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There are two QTSR Telegram post compilations today from Stephen - from 20th and 21st September. A reminder that all 'errors' are insider comms and/or to avoid censorship.今天有两份由 Stephen 编辑的 QTSR 电报——从9月20日和21日开始。提醒你所有的“错误”都是内部通讯和/或为了避免审查。

(QTSR 20th Sept)
(QTSR 9月20日)

Post 1 

FOX NEWS DROPS RED PILLS<福克斯新闻播出红色药丸 <._OVER 2 years ago I told you FOX news and CNN would be forced to DROP CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ( these operations are behind the the scenes military operations .. That WILL continue and grow)两年前,我告诉你 FOX 新闻和 CNN 将被迫放弃机密信息(这些行动是幕后的军事行动。.这将继续和成长)> FOX _DROPS 2 CONSECUTIVE BOMBS ON THE DEEP STATE AGENDA and CIAFOX _ DROPS 2连环爆炸案_First FOX reports Whistleblower alleges CIA offered officials money to change view of COVID origins《第一福克斯》报道,告密者声称中央情报局向官员们提供资金,以改变人们对冠状病毒疾病来源的看法A CIA whistleblower TOLD CONGRESS that the agency offered officials on a team investigating COVID-19 origins "significant monetary incentive" to change their positions, from that it originated out of a leak from the Wuhan lab to "unable to determine" the origins, Fox News Digital has learned.福克斯新闻数字公司获悉,一名中情局告密者告诉国会,中情局为调查2019冠状病毒疾病来源的团队官员提供了“重大的金钱激励”,以改变他们的立场,从武汉实验室的泄密“无法确定”来源。☝️ This important information hit the liberal community like BOMB and forced them to look deeper into creation of the virus and into FAUCI and CIA COVID connections and creation.  这个重要的信息打击了像炸弹组织这样的自由主义团体,迫使他们更深入地调查病毒的创造,以及 FAUCI 和中央情报局的冠状病毒疾病联系和创造。 🔥__Second FOX Reported the News in Missouri on the  (CIA) U.S. military spraying the black communities with cancer causing agents from airplanes ( chem trail) and intensionally installing exhaust systems on top of buildings that sprays Radioactive isotopes and materials into black communities and poor communities.第二福克斯报道了密苏里州的新闻(美国中央情报局)美军向黑人社区喷洒致癌剂(化学痕迹) ,并在建筑物顶部密集安装排气系统,向黑人社区和贫困社区喷洒放射性同位素和材料。_NOW> BEHIND THE SCENES>]; CONGRESS IS DIGGING THROUGH ALL STATE RECORDS AND ARCHIVES GETTING ALL THE EVIDENCE THAT THE CIA. [ DS] MILITARY WAS CONDUCTING CANCER CAUSING CHEM TRAIL OPERATIONS IN ALL CITIES SINCE THE LATE 50s into the current date //// and CIA PROJECTS LACED EVERY CITY WITH EXHAUST SYSTEMS ON BUILDINGS THAT SPRAYS AND RELEASES RADIOACTIVE ISOTOPES AND CANCER CAUSING CHEMICALS AND AEROSOLS AMONG THE PUBLIC IN ALL MAJOR CITIES 国会正在调查所有的州政府记录和档案。从50年代末到现在,军方在所有城市进行致癌化学试验,中央情报局的项目在所有主要城市的公众中喷洒和释放放射性同位素和致癌化学物质和气溶胶的建筑物的排气系统遍布每个城市 ⚠️_This very important information that is coming out had been released in the 90s but few listened and then again in 2014 and the story was birthed buried immediately... But NOW the story head returned and several journalists and Congress are now looking at all the U.S. States archives and finding more dearly information on the depopulation agenda connected to CIA who was created by the Rockefellers and I.s.ELITES in contrast with the UN Henry Kissinger......