X22报道|第2639集: 美联储准备让经济下滑,特朗普挑战媒体关于选举舞弊的报道

2021年11月30日16:37:01最新动态X22报道|第2639集: 美联储准备让经济下滑,特朗普挑战媒体关于选举舞弊的报道已关闭评论374字数 1597阅读5分19秒阅读模式

[DS] 正在挣扎,他们正在失去每一个叙述,随着时间的推移,情况只会变得更糟。@ 杰克决定退出,或者他被解雇了,现在新的首席执行官已经准备好进入下一个阶段,大科技公司即将被曝光。

X22报道|第2639集: 美联储准备让经济下滑,特朗普挑战媒体关于选举舞弊的报道

Ep. 2639a – Message Is Clear, The [CB] Is Ready To Bring The Economy Down, This Will Backfire

Ep. 2639a-消息明确,[ CB ]准备拖累经济,这将适得其反

Ep. 2639b – Trump Challenges The Media On Election Fraud, Big Tech, Fake News Are Being Exposed

Ep. 2639b-特朗普挑战媒体曝光选举舞弊、大科技、假新闻



Trump is continually pointing out how the economy is failing under the Biden administration, the puppet masters are pushing their agenda and it’s all going to backfire on them. Hunter paved the way for China to push the green new deal. The [CB] is now ready to bring down the system.

特朗普不断指出拜登政府时期的经济是如何衰退的,傀儡统治者正在推动他们的议程,这一切都将适得其反。亨特为中国推动绿色新政铺平了道路。[ CB ]现在已经准备好关闭系统了。


The [DS] is struggling, they are losing every single narrative, this will only get worse as time goes on. @jack decided to call it quits or he was removed and now the new CEO is ready to take it the next level, the big tech companies are about to be exposed. Maxwell trial is in full swing behind closed doors and the judge ordered no audio or video. Smollette case is happening at the same time. The [DS] is using omicron to push their agenda and to use it as their cover story for the great reset.  Election fraud is now seen in multiple states and Trump is now challenging the media or anybody to debate him on the issue. 

[DS] 正在挣扎,他们正在失去每一个叙述,随着时间的推移,情况只会变得更糟。@ 杰克决定退出,或者他被解雇了,现在新的首席执行官已经准备好进入下一个阶段,大科技公司即将被曝光。马克斯韦尔的审判正在闭门进行,法官没有下令禁止任何音频或视频。斯莫莱特案件同时发生。[ DS ]正在利用 omicron 来推动他们的议程,并以此作为他们的封面故事来进行大重置。选举舞弊现在已经出现在多个州,特朗普现在正在挑战媒体或任何人就这个问题与他进行辩论。


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