“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

2021年3月20日11:45:36“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21已关闭评论 1.5K35271字阅读117分34秒

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“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Enclose a riveting Gene Decode and Michael K.Jaco video chat recorded on St.Patrick's Day,3-17-21.

附上一个引人入胜的 Gene Decode Michael kJaco 视频聊天记录在圣帕特里克节,3-17-21

Once again,Juan O Savin and Gene Decode are echoing each other practically verbatim.These two U.S.Navy men are reading the situation we're in at the moment almost exactly the same.

再一次 Juan o Savin Gene Decode 几乎一字不差地互相呼应。这两个美国海军看到的情况几乎一模一样。

Juan O Savin is privy to deeper INTEL as he is inside the"walls of power"as Charlie Ward likes to say.Now that we know Juan O Savin ISN'T JFK,I'm convinced he's one of the Q's.He's prodigiously brilliant and dialed in with precise Q language,but more shall be revealed.

胡安··萨文在查理·沃德所说的"权力之墙"内部深入了解更多情报。现在我们知道胡安·奥萨文不在肯尼迪机场,我确信他是 q 帮的一员。他才华横溢,精通 q 语言,但还有更多的东西需要揭示。

Gene Decode on the other hand,is a U.S.Navy veteran decoder and can look at ANYTHING,look at masses of information that would bewilder and discourage any normal person and find the path through it,glean the truth from it.It's thrilling to listen to these two,especially when their words are practically exactly the same.


Juan O Savin has said ever since I started listening to him that"This is MUCH MUCH MUCH BIGGER than you can imagine…this is for the whole planet."

自从我开始听 Juan o Savin "这比你想象的要大得多...这是为了整个地球。"

Gene Decode,in this transcript said,"This is a war for Creation…Humanity…Milky Way…Solar System…this is THE war…if we don't prevail here,we're done."


But do not despair because in this transcription Gene also says the cabal are done for.

但是不要绝望,因为在这个转录中 Gene 也说阴谋集团已经完蛋了。

In this Part One transcription,Gene Decode shows where many of the D.U.M.B.s are being taken out and how Antarctica is the final showdown and that we're nearly there.

在第一部分的转录中,吉恩德科特显示了许多 D.U.M.B.s 被取消的地方以及南极洲如何成为最后的决战,我们就快到了。

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

On a personal note:I'm so grateful to so many for your incredibly kind appreciation for my blog transcriptions.Truly grateful that each took the time to reach out.It means the world to me and warms my heart no end.


Thank you so much Sunny
and islandwave8 for your IDC blogs of thumbs up.As always,I'm honored to be counted with Sierra(NZ)who does such incredible decoding work.Bless both your hearts.

非常感谢 Sunny islandwave8为你们的 IDC 博客竖起大拇指。像往常一样,我很荣幸能和 Sierra(新西兰)一起完成如此不可思议的解码工作。祝福你们两个。



Thank you Lisa,for your wonderful Email and sharing your happy vision.I hope you don't mind but I'm going to share some of your Email with all because it will be so uplifting:

谢谢 Lisa,谢谢你精彩的电子邮件和分享你快乐的愿景。我希望你不要介意,但是我要和大家分享一些你的电子邮件,因为这将是如此振奋人心:

Lisa,IDC Reader:"Anyway,two days ago I went through a fear moment because my best friend in Florida was texting me photos of the crazy chemtrails over her-they were getting doused!So that night I prayed and asked if we were still winning:Oh my goodness!!!!!!The most beautiful divine light shone down and I got the communication that yes,all is about to be wonderful&we are all loved!I just lay there in absolute heart-opening happiness for about two hours(it was timeless then).I definitely changed too.I feel so connected to everyone-all animosity to anyone I've felt in the past is gone.

丽莎,IDC 读者:"无论如何,两天前我经历了一个恐惧的时刻,因为我在佛罗里达州最好的朋友发短信给我她身上疯狂的化学药剂的照片-它们被淋湿了!所以那天晚上我祈祷,问我们是不是还能赢:哦,我的天啊!最美丽的神圣之光照耀下来,我得到了这样的信息:是的,一切都将变得美好,我们都被爱着!我只是躺在那里,绝对敞开心扉的快乐持续了大约两个小时(那是永恒的)。我也确实改变了。我觉得自己和每个人都很亲近——过去我对任何人的仇恨都消失了。

I'm so excited to our future!Big hugs and love to you from me,my two kids,husband,and whole lot of animals!"