这个非常重要的信息是在90年代发布的,但很少有人听,然后在2014年再次发布,这个故事被立即掩埋了... ... 但是现在,故事的头回来了,几个记者和国会现在正在查看所有的美国国家档案,找到更多有关中央情报局人口减少议程的资料,这个议程是由洛克菲勒家族和我们精英创建的,而不是联合国亨利 · 基辛格... ..。__A story is unfolding before you as the white HATS and Military Alliance paint a picture of the creation of CIA and their Deep State operations...... And who controls the CIA AND WHERE THEIR TRUE ORIGIN ORIGINATES FROM.//// .... As the CIA EXPOSURE is happening the next level is exposing the ROCKEFELLERS that control the operation with other ELITE FAMILIES and how they control the vaccines networks and medical industry through the world..... And how [ they] created FAUCI .. CREATED THE CIA , WHO CREATED THE GEORGE W H. BUSH AND GEORGE W BUSH who created The Project for bioweapons and gave power to FAUCI back in the 2000s to create gain of function and bio weapons under一个故事正在你面前展开,因为白帽子和军事联盟描绘了一幅中央情报局的创建和他们的深层国家行动... ..。谁控制着中情局,他们的真正起源在哪里。//// ....随着中央情报局曝光事件的发生,下一步就是揭露洛克菲勒家族和其他精英家族控制行动,以及他们如何控制全球疫苗网络和医疗行业... ..。以及他们是如何创建 FAUCI 的。.创造了中央情报局,创造了乔治 · W · 布什和乔治 · W · 布什,他们创造了生化武器项目,并在2000年代授权福科伊创造功能和生化武器The Patriot act. >And> Project for the New American Century that was handed to OBAMA who helped fund Wuhan and FAUCI.爱国者法案奥巴马获得了新美国世纪的项目,他帮助资助了武汉和 FAUCI。Behind the scenes>] ; Military Alliance is making sure CNN & FOX NEWS continue DROPPING RED PILL BOMBS for the liberals and sleeping sheep and the military is making sure CLASSIFIED INFORMATION HITS THE CIVILIAN SECTORS .军事联盟正在确保 CNN 和福克斯新闻继续向自由主义者和睡羊投放红色药丸炸弹,军方正在确保机密信息进入民用领域。CLASSIFIED INFO / LEAKS WILL KEEP HITTING THE INTERNET AND MSM SELECTED OUTLETS AND SELECTED CIVILIANS TO INSURE ]DECLAS [ DROPS CONTINUE AND THE INFORMATION WILL HIT ALL COUNTRIES机密信息/泄露将持续冲击互联网和 MSM 选定的渠道和选定的公民,以确保]德克拉斯[下降继续和信息将冲击所有国家IN THEIR LANGUAGES .___The COMING PLANDEMIC II AND IT'S FAILURE即将到来的大流行 II 和它的失败AND WORLD UP RISING AGAINST THE GLOBALIST ELITES IS VITAL TO MILITARY OPERATIONS THAT ARE STAGING A WORLD RESISTANCE REVOLUT TO THE DEEP STATE CABAL AGENDA OPS.全世界起来反抗全球主义精英对于军事行动至关重要这些军事行动正在向深层国家阴谋集团的计划发动世界反抗运动。___Even Rupert Murdoch( CIA asset )the owner of Fox news could not censor the 2 MASSIVE REPORTS & DROPS that came from FOX NEWS .即使是福克斯新闻的所有者鲁珀特 · 默多克(中情局资产)也无法审查来自福克斯新闻的2个大规模报道。BEHIND THE SCENES>]; THE MILITARY ALLIANCE KNEW TUCKER CARLSON WOULD GET MORE VIEWS THROUGH TWITTER THAN TO BE ON FOX NEWS /// SO THE STAGE WAS SET AND TUCKER WAS RELEASED FROM FOX ONTO TWITTER X INTENSIONALLY.[幕后]军事联盟知道塔克尔 · 卡尔森通过 TWITTER 获得的观众比通过福克斯新闻获得的观众更多///所以这个舞台已经搭好了,塔克尔从福克斯被释放到了 TWITTER X 上。Post 2  

