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As always there is too much going on to report everything noteworthy, so I want to focus on a few items. Firstly for quite some time now I have been reading and hearing first hand stories about adverse effects of the darned Covid-19 vaccines. It varies from mild temporary ailments such as skin rashes and pain to much more serious conditions such as developing irregular menstruation, myocarditis, cancer, partial paralysis, miscarriages by and birth defects in babies born from vaccinated mothers up to and including death. The entire Covid-19 vaccination campaign is a crime against humanity and the main culprits are the heads of the pharmacidical companies and their counterparts in our governments who have propagated the vaccines. My take on it is that if people don't want to see and don't want to listen to folks such as myself who have warned against these vaccines and who said there is a dark agenda behind it all, then they have to experience the consequences of their choices.


The rising cost of living is driving more and more people into financial trouble. Many people's energy bills have doubled, tripled or quadrupled. Food prices and costs of other groceries are up. Building materials have become much more expensive. People who don't have a significant financial buffer and who need a big part of their income to cover their regular expenses get to feel the squeeze. And most of it is caused by decisions of our governments to impose sanctions on Russia, OPEC that doesn't want to increase their oil production and disruptions in the logistical routes and supply chains of the world. There is a strong call now on governments to do more to help their citizens out financially, but they can only do so by lending more money from the banks and selling more government bonds. It all fits exactly in the Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum. So where are the light forces when you need them? From what I understand NESARA and GESARA are being prepared in the background and some countries take other interesting initiatives. But I feel the energetic modulations that are going on will be the more crucial factor in the end; it changes ordinary matter into light matter and ordinary people into people of the light.

生活费用的上涨正使越来越多的人陷入经济困境。许多人的能源账单已经翻了两倍,三倍甚至四倍。食品价格和其他杂货的价格都在上涨。建筑材料变得更加昂贵。人们没有足够的经济缓冲,需要收入的很大一部分来支付日常开支,就会感到压力。大部分原因是我们政府决定对俄罗斯实施制裁,欧佩克不想增加石油产量,破坏了世界的物流路线和供应链。现在,人们强烈呼吁各国政府采取更多措施帮助本国公民摆脱财政困境,但它们只能通过从银行贷出更多资金并出售更多政府债券来做到这一点。这一切都完全符合世界经济论坛的“大重置”议程。那么,当你需要光明的力量时,它们在哪里呢?据我了解,NESARA 和 GESARA 正在后台准备,一些国家采取了其他有趣的举措。但是我觉得能量调制正在进行将是最终更关键的因素; 它将普通物质变成光物质,将普通人变成光的人。

I had a bit mixed feelings with the recent updates from FM144 and Cobra. FM144 shared predictions of a military escalation between Russia and Poland and shit such as new lockdowns starting to happen in September. Of course the Cabal would like to impose new lockdowns coming autumn and winter season, but that doesn't mean they will succeed. I think even the brainwashed sleepers are not so gullible anymore in accepting new restrictions. And sure Russian white hats would like to do a cleanup in Poland like they have been doing in Ukraine, but at what cost does that come? Then FM144 writes about retrieving stolen soul parts, but there are some serious risks involved here. At least part of those dark ones who have stolen soul parts from light beings are powerful black magicians who now have the active abilities that you and I have mostly lost, so confronting them directly is not at all advisable. I have had a few extremely serious warnings concerning that in my lifetime.

对于 FM144和 Cobra 最近的更新,我的感觉有点复杂。Fm144分享了俄罗斯和波兰之间军事升级的预测,以及9月份开始的新的封锁。阴谋集团当然希望在秋冬季节实施新的封锁,但这并不意味着他们会成功。我认为即使是被洗脑的潜伏者也不再那么容易轻信接受新的限制了。当然,俄罗斯的白帽子们也想在波兰做清理工作,就像他们在乌克兰做的那样,但是代价是什么呢?然后 fm144写了关于找回被偷走的灵魂部分的文章,但是这里涉及到一些严重的风险。至少那些从光明存有那里偷走灵魂部分的黑暗者中的一部分是强大的黑魔法师,他们现在拥有你我大部分已经失去的主动能力,所以直接面对他们是一点也不明智的。在我的有生之年,我曾经收到过一些非常严重的警告。

Then Cobra in his latest update writes that the surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed. Unfortunately that is what I observe also. In the years before the arrival of Covid there were international initiatives taking shape, connections being made, networks beings formed and spiritual festivals being organized. Now many Sisterhood of the Rose groups have disintegrated, relationships ended, and even Cobra himself has not organized any new conferences or workshops. Building relationships with your own soul family members has also proven nearly impossible in this Matrix reality, there is simply too much obstruction by the dark forces. Cobra also mentioned the existence of a dark entity called the Lurker that was hitherto unknown and that resides in the subquantum anomaly. It is apparently a remnant of the previous cosmic cycle (meaning the universe that existed before the current one). It also turns out that the Cabal has all along been receiving security intel from the light forces to protect the Cabal's main people from random attacks from the surface population; that was part of the non-interference treaty that has guaranteed the survival of humanity and minimum level of sanity and security of light beings trapped inside the Earth quarantine, but in a way it feels like betrayal (sorry to say).

然后 Cobra 在他最新的更新中写道,表面光网格几乎已经崩溃。不幸的是,这也是我观察到的。在冠状病毒疾病到来之前的几年里,国际倡议正在形成,联系正在形成,网络正在形成,宗教节日正在组织。现在,许多玫瑰组织的姐妹会已经瓦解,关系结束,甚至 Cobra 自己也没有组织任何新的会议或研讨会。与你自己的灵魂家族成员建立关系也被证明是几乎不可能的在这个矩阵现实中,只是有太多的黑暗力量的阻碍。Cobra 还提到了一个叫做 Lurker 的黑暗实体的存在,这个实体到目前为止还不为人知,它存在于亚量子异常中。它显然是上一个宇宙周期的遗迹(意味着在现在的宇宙之前存在的宇宙)。另外,秘社一直在接受来自光武装的安全情报,以保护秘社的主要成员免受地表人口的随机攻击; 这是不干涉条约的一部分,该条约保证了人类的生存以及被困在地球隔离区的光武装人员的最低限度的理智和安全,但在某种程度上,这感觉像是背叛(遗憾地说)。


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