Hooray!Thank you so much,Lisa,for that beautiful Vision of Victory.I agree with you and God,"All manner of things shall be well."


I was especially chuffed to receive thumbs up from a Patriot"editor"who appreciated my clean copy,no spelling errors and accurate timestamps.Thank you so much.


A final thank you to Debra,who reached out on anonup to let me know that the transcripts are particularly helpful for the hearing impaired and elderly.That brought tears to my eyes.It's a privilege and an honor.


Thanks to the GENIUS 6D+Q-Plan and the entire White Hat Alliance,I know with my whole heart that Humanity is exiting this demon prison matrix forever and leaving it and them to#SpaceDust.

感谢天才6D+q 计划和整个白帽联盟,我全心全意地知道,人类将永远离开这个恶魔监狱矩阵,把它和他们留给#太空尘埃。

With blessings of Peace,Health,Happiness and Abundance for all—We are Goddess,Sovereign,Free and ascending along with Gaia,her Kingdoms,Galaxy and Solar System to 5D+Light from whence we came,or better,dear Lord.And so it is.


This is Kat,over and out.




This was a beautiful Gif from Charlie Ward's Telegram page.


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


Gene Decode breaks down the DUMB situation and isolation of Antarctica before the final assault.3-17-21 with Michael K.Jaco


Gene Decode Blessed2Teach:https://blessed2teach.com/b2t-show/

吉恩德科特 Blessed2Teach:https://Blessed2Teach.com/b2t-show/


Michael Jaco,bio:"Combat Veteran Navy SEAL with 24 years of experience with several SEAL Teams including SEAL Team-6.Master Training specialist designing many courses including the SEAL Team's first Hand to Hand Fighting Course.CIA security officer with 11 years in Combat Zones including Iraq,Afghanistan,Yemen,Pakistan and Libya."

Michael Jaco,个人简介:"海豹突击队退伍老兵,拥有24年在包括海豹突击队6队在内的多支海豹突击队服役的经验。训练专家设计了许多课程,包括海豹突击队的第一手格斗课程。在伊拉克、阿富汗、也门、巴基斯坦和利比亚等战区服役11年的 CIA 安全官员。"

Partially transcribed by Kat

部分转录自 Kat

0:44 Michael Jaco:There seems to be a delay in taking down this deep state,I don't know what that's all about.


0:52 Gene Decode:Yeah,so,you know,on that…based on the video clip that was played from Gene Unleashed on Backstage…about the seriousness of this war…that was an introductory to a decode I did on some non-terrestrial situations[not of this Earth]that are involved here…


1:13 This war is not like WW 1 or 2


This is a war for Creation


This is a war for all of Humanity everywhere


This is a war for the Milky Way


Our Solar System


This is a war for it ALL


This is THE WAR


The beginning of the war between Dark and Light


If we do not prevail here


We're done…


1:33 There's nowhere where you're gonna run and hide and stick your head in a hole in the ground…you can't…


1:38 Their plans,Plan B that they're on now…is to go in their D.U.M.B.s,take 500 million Chinese…they have realized through the History of Humanity they're the only group that won't rebel against slavery…every other group does…

1:38他们的计划,b 计划,他们现在正在进行的计划,是进入他们的D.U.M.B.s,,带走5亿中国人,他们通过人类历史意识到他们是唯一不会反抗奴隶制度的群体,其他所有的群体都会这么做。

1:52 They will take them,go underground in their D.U.M.B.s…they still have enough left although most of the DUMBs in the U.S.are cleaned out…the Alliance has cleaned them out all over the place…

1:52他们会把他们带走,藏在他们的 d.u.m.b.s.里。.他们还有足够的钱,虽然美国大部分的DUMBs都被清空了,联盟已经把他们清空了。

2:02 The situation's such they still have enough they could ERADICATE ALL LIFE ON EARTH…and proceed outward through the galaxy once they're done…and then on through Creation…


2:12 So this is as serious as it gets…I understand that and everybody needs to understand that…we stand together back to back with our weapons pointed at the cabal and not each other…go and take it to the cabal and not each other…that's what they want…


2:34 It's serious…you're not gonna run and hide or whatever…if you're going to join the other team?You're not of them…even if you think you are,you're not…even if you're non-Terrestrial and you think you're up there,you're not…you're a tool and the upper above you is gonna take YOU out when they're done…


2:48 Just like Native American trackers that track down other tribes and they took them out when they didn't need them…same for those who thought they were"elite"they got taken out too…that's the way the cabal works all the way up the chain to the top…


3:05 You're just food when they're done with you…they don't need you,then you're done…


3:10 I do know there's a Flag Officer situation where they're debating when and where and how…I would suggest that debate needs to come to a realization that in a war between Dark and Light that we're involved in…that has a 5D Chess game where you have moves and countermoves…

3:10我知道有一个国旗官员的情况,他们正在讨论何时何地以及如何...我建议讨论需要认识到,在我们卷入的黑暗与光明之间的战争中...有一个5D 国际象棋游戏,你有步骤和对策..

