X22报告|第3168集: 特朗普发出经济信息,见证旧卫士的毁灭

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X22报告|第3168集: 特朗普发出经济信息,见证旧卫士的毁灭

Ep. 3168a – Trump Sends An Economic Message, Timing Is Everything


Ep. 3168b – [DS] Just Played Their Hand, You Are Witnessing The Destruction Of The Old Guard

[ DS ]刚刚打了他们的牌,你正在见证旧卫士的毁灭

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Streamed on: Sep 20, 8:45 pm EDT

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Inflation is picking up around the world and will not stop. The [WEF] is now pushing the climate agenda because the patriots pushed them down the path they wanted them.


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Streamed on: Sep 20, 8:55 pm EDT

X22 ReportStreaming on: Sep 20,8:55 pm EDT X22报告流向: 美国东部时间9月20日下午8:55


The [DS] just played their hand in regard to the election. They are pushing Covid and the illegals to vote. They are doing this on a scale that we have never seen before. The problem is that in the end they will not have enough votes so they will need to take another tactic and most likely try to postpone the election with a cyber attack. This is what the patriots want, the military is the only way forward, you are witnessing the destruction of the old guard.



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