X22报道|第2926集: 中央银行正在采取行动,如果双方都腐败会发生什么?

2022年11月16日10:28:39最新动态X22报道|第2926集: 中央银行正在采取行动,如果双方都腐败会发生什么?已关闭评论4931字数 1299阅读4分19秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2926集: 中央银行正在采取行动,如果双方都腐败会发生什么?

Ep. 2926a – The [CB] Is Now Making The Move, Plan Confirmed, Watch Alternative Currencies

[CB] 正在采取行动,计划得到确认,关注替代货币

Ep. 2926b – What Happens If Both Parties Are Corrupt? Put An End To The Endless, Let’s Finish This




The fuel prices are going to start move up rapidly. The [CB]/[WEF] are now pushing their agenda very hard, the people are watching. With the fall of FTX the [CB] is using it to say Bitcoin is volatile. The Fed and banks are now pushing the CBDC.

燃料价格将开始迅速上涨。[ CB ]/[ WEF ]现在正在非常努力地推进他们的议程,人们正在关注。随着 FTX 的下跌,[ CB ]正在用它来说明比特币是不稳定的。美联储和银行现在正在推动 CBDC。


The [DS] stole the election, the Rep helped with the process. The people are angry, the see the election fraud, and more and more people are waking up. The people in Brazil are going through the same thing and they are protesting in large numbers. The people of Arizona want an election redo. Trump is preparing to make an announcement that will go down in the history books, let’s see what happens. 



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