3:35 And at the point we're at now…there's a thousand variables,and a thousand different scenarios,and a thousand different playouts from every scenario that a super genius,stable genius like Trump could hold 500 of em of those thousand in his mind…or some trained combat veteran like Michael[Jaco]could hold 500 in battle in his mind…a Quantum Computer could hold 750…

3:35到目前为止,有上千种可变因素,上千种不同的情况,每种情况下都有上千种不同的结果,像 Trump 这样的超级天才,稳重的天才,可以在脑海中记住上千种中的500种,或者像 Michael[Jaco]这样训练有素的老兵,可以在战斗中记住500种,量子计算机可以记住750..

4:03 But only God can hold all thousand variables…so at some point,you've got to make a decision,you've got to come to a decision and realize that you proceed,you do your prayers,and you put it in God's hands and you proceed…


4:17 And we'll have the Red Sea moment…and we'll go out into the Red Sea and we'll see Pharaoh's troops coming after us and we get out and it'll close over'em…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


Kat Note:Juan O Savin 3-11-21

Kat Note:Juan o Savin 3-11-21

"A handwriting on the wall moment is coming


it's not far off…


There's a lot in play,


and there's a lot of dangers


In the financial markets,


dangers in the Human captivity area…


You're looking at Casino Royale


With not just AMERICA




in the balance…


Look,there's a thousand things that could still go wrong


If you know 25 of em,you're a genius.


But in the end,a hand of God moment could be the difference and distract the enemy at the exact moment as needed to get you to a complete,total,perfect Victory…


America's only hope is God in Heaven


Even with the best laid plans


even with the best guys


if you're not dialing in


the God component to the Victory here


it's no Victory at all."




4:30 Gene Decode:You cannot wait till 2024 and I would suggest you cannot wait till 2022…it's gotta happen…if you do the cabal moves beyond masks…to vaxination mandate…and they start doing things to Second Amendment Rights and all of that gone…


[Second Amendment:A well-regulated Militia,being necessary to the security of a free State,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,shall not be infringed.]


4:50 Gene Decode:The American people that voted for Trump,a good 50%of them are armed and ready and will,if the Military's not gonna do anything?If they don't see it at a certain point they're gonna say,"OK,fine,if you're not,we will."


5:07 They cannot be allowed to wait too long,I'm just saying…I don't have the privy of the details but I've been told that there are certain situations or disagreements over exactly how and when and where and precisely what to do…


5:27 At a certain point in a Martial Arts conflict,you know I've been in fights and hand to hand combat and all that stuff…and I've watched my enemy come in and learn his moves over and over…he comes in and I inflict some injury…I do some damage each time he comes in and I watch all of his techniques and I learn…but at a certain point you gotta go he's gonna keep coming and coming and coming,getting weaker and weaker and weaker,yes…


5:52 But at a certain point you gotta take it to him and take him out,that's it…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


5:56 Gene Decode:And we're pretty much near that point right now…so there's gonna come a point where if you go past that he's gonna go get buddies and come back with some buddies…so we can't allow that…


6:09 A choice has got to be made


and then all you can do is Pray


leave the rest in God's hands,


those other 250 variables,


and Godspeed…



Kat Note:Juan O Savin 3-11-21

Kat Note:Juan o Savin 3-11-21





Don't give up


Don't get butt hurt that it didn't happen your way


Understand that the people that are making these decisions have so many more things and angles in play and at stake.They have decisions that have to be made with so much more than you can possibly imagine on the line,moving parts…


And even then


they know


that God himself is the ultimate arbiter."



