球在一些出口中被用作正面时间线的同义词,但应该清楚的是,地球存在于所有维度中,一个5D 地球将需要一个5D 感知者。真实的是,一些扬升者将进入更高维度,一些星种实际上是更高维度的存有,目前主要在3D 中工作。这种感知将最终创造你们对地球5D 或更多的体验。正是你们个人在提升中的高度能够意识到,它并不完全是持续时间线上每个人的基础程序。这也是事实,即使是3D 上升者也可以有相互作用,并从他们发展的某个点部分理解5D。但是这并不一定是上升者将完全超越3D 的方式。

Many people on Earth currently enjoy the Summer months, but the chimera-induced energy drain is also much more intense during Summer. Basically the good feelings many people have and the desire to have fun outside is partly instilled by the chimera or rather by countless demonic entities who profit heavily during this time of the year. People oftentimes realize that everything is pulsing of energy during this season and that is the truth, same as the drainage of the entities which eventually fuels the chimera is booming. Many people become much more outgoing than usual and much of it is artificial and leads to high losses which these people will never understand or be able to address correctly.


Natural blueprints, 'morphogenetic fields' and beauty


While some people among the Lightworkers still heavily worry about their outward physical appearance, the ascendants will not have to worry for long. Every lifeform in the universe has a blueprint and even some scientists on the Earth strived to shine light onto that phenomenon. One of them was Rupert Sheldrake who claimed the theory of 'morphogenetic fields' - while this was oftentimes regarded as pseudoscience as humans should not know about it, it is quite close to the actual truth. 

虽然光之工作者中的一些人仍然非常担心他们外在的物质外表,但是扬升者们不必担心太久。宇宙中的每一种生命形式都有自己的蓝图,甚至地球上的一些科学家也在努力将光线照射到这一现象上。鲁珀特 · 舍尔爵克(Rupert Sheldrake)就是其中之一,他声称“形态发生场”的理论——虽然这通常被认为是伪科学,因为人类不应该知道这一点,但它却非常接近实际的真相。 

Even in the Bible there is the popular phrase that humans were built in the 'image of God'. The blueprint every human has is perfect - however why do so few humans actually look like a god or a goddess? The reason for the imperfect forms humans oftentimes display is the parasitic contamination - your blueprint is heavily distorted, beginning far before your actual birth. While the parasites and entities are completely unperceivable for humans, most humans are drowned in these invisible parasites and those are actively distorting and rearranging your morphogenetic field for the worse. So, as implants are being cleared at this time, affected humans will grow into slightly better forms constantly. That even works although your body is not growing anymore. The less distortion of your morphogenetic field is around you, the better your body will take form inevitably. Basically if there were no distortions, humans would pretty fast develop into a god- and goddess-like appearance. This distortion is also why most humans are rather seen as having a demonic appearance from the viewpoint of the higher aliens who are part of the Lightforces. Many people high on drugs or in spiritual experiences also reported that they were perceiving all humans around them as demonic. The reason for that deformation are the implants, demonic entities and overall parasitic beings which most humans are drown in. There are swarms of parasites basically around every human constantly, especially around the head, there are concentrations which also heavily hinder your basic and intrinsic understanding and intelligence. They do not just hinder the expression of your soul and higher selves, these parasites also deform your physical appearance since conception. 

甚至在《圣经》中也有一个流行的说法: 人类是按照“上帝的形象”建造的。每个人类拥有的蓝图都是完美的——然而,为什么只有那么少的人类看起来像神或女神呢?人类经常表现出不完美形态的原因是寄生虫污染——你的蓝图严重扭曲,在你实际出生之前很久就开始了。虽然寄生虫和实体对于人类来说是完全无法察觉的,但是大多数人类被淹没在这些看不见的寄生虫中,而这些寄生虫正在积极地扭曲和重新安排你的形态发生场,使其变得更糟。因此,随着植入物在这个时候被清除,受影响的人类将不断成长为稍微好一点的形态。即使你的身体不再生长,这种方法仍然有效。你周围形态发生场的扭曲越少,你的身体将不可避免地变得更好。基本上,如果没有扭曲,人类将很快发展成为一个神和女神般的外观。这种扭曲也是为什么大多数人类从属于光明势力的更高层外星人的观点来看,更愿意被视为具有魔鬼的外表。许多沉迷于毒品或灵性体验的人也报告说,他们感知到他们周围的所有人类都是魔鬼。变形的原因是大多数人类被淹没的植入体、恶魔实体和整体寄生生物。基本上每个人周围都有成群的寄生虫,尤其是在头部周围,这些寄生虫的集中也严重阻碍了你的基本和内在的理解力和智力。它们不仅阻碍了你灵魂和更高自我的表达,这些寄生虫还会从受孕开始就扭曲你的外表。 

