2021年7月24日16:59:18X22报道|第2535集:我们在2016年大选中出人意料地击败了他们,他们说这种事情不会再发生了已关闭评论 8851537字阅读5分7秒



Ep 2535a–Businesses Are Now Complaining About Inflation,Economic Distraction Coming 

Ep 2535a企业正在抱怨通货膨胀,经济分心即将来临

Ep 2535b–We Got Them In The 2016 Election By Surprise,They Said It Would Never Happen Again 

Ep 2535b-我们在2016年大选中出人意料地击败了他们,他们说这种事情再也不会发生了

Business are now seeing the inflation,they know this is going to effect their business.When people start to see higher prices it means more currency is taken out of their pockets and as this happens it makes much more difficult to live.The[CB]cannot stop this so they will need to distract from it.



The[DS]did not see the plan for 2016 and they thought they got away with cheating in the 2020 election.Trump confirms the[DS]will be surprised once again.The people of the US are now rejecting Biden and the[DS]agenda,more and more people are siding with Trump.In the end the election fraud will be released,the[DS]will react and try to stop the information from being released,this will fail.The country will be in a constitutional crisis and the military who already knows that[JB]is not the real President,they will step in keep the country running.




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