6:15 Gene Decode:So you have my prayers…all those who are devout and KNOW there's only one God of all creation and his son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior…and all those who have made oaths to defend this country against enemies Foreign and Domestic…


6:31 We understand that casualties will happen…life,limb,and property,etc….we accept it..So,it has to happen...at some point is has to happen so I'm saying,Godspeed,and make a choice…and let's move…


6:50 Michael Jaco:Both of us having Military backgrounds have patience,and know things change…I was in Panama before the invasion…because I was there,SEAL Team Six and Delta and all of us…we started to see things that were being manipulated…I've had other guests on that have talked about these manipulations even within our own communities…


7:38 Ee're trying to get 1 Star and 2 Stars and 3 Stars all on board with what needs to go down and sometimes they're not all on board…and there's other agencies that are involved,CIA,you can go on and on,all these different INTEL agencies…that are pulling strings and manipulating…


8:00 But once we finally decide,WE ARE GOING TO DO IT…and I'm talking about the Special Forces guys on the ground…then it happened.


8:11 I was also involved with hunting down Noriega,and it was the same situation…we were ready to go on a dime,we were waiting for that call to go…and there were certain situations,political and so forth,that were restricting that until the last moment…sometimes that's the way it is…

8:11我也参与了追捕 Noriega 的行动,情况也是一样...我们准备随时出发,我们在等待那个电话...有些特定的情况,政治等等,直到最后一刻都在限制着我们...有时就是这样..


Kat Note:More echoes from Truthers.


Charlie Ward 3-17-21"Everything is ready to go.The Quantum Computer is running.Just waiting for the Quantum Financial System to be switched on….and that will be in God's time."


Juan O Savin 3-11-21"When you're in a Casino Royale type of a game you don't cash out at any point UNTIL THERE IS A WINNER OF EVERYTHING THAT WAS PUT INTO PLAY…and that's the game that's being played right now by the people that are at the table…and the last cards in this game of Casino Royale have not yet been played…it's not over yet…WHAT THE EXACT TIMING IS OF THE LAST FLIP OF THE CARDS ON THE TABLE,I can't tell you and neither can anybody else…because it's up to God himself…"

Juan o Savin 3-11-21"当你在皇家赌场这种类型的游戏中,你在任何时候都不会兑现,直到有一个赢家出现......这就是现在在赌桌上的人们正在玩的游戏......而这个皇家赌场游戏中的最后一张牌还没有出......还没有结束......最后一次翻牌的确切时间是什么时候......我不能告诉你,其他人也不能......因为这取决于上帝自己......"


8:29 Michael K Jaco:How do you see things going forward?Are we going to be strung along,strung along like it seems like we've been for a while or are the American people,Veterans like myself and so forth,gonna go"Enough is enough…we're gonna take care of this if you guys won't."


8:45 Gene Decode:THAT will eventually happen.That's why I'm telling the Military,the Flag Officers,whatever,2,3,4 whatever stars…you need to decide at some point,at what point it is…and then,make a move…and leave the rest in God's hands…


9:05 When it comes down to it—it's God's plan…THE Plan…understand THE Plan the Binders…the many many ringed Binders started all the way back with Tesla,Van de Graff,and the Trump brothers,and Howard Hughes in 1903…the 3 inch Binder at that time—it's grown…



Kat Note:Gene is not putting all those men in the same room in the same year.He's saying the Plan to eliminate the cabal started in 1903 with Tesla and The Plan then was a single Binder and that the idea developed over time through the men he mentioned.


Nikola Tesla
was born in 1856 in Smiljan,Croatia.Van de Graaff
was born in 1901 in Tuscaloosa,Alabama.Howard Hughes
was born in 1905 in Humble,Texas.

尼古拉·特斯拉1856年出生于克罗地亚的 Smiljan。范德格拉夫1901年出生于阿拉巴马州塔斯卡卢萨县。霍华德·休斯1905年出生于德克萨斯州的亨布尔。

President Trump's Uncle,John Trump was born in 1907 in New York City.His parents,President Trump's grandparents,were Frederick Trump and Elizabeth Christ Trump.John was an American electrical engineer,inventor and physicist and a professor at MIT from 1936 to 1973.


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

John Trump and Julian Assange…strong family resemblance 约翰·特朗普和朱利安·阿桑奇...有很强的家族相似性

John Trump worked with physicist Robert J.Van de Graaff in the 1930's developing high-voltage electrostatic generators.


"In early 1943,two days after the death of Nikola Tesla,the Federal Bureau of Investigation ordered the Office of Alien Property Custodian to seize Tesla's belongings.[John]Trump was called in to analyze the Tesla items,which were being held in custody."Wikipedia


Gene Decode
is a Physicist as well.

