美国的真实情况:公众眼中的一切将在几周内改变|Mark Baughman

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美国的真实情况:公众眼中的一切将在几周内改变|Mark Baughman

Operation Disclosure  |By By Mark Baughman, Mark Baughman,Contributing Writer 

January 22,2021


The Real State of Affairs in America;All will change in the Public's Eye within Weeks!


Patriots and awakened souls,what you witnessed on 1/20/2021 was an illusion of[B]iden getting sworn in.This was fantasy and a big joke,just like many optics that past[d]eep state politicians and fake MainStream Media blurts out on a 24-hour news cycle.Most of you know this,but with this very official ceremony that does appear to transfer power,caused many Patriots to lose faith,and rightfully so.I grew up watching Fake MSM and did not know it was mostly what the elites wanted us to know,so they could keep us under control,and rob us blind.I have known the truth for years now,and will not give up so easily when I have inside information that I can access,and most Patriots can access with websites,Q Anon drops,among other Patriots,official spokespersons for the Alliance,and the Trump Administration too.I assure you that most of these sources are the absolute truth!There is a major military and Patriot movement to rid the world of the sat*anic Pedo*phile elites who have run unchecked for hundreds if not thousands of years too.Humanity consciousness and awareness will NOT allow it to continue any longer.

爱国者和觉醒的灵魂,你们在2021120日所看到的是一个幻象拜登宣誓就职。这是一个幻想,也是一个大笑话,就像过去的政客和虚假的主流媒体在24小时的新闻周期中脱口而出的许多看法一样。你们大多数人都知道这一点,但是这个官方的仪式似乎确实转移了权力,导致许多爱国者失去了信仰,并且理所当然地如此。我从小看着" MSM"长大,并不知道这主要是精英们想让我们知道的,这样他们就可以控制我们,然后盲目地抢劫我们。我已经知道真相很多年了,当我有内部信息可以访问时,我不会轻易放弃,大多数爱国者可以访问网站,q Anon 会在其他爱国者、联盟官方发言人以及特朗普政府中留言。我向你们保证,这些来源大多数都是绝对真实的!现在有一个主要的军事和爱国者运动来清除这个世界上那些已经不受约束地运行了几百年甚至几千年的那些肆无忌惮的恋童癖精英。人类意识和觉知将不再允许它继续下去

We do know that[B]iden really just got sworn in to the old U.S.Corporations that Ulysses S.Grant allowed to be formed in 1871 by the illuminati.Grant was a drunk,and that was paid off,just like many politicians and government people of today.The original constitution was changed by these traitors back then.Currently,this fake corporation is bankrupt and defunct,and many Patriots do NOT know that.Fake[B]iden is president of absolutely nothing,except the 10 square mile area of D.C.that is really not part of America.Many people do not know that either.We cannot allow a known pedo*phile,scam artist,pay-for-play,and a paid off CCP(Chinese Communist Party)stooge to be allowed to be president.Trump,the Q team and the Alliance have not gone this far,to allow these traitors massive voter fraud to take back the government to the[d]eep state.The Alliance did this to get all the[d]eep state players in a sting.The good people will set it right and the truth to come out.I assure you;it will happen!For the fight for truth and for our country is far from over.

我们确实知道拜登实际上刚刚宣誓效忠于光照派在1871年创立的旧美国公司尤利西斯·辛普森·格兰特。格兰特是个酒鬼,而且他的钱还清了,就像今天的许多政客和政府官员一样。原宪法在那时被这些叛徒改变了。目前,这个假公司已经破产倒闭,许多爱国者不知道这一点。假拜登是绝对没有任何东西的总统,除了10平方英里的华盛顿特区,那真的不是美国的一部分。许多人也不知道。我们不能允许一个臭名昭著的爱好者、骗子、付费游戏和一个受贿的中共傀儡当主席。特朗普、q 团队和联盟还没有走到这一步,允许这些叛徒进行大规模的选举舞弊,把政府带回到深州州。联盟这样做是为了让所有的国家玩家陷入圈套。善良的人们会纠正错误,真相会大白于天下。我向你保证,它会发生的!因为为真理和为我们国家而战的斗争还远远没有结束

For this is the time and in the now,humanity's freedom is just beginning.On the details,many have stated and released intelligence from Juan O'Savin that the[B]iden inauguration could take place,and then days later;the truth came out with the EBS(Emergency Broadcast System).This appears to be by January 24th or before.The official truth will reveal all the lies from the[B]iden's and Fake Stream Media.The military now has stated that phase number one is complete.


