X22报道|第2951集: 人民不买经济叙事的帐,国家病了 

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[ DS ]感受到了痛苦。伊隆不断地公布真相,而假新闻却对此视而不见。埃隆和特朗普现在已经抓住了假新闻。沉睡者需要醒来。

X22报道|第2951集: 人民不买经济叙事的帐,国家病了 

Ep. 2951a – The People Are Not Buying The Biden Economic Narrative, Agenda Failing


Ep. 2951b – Fake News Trapped, Will The Sleeper Awaken, The Country Is Sick, We The People Are The Cure




The people are not buying the GND, the people do not want to spend money each month on climate change. It is now costing more to charge your car in Norway compared to gas. The people say the economy is getting worse.

人们不买 GND,人们不想每个月花钱在气候变化上。现在在挪威,给汽车充电的成本比汽油还要高。人们说经济正在恶化。


The [DS] is feeling the pain. Elon is continually putting out the truth and the fake news is ignoring it. Elon and Trump have now trapped the fake news. The sleeper needs to wake up. Trump lets us now that dark times are headed our way, but with darkness there will be light. The country is sick and it needs to be cured. We the people are the cure. The [DS] is now pushing to indict Trump, they are panicking, they have tried everything but it has not worked, now they are heading down the path Trump wants them to head down. 

[ DS ]感受到了痛苦。伊隆不断地公布真相,而假新闻却对此视而不见。埃隆和特朗普现在已经抓住了假新闻。沉睡者需要醒来。特朗普让我们看到黑暗时代正向我们走来,但是有了黑暗,就会有光明。这个国家病了,需要治疗。我们人民就是解药。民主党现在正在推动起诉特朗普,他们感到恐慌,他们已经尝试了一切,但都没有奏效,现在他们正沿着特朗普希望他们走的路走下去。 


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