Gene Decode 也是个物理学家。

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


9:20 Gene Decode:At some point now you can't compensate for absolutely every possible variance…at some point you've gotta put it in God's hands…this is God's Plan not your Plan so…


9:34 A decision,and tell the ground troops that are waiting,like Michael said,that are on the dime,they're ready to move,give me the word,they understand what's gotta be done and it will be done…


9:40 The cabal












9:50 I mean weather manipulation by spraying nylon,Teflon and other ingredients in the air off the coast line?That's what they're reduced to…No HAARP,no High Energy weapons…you've got the majority of stuff at a certain point you've gotta go in there and take the enemy down…

9:50我的意思是在海岸线外的空中喷洒尼龙,特氟龙和其他成分来操纵天气?这就是他们被减少到...没有 HAARP,没有高能武器...你有大部分的东西,在某个特定的点,你必须进入那里,把敌人打倒..

10:08 I'm thinking we're nearing that point…and I would ask…be in prayer…understand there will be casualties…that's the way it works…we understand…you can't take thousands of years of cabal out without casualties…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

10:25 Gene Decode:You try to minimize the casualties to an absolute minimum and I totally agree…but also,and I understand because for me Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior…I know what happens when I lose my mortal coil…I know where I go,I know what happens…those of us in the Military that took the oath,same thing…


10:48 Those that are on the ground,civilians,know that same thing…the pain has to be there so it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN…there has to be lives lost otherwise you end up with a vacuum…


11:01 A power vacuum if there's not any loss,and not any tribulation,and not any pain at all,there will always be people who are willing to do what it requires…the ends justifies the means type…who will fill that vacuum again…


11:13 The Human Race has got to be taken to the point…it's unfortunate it got to this point cuz the Human Race let it get to this point…but it has to be some pain and suffering because otherwise there's not going to be NEVER AGAIN WILL WE LET THIS HAPPEN…IT WAS SO HORRIFIC WHAT WE WENT THROUGH…WE'RE NEVER GOING TO LET THOSE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS PEOPLE GET IN POWER IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING AGAIN…


11:38 We're gonna test and be careful and keep our hand in the baking of every cake from now on…and we're not gonna sit there and turn a blind eye and go about our daily affairs and nothing affects me…I don't have to be responsible…the Government takes care of me,my doctor takes care of me,the car mechanic,I don't need to know about a car…I don't need to know about my health,I don't need to know about my body…it's not my responsibility…


12:02 Yes it is your responsibility…you need to know a basic level of knowledge and we need to not let this happen again…keep ourselves informed and learn and teach our children Principles and basic knowledge on everything you need to live on a daily basis from now on...that being said,let's go do what needs to be done…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Image:Navy SEAL pups

12:28:Michael K Jaco:Yeah most definitely.You've talked in detail for many months about the D.U.M.B.s and I've found your work absolutely fascinating…you've probably revealed more about the D.U.M.B.s than anyone else…all the D.U.M.B.s all over the world…I feel,like you,that the DUMB situation is pretty much under control here in the U.S….What do you see going forward?And is that part of the reason we're in a holding pattern right now?

12:28:迈克尔·k·杰克(Michael k Jaco):是的,非常肯定。你几个月来一直在详细地谈论 D.U.M.B.s.我觉得你的工作非常有趣...你可能比其他任何人都更了解 D.U.M.B.s.世界上所有的 D.U.M.B.s.我觉得,像你一样,美国的 d.u.m.b.情况已经基本控制住了...你对未来有什么看法?这也是我们现在停滞不前的原因之一吗?

13:00 Gene Decode:Yeah,they're finishing up the D.C.situation….Seen more than one video at early hours of little people,shorter people,not full grown yet,coming out…


13:10 We see the relaxation but a permanent contingent being stated that will be around the Capital…


13:18 And the barbed wire,some of it coming down…but again the handles are NOT on the INSIDE so it looks to me like it will be a permanent Gitmo kind of thing…

13:18还有带刺的铁丝网,有些掉了下来......但是把手又不在里面,所以在我看来,这将是一个永久的 Gitmo 的东西..

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Image:Supreme Court Building,D.C. 图片:华盛顿特区最高法院大楼。

13:33 We see the code of the POW/MIA flag flying for quite a long time over the Capital meaning they're Prisoners of War…


[MIA means"missing in action"aka the POW/MIA flag"prisoner of war"flag is Black.]