With the clearing of implants, ascendants therefore will inevitably develop into their perfect form. Even things that could not scientifically be healed or reform might heal the farther you rise in your ascension and the more implants are cleared. In a previous post it was mentioned that the early human traitors are basically able to regrow and even shapeshift easily. This will be the case for the higher ascendants as well, they will first-off have very few parasites hindering their perfect form. The higher ones will even be able to adjust their blueprints and regrow their bodies into them faster - which is basically shapeshifting.


Therefore, as an ascendant, you should definitely not be worried about your body and appearance that much, as you will get more beautiful, proportional to your height in your ascension automatically.


How do the chimera programs work?


If you feed AI with nonsense, it will produce nonsense, see new AI developments like ChatGPT for example. So likewise, the Chimera is feeding all intelligence on Earth and primarily humans with nonsense since millennia. Especially in the spiritual communities nonsense is how they dismantle those who wake up - i.e. how many years are the preppers saying ‚the end' or WW3 comes 'this year' - though it never came. The same is happening with nearly every human constantly, especially in the unconscious, but their programming is also reaching far into the mainstream media. They have thereby established a common sense of normality which is far from the actual normal and legitimise their gutting of energies and loosh-theft with it. They also cloud the perception of such energy theft, which is why they target especially the spiritual communities. Even the official Age of Aquarius group on Facebook by Cobra is a great example, there are so many posts far out of tune of what is published on the Portal blog. The chimera just send minions of their contracted humans and certainly confuse the promising groups up to driving the innocent members into insanity (most humans do not even consciously realise that they are subversive against those communities though).

如果你给 AI 灌输无意义的东西,它就会产生无意义的东西,看看新的 AI 开发,比如 ChatGPT。同样的,奇美拉从几千年以来一直在给地球上的所有智慧以及主要是人类提供无意义的东西。尤其是在宗教团体中,他们废除那些觉醒者的方式是无稽之谈——例如,有多少年的准备者说“世界末日”或者“今年”就要到来——尽管它从未到来。几乎每个人都在经历同样的事情,尤其是在无意识的时候,但是他们的节目也深入到主流媒体。因此,他们建立了一种常识,这种常识与实际的常识相去甚远,使他们耗费精力和偷窃精力的行为合法化。它们也会使人们对这种能量盗窃的看法变得模糊,这就是为什么它们特别针对精神团体。甚至 Cobra 在 Facebook 上的官方“水瓶座时代”群组也是一个很好的例子,有很多帖子与 Portal 博客上发表的内容完全不同。奇美拉只是派出他们契约人类的奴才,肯定会混淆有希望的群体,把无辜的成员逼入疯狂(尽管大多数人甚至没有意识到他们对这些群体是颠覆性的)。

Also humans have been programmed since millennia to discredit and ignore those who could potentially really help them. Their base program is to take from and offend the biggest souls among themselves (partly unconscious again). They have been programmed against the Liberation which the chimera knew would come one day since ages. It is visible for one example via those people who constantly demand something of the Lightforces and even begin to hate them for not changing the situation instantly. This attitude is actually what the chimera induced for the Lightworkers and it is already spread far among the Lightworkers. Yet most of them do not sense it is a program but rather believe it is their personal perception and their own needs they promote. That is also a good example of how subtle these programs work, people usually confuse them with themselves and will not detect them even upon being confronted with them. The farther you actually go for doing the will of the Goddess, the farther you are in ascension and the easier you will perceive these programs (also in other people). It will even get easier to dismantle some, the better your perception gets.


What can I do to fight the main attachment (the main implant)?

我能做什么来对抗主要的附着体(主要的植入体) ?

