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The light forces are saddened by what the Chimera have been doing with their members who have been held hostage underground,it is getting to them and affecting their mood.I got a few graphic impressions myself from the underground happenings and that was enough for me,more than enough,I will leave it at that.The Chimera are the master metastrategists of the universe,that's the number one reason why a number of them are still around and even though the space that is under their direct control has been reduced to some underground bases they are still able to inflict pain on the collective.


I reconnected with my soulmates through meditation.The one who introduced herself as Jolie is called Achanthea from her spirit name.The literal meaning in Greek would be Immense Vision,but the meaning I heard from her is Reflection of God/Goddess.The one who introduced herself as Konstanze is called Casiopia by one of her names,so I will call her by that name from now on.Even Casiopia,who normally is always in a merry mood,seemed rather sad.Chuzuc is doing relatively well,the area where she lives is not as strongly affected by the coronavirus as the cities and she is helping those in the community who have been infected to recover and build their health back up in natural ways.The original Quechua name of the village where she lives is Coixiban,this is at least what I am receiving in my meditations.It is an unmapped village,because the Cabal detests unincorporated autonomous and indigenous settlements and doesn't want people to know about them.For my other three soulmates who are incarnated on Earth the situation is more challenging and they are all facing their own issues;Flavie wanted to spread her wings and fly out but saw her wings be clipped instead as a result of all the imposed restrictions,Tenzin's feelings about her life are essentially unchanged and Gaurangi is holding on to the things that give her joy and consolation among difficult circumstances.Gaurangi feels the name that her parents gave her,Leonora,doesn't fit who she is,so she prefers the name Gaurangi.She finds comfort in music at times when she cannot find it in anything else.I have not received responses on my calls for people who know any one of my soulmates to get in contact with me,so I plan to follow a different path because I do want to initiate the process of soul family reunion instead of waiting for the Event.Chuzuc doesn't have internet;her son who lives in La Paz does,but that son spends most of his time in the city and doesn't visit Chuzuc so frequently,especially now with the coronavirus still going around.

我通过冥想和我的灵魂伴侣重新建立了联系。介绍自己是朱莉的那个人叫阿坎西娅,来自她的灵魂名字。希腊语的字面意思是"无限的视野",但我从她那里听到的意思是"上帝/女神的映像"。介绍自己叫 Konstanze 的那个人用她的名字叫 Casiopia 所以从现在开始我会用这个名字来称呼她。即使是平时总是心情愉快的 Casiopia,看起来也很悲伤。Chuzuc 的情况相对较好,她所居住的地区受冠状病毒的影响不像城市那么严重,她正在帮助社区中感染者恢复健康,并以自然的方式重建健康。她所居住的村庄最初的名字是 Coixiban,这至少是我在冥想中接收到的信息。这是一个没有地图的村庄,因为阴谋集团厌恶没有合并的自治和原住民定居点,不想让人们知道它们。对于我的另外三个灵魂伴侣来说,这种情况更具挑战性,他们都面临着自己的问题;Flavie 想要展开翅膀飞出去,但是看到自己的翅膀因为所有强加的限制而被剪掉,Tenzin 对自己生活的感觉基本上没有改变,Gaurangi 坚持着在困难的环境中给予她快乐和安慰的东西。Gaurangi 觉得她父母给她取的名字 Leonora 不适合她,所以她更喜欢 Gaurangi 这个名字。她在音乐中找到安慰,而在其他任何东西中却找不到。我打电话给认识我灵魂伴侣的人让他们联系我,但我没有收到任何回复,所以我计划走一条不同的道路,因为我确实想开始灵魂家族团聚的过程,而不是等待事件的发生。Chuzuc 没有网络,她住在拉巴斯的儿子有,但那个儿子大部分时间都待在城里,不经常去看 Chuzuc,特别是现在冠状病毒还在四处传播。



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