MIA 的意思是"在行动中失踪",也就是战俘/MIA 的旗帜"战俘"的旗帜是黑色的

13:42 And the Presidency is missing in action,it's down in Florida…the real Presidency of the Republic…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

13:48 We know the comms…they can't go mainstream and announce it yet…otherwise you're gonna have rats in every other capital on every other country on Earth moving all of their assets and their toys,for them,the children etc.to other locations and then filling those with cement…


14:10 We don't want the rats to run…We want to take the rats and their toys and save the toys and heal the toys and all the other stuff they have there…and then clean up the mess permanent…get this job done…


14:25 When you REVEAL it…that has to be time,I understand that as well…this is in EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH…EVERY CAPITAL ON EARTH…YOU HAVE THE EXACT SAME SITUATION…


14:42 Just like Simon Parkes said and I totally agree,and as Juan O Savin has said…it's filthy what gone on and it's everywhere in every country…

14:42正如 Simon Parkes 所说,我完全同意,正如 Juan o Savin 所说的...发生在每个国家的事情都是肮脏的..

14:55 Some brilliant people are taking a lot of my data and information and looking at the Earthquakes…I had a man in Greece,several of em,that sent me a map and got it perfectly right using the 10 km earthquakes…with no P waves only the Secondary waves no deep waves that you should see[Means Special Forces are blowing up the D.U.M.B.s]

14:55一些聪明的人正在收集我的大量数据和信息,研究地震......我在希腊有个人,他们中的几个人,给我发了一张地图,用10公里的地震完全正确......没有 p 波,只有次级波,没有你应该看到的深波[意味着特种部队正在炸毁 D.U.M.B.s]

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


15:08 Gene Decode:And got the Vatican D.U.M.B.map perfect.So hat's off to them.

15:08吉恩德科特:梵蒂冈 d.u.m.b 地图完美无缺,向他们致敬。

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Image:1500 mile Vatican D.U.M.B.is blue line from Rome to Jerusalem 图片:1500英里梵蒂冈D.U.M.B是从罗马到耶路撒冷的蓝线

15:26 Gene Decode:They are continuing to take out D.U.M.B.s…there was a situation where the cabal changed the rules…they used to go into the D.U.M.B.and get people to surrender and they would take them out…

15:26吉恩德科特:他们继续清除 d.u.m.b.s.有一次阴谋集团改变了规则,他们进入 d.u.m.b.让人们投降,然后把他们干掉。

15:33 One situation,I can't go into the precise details,due to OPSEC…

15:33有一个情况,我不能透露具体细节,因为 OPSEC..

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


OPSEC"is a process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by enemy intelligence,determines if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them,and then executes selected measures that eliminate or reduce adversary exploitation of friendly critical information."Wikipedia


The OPSEC process involves five steps:(1)identification of critical information,(2)analysis of threats,(3)analysis of vulnerabilities,(4)assessment of risk,and(5)application of appropriate countermeasures.

OPSEC 过程包括五个步骤:(1)识别关键信息,(2)分析威胁,(3)分析漏洞,(4)评估风险,以及(5)应用适当的对策。


15:40 Gene Decode:But 200 Special Forces died…because they went in to take out a group that surrendered…and they triggered a trap that was set…the people surrendering had incendiaries on their bodies…l got letters coming in from parents asking for prayers for their remaining children that are grieving for Special Forces members that were killed in that situation…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

16:21 So now the rules of engagement have changed…they took out[the D.U.M.B.in]Iceland…there was a period of over 2 weeks where there wasn't 5 minutes when it wasn't shaking…and they couldn't even hardly get to sleep…


16:44 Then…once they took that out,it was in retribution for the cabal not upholding and being reasonable…so now they go to a D.U.M.B….you come 100 miles out of a D.U.M.B.or miles down the mag level and surrender and we'll send robotic situations in and see if your laced(?)and if you are,we'll take that out too…

16:44然后...一旦他们把那个拿出来,就是为了报复阴谋集团没有坚持和讲道理...所以现在他们去了一个 d.u.m.b....你从 d.u.b.出来100英里,或者从磁铁层下来几英里,然后投降,我们会发送机器人情况进去,看看你们是不是有问题(?)如果是的话,我们会把那个也取出来。

17:10 And then the D.U.M.B.you don't get to surrender…whatever's in there is in there…we rescue the innocents in there and take the rest out and send robotics in in the first place to make sure you haven't laced the innocents…unfortunately it has to go that way…