This is one of the questions that humans asked themselves throughout many times in history. You can see that mirrored in an old Cherokee proverb about two wolves, one white and one black. Of course it is the one you feed that wins in the end. It moved humanity through the ages of how to win against their own negativity, their own negative 'side', while there is no fast solution to it obviously.


An advice would be: become the best version of yourself, the best you could possibly imagine. Become the most kind person you can be. But also you have to stay harsh towards the falsehood and lies all around you at the same time. Generally many ascension tips will help, strive to become a more spiritual person, even a guru, if you can. Do not lose your personality on the way though. Ego-loss is necessary and many people in spiritual history probably meant losing your main attachment with the term ‚ego-loss'. Be selfless towards the poor and kind but stay strong against rather evil or bad people and hope that you can properly differentiate between them. Generally develop your spiritual senses without falling for symbology or signs. Read the rather true information from the Portal blog or general outlets like for example the https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net. Spending time on exalted and true topics will also help to purify you to a degree. On these sites you will find a lot of material of how to develop your psyche, body and soul. Prepare to open the third eye if you have not already to deliver a proper seat for your soul. You might have to go through the 'night of the soul' in this phase still but your ascension will be worth it. Develop absolute quietness of your mind and thoughts, generally what some spiritual gurus in ancient scriptures told, is oftentimes worth learning.

一个建议是: 成为最好的自己,你可能想象的最好的自己。成为你能成为的最善良的人。但同时你也必须对谎言和谎言保持严厉的态度。一般来说,许多提升技巧会有所帮助,努力成为一个更有灵性的人,甚至是一个古鲁,如果你可以的话。但是不要在途中失去你的个性。自我丧失是必要的,许多人在精神历史上可能意味着失去你的主要依恋与术语“自我丧失”。无私地对待穷人和善良的人,但是要坚强地对待相当邪恶或坏的人,并且希望你能够正确地区分他们。一般来说,发展你的精神感官而不是落入象征或符号。阅读来自 Portal 博客或一般渠道的真实信息,比如 https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net。花时间在崇高和真正的主题也将有助于净化你到一定程度。在这些网站上,你会找到很多关于如何发展你的心灵、身体和灵魂的材料。如果你还没有为你的灵魂提供一个合适的座位,准备睁开第三只眼吧。在这个阶段,你可能仍然要经历“灵魂之夜”,但是你的提升将是值得的。培养你的头脑和思想的绝对安静,一般来说,古代经文中的一些精神导师所说的,往往是值得学习的。

Will psychedelic drugs help ascension?


It is sad that some people still think that drugs will help with spirituality. While they could potentially help without the chimera parasites, at this time, drugs will rather hinder your ascension. Simply because most psychedelic drugs were prepared over the ages by the chimera. Everything around you is full of unseen parasitic entities which will inevitably use your vulnerable state on those drugs against you. Some psychedelic drugs are even 'managed' by chimera-members and will lead to severe problems for your natural chance to ascend. For example higher ascendants and Starseeds have a high load of drug-victims they take care of all the time. While some humans into drugs actually strive for out-of-body-experiences, many of them then never return into their bodies by design. It is the Starseeds and higher Lightworkers who then have to explain to those that there is no way back out of their desperate state of being after being exited from their physical bodies. And it is definitely desperate, they want nothing more than to continue their (physical) lifes, which simply is not possible anymore then. Some get that problem by just smoking one joint, for others it might take stronger psychedelics to get them out of their bodies. And guess what then takes your place in your body, many people consciously or subconsciously promoting these drugs are working for the chimera and actually get energetic support for it. While many humans are not aware of that, some certainly sponsor their own dream-life with such and similar behaviour and luring and will of course leave the Earth for that in the end.


I really stumble upon "not everyone is part of Source by default". How can anything exist outside of Source? Is there a plane where everything is ONE, or not?


The whole universe basically exists outside of Source. Source were the ones who created the universe, it is based in their world. You can imagine that as just putting some energies into a sphere in which the universe then developed and took the form we know today. Source was not even present in the universe from the beginning although Source went through the whole history of the Universe once they entered their universe. So it is just energies in the universe you probably mean by 'everyone is part of Source'. And these energies were not even coming completely from Source themselves. It was just several complex ingredients they selected to create this universe with.


