X22报告|第3024集: 经济体系被摧毁,前进的道路已经确定

2023年3月21日11:53:23最新动态X22报告|第3024集: 经济体系被摧毁,前进的道路已经确定已关闭评论4732阅读模式


X22报告|第3024集: 经济体系被摧毁,前进的道路已经确定

Ep. 3024a – Biden Just Destroyed The Economic System, Right On Schedule, Restructure Coming


Ep. 3024b – [D]s Trying To Regain Power, The Path Forward Is Being Set, Think Precedent, Do Not Fear

[ D ]s试图重新获得权力,前进的道路已经确定,思考先例,不要害怕



The [CB]/[WEF] are now putting everything in position and as they do this they are making the people of the world angry. The banking system is fragile and the [CB] is now consolidating the banks. Biden just vetoed a bill that will destroy the economy. The Fed will be restructured in the end.

[ CB ]/[ WEF ]现在正把一切都安排妥当,他们这样做的同时,也让全世界的人民感到愤怒。银行体系很脆弱,[ CB ]现在正在整合银行。拜登刚刚否决了一项将破坏经济的法案。美联储最终将进行重组。


The [DS] is panicking, all assets deployed to get Trump, they are now trying to create chaos and a civil war. They want the Trump supporters on the street so they can infiltrate the protest. Trump has been baiting them this entire time, he controlled the narrative and now he is pushing them to arrest him to set a precedent to be used later on, to arrest the former Presidents of the US. Do not fear the patriots are in control, Flags out.



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