17:29 Now they've taken that one in Iceland out…and they're flooding it with lava now…use the forces of nature like they did with the Potomac in D.C…use lava or the ocean like this one in Greece…part of the Jerusalem D.U.M.B.the ocean level dropped 12 inches…and they're like,"Where did the water go?"...now they have salt water Springs in the middle of Greece…

17:29现在他们已经把冰岛的那个拿出来了,他们正在用熔岩淹没它,就像他们在华盛顿的波多马克河一样,使用大自然的力量。.使用熔岩或者像希腊这样的海洋......耶路撒冷 d.u.b.的一部分海平面下降了12英寸......他们会问,"水去哪儿了?"现在他们在希腊中部有了盐水泉。

18:00 So verification of what's going on…so continuing on…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Image:Iceland"Earthquakes"when they were taking out the D.U.M.B 图片来源:冰岛"地震",当他们摧毁 D.U.M.B 时

19:40 Gene Decode:If this was natural,why would we see BOOMS every 10 km?...


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

20:20 Gene Decode:Look at this one[in Greece]they're taking this out because it was to come up and go into the Middle East and throughout Italy and Europe with bringing Gold in and children in,etc….


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

21:30 Gene Decode:Turkey,Iran,Egypt,Congo,Gabon,Tanzania…I'm just saying from my point of view this is not natural…you'll see a lack of P waves too…

21:30吉恩德科特:土耳其,伊朗,埃及,刚果,加蓬,坦桑尼亚...我只是说,从我的观点来看,这是不自然的...你会看到 p 波也缺乏..

22:30:Michael Jaco:That's fabulous.Excellent work.D.U.M.B.s are being taken out,what do you see going on down in Antarctica?

22:30:Michael Jaco:太棒了。干得漂亮。D.U.M.B.s.被取消了,你觉得南极洲发生了什么?

22:40 Gene Decode:Yeah,actually,even down there,what you do before you take out an enemy if you don't want them to get out…is you take all of their pathways out first before you take out the base…So in Nam you would take out all the tunnels coming in…so they can't run so you don't have to fight em over again…or they go through a tunnel and come up behind you…


23:00 So what you gotta do is you gotta take out everything going down and surround the area…so let's look at Antarctica…


23:15:Michael Jaco:Oh yeah…that's the final one…


23:20 Gene Decode:Yeah…here we go,Antarctica…South Shetland Islands…there's a D.U.M.B.there…

23:20吉恩德科特:是的...我们到了,南极洲...南设得兰群岛...那里有个 d.u.m.b

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

23:33 Gene Decode:And you have maglevs that run on the Continental shelf boundaries…and the tectonic plate boundaries…that's how they build em…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Image:Red line that runs through"Atlantic"is the down D.U.M.B. 图片:贯穿"大西洋"的红线是下 d.u.m.b。

23:52 Gene Decode:10km,10km,10km…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

24:26:Gene Decode:And here ya go,here's a station that runs up to Australia…



Kat Note:Charlie Freak
said the reason Tom Hanx was arrested in Australia was because many cabal demons were trying to escape Earth through the Antarctica base(where they have stealth ships)and they could get to the base through the AU D.U.M.B.that hadn't been taken out last March.

Kat Note:查理弗瑞克说汤姆·汉克斯在澳大利亚被捕的原因是因为许多阴谋集团的恶魔试图通过南极洲基地(那里有隐形飞船)逃离地球,他们可以通过去年三月没有被摧毁的 AU d.u.m.b 到达基地。

But Hanx and his wife were arrested in AU,and he was executed before he could get to Antarctica.Among the disgusting crimes attributed to this fiend is the fact that he was the main supplier of adrenochrome to Hollywood.

但是 Hanx 和他的妻子在非洲联盟被捕,他在到达南极洲之前就被处决了。这个恶魔所犯下的令人作呕的罪行之一就是他是好莱坞肾上腺素的主要供应商。

Below is an excerpt from my Colleen and Charlie Freak transcript from 7-29-20


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Image:Tom Hanx Vegemite with a hanged man drawn on the right piece of toast 图片来源:Tom Hanx Vegemite,右边的烤面包片上画着一个被吊死的人

1:20:13 Charlie Freak:Most people didn't get the symbolism of the glass of water…tilted up on the side of the plate but the water is level…people are saying see it's a mistake…no,this is Australia and he's been taken into custody by the US Marines…and the Marines are the ones that have been going ship-to-shore all around the world…Marines have been doing all of the International arrests…so he was on a U.S.Naval Ship…I guarantee it…for me,I take all of that that he was going to be executed that day…that was his last message…


1:21:18 Mark Devlin:It's supposed to be a hanged man,right,the image?