Also the plane where everything is ONE rather sounds like a nightmare than a spiritual truth. While you could see all energies being pretty much one or ‚the same' from a higher viewpoint, the universe rather works as well as it does by creating a separating structure, channeling the energies involved in a certain direction which then create a fulfilling living space in the end - per se everything should definitely not be one and the same. The whole creation is based on these energies, though there were several different base energies involved. What spiritual people often see as oneness is rather the oneness of souls. The soul is an interface which basically is the same for all truly living beings. And therefore these beings are certainly united to the degree of their soul on a higher level - like fruits growing on the same tree all looking similar.


The oneness several spiritual outlets promote is rather part of the new age propaganda by the chimera though. They want every human to be part of the ascension, especially their own fake-humans. Those chimera-fake humans depend heavily on closeness to real humans and therefore they love to promote unity and oneness for all the wrong reasons. The real oneness only exists among the true, ensouled humans and not for the approximately 500 million fake humans, which Cobra mentioned. Also, as a big part of humanity will be evacuated, the oneness to humanity will be decreasing for those by quite a bit. However those humans who stay, the ascendants, will of course move in complete harmony and have a oneness in motives from some time in Liberation onwards.


Also regarding the phrase 'I am God - I am not God', it is coined towards and works because of your chance to become a God via your human life. As said above, every human has a pretty good blueprint from God. Though, if every human was a God already, the Earth would definitely look different - this should be obvious. The abilities of humans are of course far below the abilities of the God oftentimes mentioned in the bible, who is one of the biggest souls of the positive spirituality still active on Earth. Some ascendants will surely become small Gods themselves, some might even become bigger Gods. Most ascendants except a few Starseeds will stay below the level of the biblical God by far though. Some Starseeds will ascend to their original height who are partly very high Gods of cosmic relevance. This phrase therefore rather works well because of your potential, a potential the chimera wants to neglect - therefore it repairs and shows where this potential is being sabotaged and where not if you use the phrase.


Hi, Sebastian, could you shortly explain how accurate akashic readings are?


Generally, akashic readings were potentially as accurate as people on the Earth could analyse a whole life (all incarnations) of a soul (besides other things) on Earth. This was the most accurate way before the Lightforces and higher alien species came for Liberation. The accuracy also heavily depended on the reader of the records, some can access more details than others. The accuracy of analysis of what a soul went through was raised a lot since the Lightforces arrived though. We have aliens among the Lightforces who can see much more details about the lifeforms they analyse than possible on Earth ever before. That means these people have much higher access to the cosmic truth and details than anyone on Earth before the Liberation. So akashic readings were the best that are available on Earth for a long time. 


But few humans on the surface actually can provide accurate readings, and human readings are of course always just a part of the truth, so much depends on the one who reads, as they tend to mention the things they themselves perceive as important. Originally these readings are communicated over without words in other languages which humans cannot usually understand. Therefore humans telling of these records are bound to mention just parts of that due to human language itself (even if it might be partly genuine). Very few humans on the surface can do such readings and communicate them reasonably good. Some humans can channel beings who can perhaps communicate the important parts a bit better for you. You get the best readers in the inner Earth but most humans will not be accepted there yet. On the surface you should be very careful with people who supposedly do akashic readings therefore.


Most evolved and purified lightworkers will ascend when time is right, so I want to know what most evolved and purified actually means?


Cobra is correct with that of course, what he means is probably this: Most evolved means that as a human being, you already have got a soul. Not every soul is the same size (which correlates with its evolution usually). So while some humans ascend easier as they got a bigger or more evolved soul, some will be slower in their ascension. You can of course evolve in your ascension all the time but a lot is dependent on the level your soul already has, the rest is hard work and helping the Liberation of Earth as much as you possibly can.