The intelligence before the 20th was that the Alliance would be arrested in the middle of the inauguration ceremony.But from my intelligence a day after,the ceremony was pre-recorded,for these corrupt politicians knew to do that.They did not want to be arrested in front of the camera!Charlie Ward had a copy of the inauguration 10 hours before it happened!Therefore,the inauguration was NOT live and faked.


Also,from Simone Parks and quote"they were ready to arrest all of them on the 20th as we were told,but something big happened to cancel the whole operation".There were troops there to arrest them above and below the ground in tunnels.The chain link fence around the capitol buildings was to keep them in,and even tents were set up to process the criminal politicians.It appears my intelligence on 1/19/2021 was the same as Simon Parks,a small dirty bomb,as small as a briefcase was in-play around the capitol,if[B]iden was not inaugurated.My intel the evening before stated three bombs were around the capital.The[d]eep state is crazy enough to do that to keep their power!The military allowed the swearing in to happen,since it was really for just the defunct U.S.corporation and for the 10 square mile District of Columbia.Melania Trump left the cryptic message that"it was delayed".We do think this is about the arrests.Also,the Alliance wants to preserve life whenever possible,this is why many Patriots do not see the Hollywood popcorn scenes displayed on the big screens for all us patriots to see American traitors'arrests.

此外,西蒙·帕克斯说,"他们准备在20日逮捕他们所有人,正如我们所知,但是发生了一件大事,取消了整个行动"。那里有部队在地下隧道里逮捕他们。国会大厦周围的铁丝网是为了把他们关在里面,甚至还搭起了帐篷来处理犯罪政客。看来我在2021119日的情报和西蒙·帕克斯是一样的,一个小型脏弹,只有一个公文包那么小,在国会大厦周围活动,如果拜登没有就职的话。前一天晚上,我的情报显示首都周围有三枚炸弹。伊利诺伊州疯狂到这样做来保持他们的权力!军方允许宣誓就职,因为宣誓只是针对已经倒闭的美国公司和10平方英里的哥伦比亚特区。梅拉尼娅·特朗普(Melania Trump)留下了"推迟了"的神秘信息。我们认为这和逮捕有关。同时,爱国者联盟希望在任何可能的情况下保护生命,这就是为什么许多爱国者没有看到好莱坞爆米花般的画面出现在大屏幕上,让我们所有的爱国者看到美国叛徒被逮捕

I will just tell you the military special operations challenges around the country and in Washington D.C.was strong intelligence of three dirty-nuclear bombs in the D.C.area,small missiles,and even pipe bombs.My Uncle from Ohio,who was a veteran who fought many combat battles in Vietnam,assessed the situation,and just from internet patriot sharing of intelligence,that on the 20th[B]iden would be sworn in.Because of the major threats and actions if he was NOT sworn in.He concluded,the military needed time to make sure no major event happened or major loss of life was at risk.This is why over 100 million true Trump supporters were disappointed.It will come,in a few weeks to months.From what I was told from the 20th in the evening in 4 to 6 days,information will start to trickle out,and more and then accelerate in the coming weeks.There is no turning back on the truth.It will happen!There are recorded confessions from the lying political elites,for all to see and wake up to the truth!Trump will run the truth on TV for 10 to 14 days,and use the EBS system,worldwide.This is my latest intelligence last night,and did not say when this will be triggered,but we know it will be soon.(days or weeks)

我只想告诉你们全国各地和华盛顿特区的军事特别行动所面临的挑战,是有关华盛顿地区三枚脏弹、小型导弹,甚至管状炸弹的强有力情报。我来自俄亥俄州的叔叔是一个在越南参加过许多战斗的老兵,他通过互联网上的爱国者情报分享,评估了形势,认为20日拜登基将宣誓就职。因为如果他没有宣誓就职,就会受到重大的威胁和行动。他总结道,军队需要时间来确保没有重大事件发生或重大生命损失处于危险之中。这就是为什么超过1亿特朗普的真正支持者感到失望。几周到几个月后,它就会到来。从四到六天后的20号晚上我被告知,信息将开始慢慢流出,在接下来的几个星期里,信息会越来越多,然后越来越多。真理是无法回头的。它会发生的!这里有撒谎的政治精英们的忏悔录像,所有人都可以看到并醒悟到真相!特朗普将在电视上播放1014天的真相,并在全世界使用 EBS 系统。这是我昨晚的最新情报,没有说什么时候会触发,但我们知道很快就会触发。(日或星期)