1:21:18 Mark Devlin:这应该是一个被吊死的人,对吧,图像?

1:21:18 Charlie:That's right…I took another image and then highlighted…BTW folks…you can see it with the toast…(Right piece of toast with hanging image)…to hang a person you have to have a column…(discussion of the image in the toast)…he took a bite out of the noose…a lot of people have not got in that little post is what I put up at the top there…that little saying that is his farewell words to this world…(a disgusting good-bye…talking about little boys,little kids)…and I make no apologies…


That's Tom Hanx being a devil to the absolute end…so if you're wondering why Hanx was taken out?It'sbecause they could not guarantee the safety of children with that man aliveso how sick and evil is Tom Hanx?


Just tellin'ya folks and it's all going to come out,it's all going to come out what he was really doing and what he was really behind…Tom Hanx was behind a massive,massive organization…

只要告诉你们,一切都会曝光,一切都会曝光他到底在做什么,他背后到底有什么...Tom Hanx 是一个庞大的组织的幕后黑手..

1:23:37 Colleen:How does that psychologically affect you?It affects me because I liked Tom Hanx as an actor and I used to think he was,you know,a fairly decent person.And just knowing that I even liked someone like that,and the thought of the things that he's done…it just makes me feel…like you said[Mark Devlin]you want to take a shower you feel so dirty…that's how I feel…




“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

Image:All these D.U.M.B.s being taken out in Australia and New Zealand 图片:在澳大利亚和新西兰,所有这些 D.U.M.B.s

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

24:41 Gene Decode:That's a maglev tunnel site where all of the lines come together to go into Christchurch which is a deeper D.U.M.B….you have the submarine system normal here because it's past the volcanic system…(pointing on map)…

24:41吉恩德科特:这是一个磁悬浮隧道网站,所有的线路汇集在一起,进入基督城,这是一个更深的 d.u.m.b....这里的潜艇系统是正常的,因为它经过了火山系统...(指向地图)..

25:34 If you go to Antarctica you're seeing them take out the maglevs and stuff around Antarctica…[Pointing to the map]So they're isolating it…surrounding your enemy and cutting off their means of escape or their ways of coming up behind you…


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

[Kat Note:Charlie Ward reported that they rescued 1 million+children in Australia.You can see all the explosions on the above image where the Special Forces were taking out the D.U.M.B.s.There were 2 Tunnel systems in Australia.One on top of another.Up until they went into the D.U.M.B.s in Washington D.C.,Australia D.U.M.B.s were considered the most disgusting,vile and horrific.]

Kat Note:查理·沃德报告说,他们在澳大利亚救出了一百多万名儿童。你可以在上面的图片中看到所有的爆炸,特种部队正在摧毁 d.u.m.b.s。澳大利亚有两个隧道系统。一个在另一个之上。直到他们进入位于华盛顿特区的 D.U.M.B.s,澳大利亚 D.U.M.B.s 一直被认为是最恶心、最卑鄙、最恐怖的。]

26:00 Michael Jaco:Wow.It's indisputable now…you've been talking about it for a long time and show that…there you go guys…as a remote viewer I can feel things coming and I can look at things coming…but you're deciphering it on an excellent level where you have the evidence for it…that's what I love about your work…

26:00 Michael Jaco:哇。这是无可争议的,你们已经讨论了很长时间了,你们看,作为一个远程观察者,我可以感觉到事情的发生,我可以看到事情的发生,但是你们破译得非常好,你们有证据支持,这就是我喜欢你们的工作的原因。

26:29 I think that as we go forward we'll start to see some of these guys start to be revealed as being involved in this…Bye-din obviously…I believe he's been gone for a long time…the CGI effects are really being revealed now…

26:29我认为,随着我们继续前进,我们将开始看到这些家伙中的一些人开始被揭露参与了这个......再见了,显然......我相信他已经离开了很长时间......CGI 效果现在真的被揭露了.....

27:15 Gene Decode:Holograms…and then the actor is really good too because there was an interview on the Mainstream Media and he couldn't figure out how to get out of the room…(laughter)…it reminded me of[Peter Sellers'Inspector]Clouseau walking into the closet…(laughter)


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


End Part One Kat Transcription

结束第一部分 Kat 转录

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21

“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21


“吉恩•德科特和迈克尔•雅各布:太阳系的战争在上帝的手中,第一部分”|Kat – 3.19.21






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