( Rupert Murdoch was forced by military to release Tucker< now the the and Military Alliance is forcing Rupert Murdoch FOX to Red PILL the liberal masses with the latest fox drops)/__NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE没有什么是巧合Military is the only way 军队是唯一的出路 




(QTSR 21st September)

(QTSR 9月21日)

Post 1

The DEEP STATE G20 power in COLLAPSE深层国家 G20权力崩溃This means UN is COLLAPSING AND NATO IS COLLAPSING as the same deep state elites and cabal power control these operations<这意味着联合国正在崩溃,北约正在崩溃,就像深层国家精英和阴谋集团控制这些行动一样_The Rothschild ROCKEFELLERS CIA etc.ect.et. regimen UN> G20 Operations in panic as over 70% of African nations decline to attend the summit and the most notable surprise not in attendance was President of CHINA and CCP executives.罗斯柴尔德 · 洛克菲勒,中情局等等。联合国 > G20行动陷入恐慌超过70% 的非洲国家拒绝出席峰会,最令人惊讶的是没有出席的是中国国家主席和中共高层。PANIC has hit NATO/UN/CIA/MI6/G20 that their money laundering operations through the G20 countries is coming to an END<  as AFRICA HIDES IT'S RESOURCES and becomes allies with Russia China and coming BRIC'S invitation for African countries to join.恐慌袭击了北约/联合国/中央情报局/军情六处/二十国集团(NATO/UN/CIA/MI6/G20) ,他们在二十国集团(G20)的洗钱行动即将结束。As PANIC HITS CIA/ ROCKEFELLERS /NATO UN /REGIMEN a powerful vaccine EXPOSURE begins as CONGRESS dives into EXPOSURE of FAUCI.cia vaccines connections and start private behind the scenes investigations随着恐慌袭击中情局/洛克菲勒斯/北约联合国/保护团体,一个强大的疫苗接触开始了,国会深入暴露 FAUCI.CIA 疫苗的连接,并开始私下幕后调查...... and publicly TRUMP COMES OUT AGAINST THE VACCINES AND LOCKDOWNS公开宣布特朗普反对疫苗和封锁___The Military General's are well aware 2024 elections will not happen and EXPOSURE of the PLANDEMIC is COMING for 2024 and the death VACCINES and Trump is will testify and give all information in Military TRIBUNALS CONNECTED TO THE FIRST BATCHES OF FAKE VACCINES/ SALINE/ PLACEBOS/ that was released through his WARP SPEED军方将领非常清楚2024年的选举不会发生,2024年的大流行病暴露即将到来,死亡疫苗和特朗普将在军事法庭作证并提供所有与第一批假疫苗/生理盐水/安慰剂有关的信息,这些信息是通过他的曲速传输发布的( one day after Trump released the vaccinesThe DEEP STATE PFIZER RELEASED THEIR DEATH VACCINES COINCIDENTALLY<)

深层国家偶然公布了他们的死亡疫苗<)THE COMING MILITARY TRIBUNALS WILL CONNECT CIA.JFK ASSASSINATION /DARPA./WORLD DRUG TRADE/ HUMAN TRAFFICKING/ WORLD MONEY LAUNDERING TO UKRAINE. ISRAEL. EU. // the CREATION OF EPSTEIN AND THE WEEKS BLACKMAIL EXTORTION RING CONNECTED TO PEDOPHILIA AND CHILD TRAFFICKING ADRENOCHROME OPERATIONS CONNECTED WEEKS ELITES , GOVERNMENTS, HOLLYWOOD, INFLUENCERS, STARS ETC. AND HOW CIA  DARPA CREATED FACEBOOK. GOOGLE. YOUTUBE AND CONTROLLED WORLD WIDE MEDIA MOCKINGBIRD OPERATIONS AND HOW ALL THIS DEEP STATE AGENDA CONNECTS TO THE CREATION OF THE VIRUS. THE VACCINES THE WORLD DIGITAL CURRENCY CONTROL BY THE WEF DAVOS CIA ARM AND HOW UN.NATO IS DEEP STATE OPERATIONS CONTROLLED BY ROCKEFELLERS. ROTHSCHILDS OF EUROPE AND OTHER ELITE FAMILIES........世界毒品贸易/人口贩卖/乌克兰洗钱。以色列。欧盟。//创立了爱泼斯坦以及与恋童癖和贩卖儿童有关的周勒索集团,与周精英、政府、好莱坞、影响者、明星等有关。还有 CIA DARPA 是如何创建 FACEBOOK 的。谷歌。YouTube 和受控的全球媒体嘲笑鸟行动以及所有这些深层次的国家议程如何与病毒的创造相关联。达沃斯世界经济论坛中央情报局控制世界数字货币的部门以及北约是如何由洛克菲勒控制的深层次国家行动。罗斯柴尔德家族和其他精英家族。THE CURRENT COLLAPSE OF THE CIA.中情局的崩溃。G20 power is happening and in the United States Trump's white hat Congress and military operations are exposing FAUCI. THE CIA.20国集团的权力正在发生,在美国特朗普的白帽子国会和军事行动正在揭露 FAUCI。中情局。the coming exposure of jfk assassination by CIA... The COMING EPSTEIN EXPOSURE that EXPOSE'S world BANKS. Corporation and ELITES....即将曝光的中央情报局刺杀肯尼迪的事件... 即将曝光的爱普斯坦世界银行,公司和精英... 。__A PICTURE OF BEING PAINTED FOR YOU PATRIOTS and the the left is being RED PILLED WORLD WIDE as more EXPOSURE keeps DROPping in all countries.一幅为你们这些爱国者描绘的画面,左边是全世界范围内被涂成红色的药丸,因为所有国家的曝光率都在不断下降。WWGIWGAPost 2

Be very careful Patriots as the deep state is planning FALSE FLAG 911 attack like measures in THE UNITED STATESEspecially if your in California be WARNED////




Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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