The Alliance has very advanced technology,as I stated in my last article.But you can see no major bomb or incident happened in D.C.on the 20th.This is the military doing a great job,please praise them,and trust"The Plan"as Q says,and the real top patriots in our government.The real plan is to go back to the gold standard for currency,worldwide.This is why the[D]eep State and the illuminati bankers were after Trump during and before his whole first term.The gold-backed rainbow currency will happen by March 2021 or before.This was really why JFK was killed,not really for anything else except control of the financial systems.

正如我在上一篇文章中所说,联盟拥有非常先进的技术。但是二十号华盛顿没有发生重大的爆炸或事故。这是军队的伟大工作,请赞美他们,并相信 q 所说的"计划",以及我们政府中真正的爱国者。真正的计划是在全球范围内回归货币的金本位。这就是为什么在特朗普的整个第一个任期期间和之前,民主党的州政府和光明会的银行家们都在追杀他。黄金支持的彩虹货币(rainbow currency)将于20213月或之前推出。这就是肯尼迪遇刺的真正原因,除了金融体系的控制权之外,没有别的原因

Know that the New Restored Republic was invoked on July 4,2020 or November 2,2020.There are conflicting stories.But the actions by President Trump declared this legally with official documents.But the 1776 executive order on November 2,2020 placed the original constitution back to the new Republic,with common law,not maritime law,with all the rights going back to"We the People".This is why the[B]iden swearing-in on the 20th does NOT make him president.The mighty Alliance and the Trump team is doing these actions legally and for all to see,with official documents.Know that the illuminati took the original constitution and rights away from the American people,turned it into a corporation owned by the Vatican,and administered by the British Crown.Hell,our IRS taxes were illegal and went not to pay our bills,but to these corrupt elites.We can legally restore our Republic away at any time,for what was illegally taken away,and that is what President Trump did!Praise President Trump!This is why[B]iden is a president of nothing and what[D]eep State paid fake MSM is doing is shoving[B]iden information down the throats of anyone that will listen.Do not fall for it!

要知道,新恢复的共和国是在202074日或2020112日援引的。有一些相互矛盾的说法。但特朗普总统的行动是通过官方文件合法地宣布了这一点。但1776112日的行政命令将原宪法归还给了新共和国,使用的是普通法,而不是海洋法,所有权利都可以追溯到"我们人民"。这就是为什么20日宣誓就职并不能使他成为总统的原因。强大的联盟和特朗普团队正在用官方文件合法地、公开地采取这些行动。要知道光照派剥夺了美国人民最初的宪法和权利,把它变成了梵蒂冈拥有的公司,由英国王室管理。该死,我们的国税局税收是非法的,不是用来支付我们的账单,而是用来支付这些腐败的精英。我们可以在任何时候合法地恢复我们的共和国,因为被非法夺走的东西,这就是特朗普总统所做的!赞美特朗普总统!这就是为什么拜登是一个什么都不是的总统,而深州付钱给假 MSM 的做法是把拜登信息强加给任何愿意听的人。不要上当

The fake information from the MSM is to keep fear,doubt and control in the minds or anyone that will listen.The CIA has declared the TV as a mind control device,and runs at the 440 hertz and should run at the 432 Hertz for the human to feel positive vibrations.There is a 4-inch by 6-inch circuit card in all smart TV's that gives out a signal for mind control.The word Television is"Tele"your"Vision"or to tell you your future that THEY want,not what you envision.The TV was originally designed to sell you products,by commercials,anyway.Turning off the news and just watching movies without commercials is what I try to do most of the time.

