X22报道|第3031集: 爱国者的提议和经济解决方案,深层国家失去了他们的制度

2023年3月29日13:50:19最新动态X22报道|第3031集: 爱国者的提议和经济解决方案,深层国家失去了他们的制度已关闭评论321字数 1500阅读5分0秒阅读模式


X22报道|第3031集: 爱国者的提议和经济解决方案,深层国家失去了他们的制度

Ep. 3031a – It Has Begun, Patriots Propose An Economic Solution, Moves & Countermoves


Ep. 3031b – [DS] Losing Their System, Pushing Chaos, No War, No Civil Unrest, Clean & Swift

[ DS ]失去他们的系统,推动混乱,没有战争,没有内乱,干净和迅速

X22报告: 3月28日,美国东部时间下午5:32


The companies that pushed the woke agenda are losing business, the people are not buying or using their products. Katie Hobbs the fake Gov is sitting on a bill that would remove the taxes from groceries, she has done nothing so far. The patriots are now giving economic solutions, the [CB] will reject.



The [DS] is panicking, they have lost control of their system, everything they setup from the beginning is now gone. The [DS] is still following the 16 year plan and the latest mass shooting backfired on them. Now they are shifting gears, they want control over all information and they are making the trans community angry by saying it’s MAGAs fault.  The [DS] will push chaos and try to push civil war, this will fail. Then they will push war by using nuclear weapons. The peacemaker will step in and the world will shift.

[DS]正在恐慌,他们已经失去了对系统的控制,他们从一开始设置的一切现在都消失了。[DS]仍在遵循16年的计划,而最近的大规模枪击事/件让他们适得其反。现在他们正在换挡,他们想控制所有信息,他们说这是MAGAs的错,让变性人感到愤怒。 [DS]将推动混乱,试图推动内战,这将失败。然后他们会通过使用核武器来推动战争。和平使者将介入,世界将发生转变。


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