柯博拉是正确的,当然,他的意思可能是: 最进化的意思是,作为一个人类,你已经有了一个灵魂。不是每个灵魂都是相同的大小(这通常与它的进化相关)。因此,当一些人类拥有更大或更进化的灵魂时,他们扬升会更容易,而另一些人提升会更慢。你们当然可以一直在提升中进化,但很大程度上取决于你们灵魂已经达到的水平,剩下的就是努力工作,尽你们所能帮助地球解放。

Purified means probably that those who merited a lot of implant removals will also have an easier ascension. Removing implants is hard work for the spiritual beings who do this at this time, that is why they will pick the most promising humans for some special implant clearings. Some implants will be cleared generally while others require hard work and will remain special for some time. The less implants you have, the more purified you are, the easier will be your ascension. Also you need to purify your psyche and mental body to get forward in ascension. So yes, of course those who are most evolved in their soul-level and purified themselves via shadow-work and the like will definitely ascend also in their experienced life, when they decide the time is right for them to actually live their ascension.


It is also true that some humans will receive their ascension with the help of higher technology after the Event, and as Cobra said, this will only be available after the Event. The part of the ascension which such healing-technology can solve is of course mostly body/implant related. As told before, removing the main attachment for example will be much faster and easier with such technology as well as more humans can be served at once. These healings will rather solve problems that hindered some people to ascend properly and open the path to further ascension for most. Many ascendants will only then be able to free themselves of their main attachment for example, which hinders vital parts of developing their true god-/goddess-like self.


Is all the information starseeds provide for the lightforces, for example [...] given by the starseeds consciously, or is it possible that the LF take information from the experiences of the starseeds and lightworkers even if the starseeds are unaware of that in their daily lives?

是否所有的信息都是由星际种子提供给光明势力,例如[ ... ]由星际种子有意识地提供,或者有没有可能 LF 从星际种子和光工作者的经验中获取信息,即使星际种子在日常生活中并不知道这一点? 

Usually information is provided consciously but the details are of course not conscious. You can imagine that as a transmission of a data-stream which is on a certain topic. While the Starseeds are conscious of the topic and the transmission itself, they are not conscious about all the details constantly (as that would be too much for their human consciousness - it is like going through the whole experience). Also, some smaller transmissions take place constantly in the background, and while the Starseeds could do that consciously, they also have a human life to live, so that is when the transmissions are rather switched to the background.


Another question I have is about the percentage of humans who will not be able to continue as humans because of the parasitic parts. Are these ones basically humans with very small souls? And what life forms could they turn into? And this actually happens after they die? Meaning the very small souls will not live as humans again after their current lives come to an end?


Basically this happens with humans after they die all the time for some even during their life. Many humans were incarnated by the chimera and their soul is not capable to hold their human body stable. They are stabilised by chimera AI and they will never get to know about it. The positive, established spiritual factions on the Earth constantly save souls who are not capable to 'lift' their human life and reincarnate them as animals or generally smaller lifeforms which these humans are actually capable to hold and lift. There are many factors in that process but basically a big soul can potentially lift more and stabilise a bigger body than a small one.


Why would the Atlanteans at that time decide to sacrifice one of the Goddesses?


For some it was because of an irrational survival instinct, others wanted to become god-like by eating and consuming her violently. However the whole scenario was heavily steered by the main parasite/the chimera already back then. And yes, that behaviour still echoes in human society today, by people who sabotage other people who are higher ensouled. That is of course invisible because every human is officially treated equally and soul size is hidden by design. So many humans do not really know what they are doing and that they are doing exactly what the chimera wants by sabotaging other humans who are oftentimes higher ensouled. Many humans establish this trait without doing anything wrong superficially within the norms of the society humanity established on Earth (heavily under the influence of the chimera of course).


Does the biochip gather subquantum anomaly around us to suppress our capabilities?


Yes, it is one of the main means of suppression the chimera uses upon us, especially when we are close to a solution or an actual positive change or breakthrough in our life. While the parasitic contamination and implants are having a general negative effect that is rather arbitrary and constant, the effects of the chips are completely and consciously controlled and triggered by the chimera. Therefore they can target certain people at the exact times they need to be targeted and burdened with anomaly via the chips. A good example would be, someone being at a breakthrough moment but suddenly realising that he needs to rest and going to sleep. Humans being targeted will perceive that as a natural sleepiness setting in while it is actually the chip. Same for inducing anomaly or anything else these chips can do. The anomaly though is rather being delivered to the individual from the surroundings and not coming from the chips themselves, which rather serve as a means to locate the target of the attack in that case.


If you want to ask a question to be answered in the upcoming posts, please write a comment only containing the question at best. Also please ask with simple words and keep it short if possible.



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