来自 MSM 的虚假信息是为了让恐惧、怀疑和控制存在于头脑中或者任何愿意倾听的人。美国中央情报局已经宣布电视是一种精神控制设备,运行频率为440赫兹,运行频率应该为432赫兹,让人类感受到积极的振动。在所有的智能电视中都有一个4英寸乘6英寸的电路板,可以发出一个信号来控制大脑。电视这个词是"遥控"你的"愿景",或者告诉你他们想要的未来,而不是你想象的未来。电视最初的设计目的是通过商业广告向你推销产品。关掉新闻,只看电影而不看商业广告是我大部分时间努力做的事情

Understand that President Trump is not our president either now,he stepped down from the old U.S.corporation,and declared himself a candidate for the New Republic,on November 2nd,2020.From one Navy intelligence source,Trump was sworn in privately to the New Republic,on January 11,2021.Potus has declared a"state of emergency".It is going around in my circles that Trump will be sworn in on March 4th,2021 as the 19th president of the Republic,in the public realm.The reason is the 19th,this is the sequence from before 1871 when our country was illegally converted over to a corporation.One after President Grant.[B]iden is clearly not our president,with being indicted for so many crimes.What happened is that this"major foreign election interference"for many countries,trying to take-over our America.Trump,and the military could not and will not turn over the New Republic to[B]iden by oath;under the sworn obligation of enemies both"Foreign and Domestic"This is an"Extreme National Emergency"that was invoked to stop a coup that was in place to take-over our country by the CCP and the[d]eep state rats.On January 16th,the Insurrection Act was activated by President Trump.The military is in total control of the country,under DEFCON#2(Defense Readiness Condition)with the activation of the Insurrection Act on January 16,2021.Level two is just one down from the highest alert level.Also,the Commander and Chief of the United States cannot change once this is invoked.This happened to President FDR in World War II and is why he was president for three terms.


Now,the interim Republic government will be run by Christopher Miller(Secretary of Defense),General John E.Hyten(Joint Chief of Staff),and Pete Gainer(Head of FEMA)are in command of the New Republic of America.(picture below).These military officers are to oversee the transition of our new government and command the round-up of all the traitors,including now 67%of Congress,[B]iden,and[H]arris.President Trump issued an executive order to give the power to these three military people.The military has the right to do this for 120 days,until a fair and clean election is held on the QVS(Quantum Voting System).

现在,临时共和国政府将由美国国防部长克里斯·米勒、参谋长联席会议主席 John e.Hyten 将军和联邦应急管理局局长 Pete Gainer 掌管新共和国。(下图)。这些军官将监督我们新政府的过渡,并指挥逮捕所有的叛徒,包括现在67%的国会议员,以及所有的叛徒。特朗普总统发布了一项行政命令,将权力赋予这三名军人。军方有权这样做120天,直到在 QVS(量子投票系统)上举行一次公平和公正的选举

美国的真实情况:公众眼中的一切将在几周内改变|Mark Baughman

He is why Washington D.C.is not a part of the United States anymore,from the Marshall Report;


"The President and the people knew that and had the proof of a coup transpired against the Corporation of the United States of America by many foreign nations and was ignored by the politicians in Congress,the Supreme Court,and even many State Governors who sign fraudulent certified elections in their states.They continued with their illegal steal,and the military is now in the process of seizing the assets of this foreign country known as THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.It appears that President Trump's executive order was actually directed at the Washington D.C.corporate swamp/cabal all along.D.C.is now walled in and filled with military guards.President Donald J.Trump has moved out permanently for he cannot be president over a Sovereign Nation in a Foreign land,which is what the White House and Capitol are."The full Marshal Reports:"

总统和人民知道并掌握了许多外国针对美利坚合众国公司发动政变的证据,但却被国会、最高法院的政治家、甚至许多州长所忽视,因为他们在本州签署了欺诈性的经证明的选举。他们继续进行非法盗窃,军方目前正在没收这个被称为美利坚合众国公司的外国资产。看来特朗普总统的行政命令实际上一直是针对华盛顿特区的企业沼泽/阴谋集团的。华盛顿特区现在被围墙包围,到处都是军事警卫。唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)总统已经永久性地搬走了,因为他不能在一片外国土地上担任一个主权国家的总统,而这里就是白宫和国会大厦。"完整的元帅报告:


What a realization,we will move the National Capitol and the White house someplace else,not on foreign soil.[B]iden is at most a president of a foreign Washington D.C.that will have at least 6,500 troops and a double chain-link fence around this area,with locks from the outside;sounds like a prison.Yes,it may be the first FEMA camp set up,as others are set-up for the massive influx of arrests from my sources,and may be up to one million people in the United States.I have heard that since just before President Trump was inaugurated on January 20,2017,that when these arrests end in a few months,the amount arrested worldwide will be six to eight million people.Talk about a massive amount of corrupt people to TRY to take over the world!


One funny thing that I heard was that when[B]iden did his little parade after the inauguration,there were very few people there,and mostly military,all the troops turned their back to him.This was recorded by fake MSM but not released,to still give the illusion of a successful[B]iden.The other news is that[B]iden called the Pentagon for data on F-35 sales overseas,and the Pentagon responded,you cannot have that.All information to[B]iden from the Pentagon has been shut down.The military is still loyal and in control of"We the People"and President Trump,since they all know who[B]iden really is;just a mafia sat*anic pedo-criminal along with paid off fake MSM decide to ignore this,and that is treason too!


Here is a schedule of events the New Republic has,from Charlie Ward:First and foremost;under the Insurrection Act there is no legal President.

这里有一份新共和国的事件日程表,来自 Charlie Ward:首先,也是最重要的,在叛乱案之下没有合法的总统

About January 22,the Military would publish a list of those in Congress wanted for crimes.They were expected to arrest 67%of the members of Congress,by sworn in military as marshals.


About January 23,Congressperson would submit impeachment articles on[B]iden.They would use the 25th Amendment.


By January 23,arrests would start including[B]iden and[H]arris 


By January 24,Expect the EBS and a major release of crimes and status of illegal president Joe[B]iden,and the crimes of others in Congress.Prosecution of all these crimes would start,including sedition and would start with a special counsel.

到1月24日,预计EBS将主要公布非法总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden)的罪行和身份,以及国会中其他人的罪行。所有这些罪行都将开始起诉,包括煽动叛乱,并将由一名特别律师开始。

January 24 to February 4,A temporary interim form of government overseen by the US military will be announced.President Trump will be appointed president,interim.All remaining[B]iden Administration members and congress will be pardoned if they support Trump as president.The other reason why Trump and the military had to see if the judicial system was corrupt or not,and flush them out.This is so,they would not just prosecute these criminals.It appears Trump reached their goal on who is a patriot and who is not.Prosecution starts for all traitors in Congress,Judicial system and the[B]iden Administration.


In the next few weeks,we will witness the New Republic take center stage,and all corruption will really start to be revealed.This Republic is for the people and by the people!The sole purpose of a great government is to make all the citizens wealthy.All people desire bliss and harmony.Hard to believe,just wait.Wealth is defined in many ways,like Med-Beds to make an older person healthy and young,that clearly is worth more than money.But we together will build a new"Star Trek"civilization where there will be more jobs than people,people will get paid more,no hunger worldwide,and no one without shelter.We the people will not be held back anymore.The cat is out of the bag,as we say in slang!We should not have to worry ever about basic needs of medical care,food or shelter.Know that there will be no more wars,or no poverty too.All good people will be the happiest ever once this corruption is revealed,fake MSM taken down,and everyone being treated fairly;worldwide.Humanity can do this;we have the Creator's giving capacity and love in our souls.Just give us a decent truthful environment,no corruption,no restrictions in technology,and watch humanity soar to unbelievable heights!Let's get on with the arrests and the new Golden Age of Gaia!

在接下来的几个星期里,我们将目睹新共和国占据中心舞台,所有的腐败将真正开始暴露出来。这个共和国是为了人民,为了人民!一个伟大政府的唯一目的是使所有公民富裕起来。所有的人都渴望幸福与和谐。难以置信,等着瞧吧。财富的定义有很多种,比如让老年人健康和年轻的医疗床,这显然比金钱更有价值。但是我们将一起建立一个新的"星际迷航"文明,在那里将有比人更多的工作,人们将得到更多的报酬,全世界没有饥饿,没有人没有住所。我们人民再也不会退缩了。就像我们在俚语中说的那样,猫从袋子里跑出来了!我们不必担心基本的医疗保健、食物或住所需求。要知道,不会再有战争,也不会再有贫穷。一旦这种腐败被揭露,假的 MSM 被拿下,全世界的每个人都被公平对待,所有的好人都将是最幸福的。人类可以做到这一点;我们的灵魂中有造物主的给予能力和爱。只要给我们一个像样的真实环境,没有腐败,没有技术上的限制,看着人类飞到难以置信的高度!让我们继续进行逮捕和盖亚新的黄金时代



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