2020年11月5日15:44:46X22报道|第2320集:政变,特朗普设陷阱揭露一切,爱国者知道剧本已关闭评论 1.1K1324字阅读4分24秒

那些[DS]/MSM 刚刚出柜了。请记住,[DS]/[CB]将战斗到最后一刻,他们将动用一切武器来除掉特朗普。一个新国家的诞生来之不易,只需要回到开国元勋们的历史,英国人奋战到底。


Election day is over but the election is not.The markets are already predicting the winner,the Chinese yuan dropped like a rock during the elections.Trump and the patriots are prepared to take the entire country to the economic goal.Buckle up.The[DS]/MSM did exactly what the patriots thought they were going to do.The saw the landslide,the red wave and had to shut it down before it took effect.

选举日已经结束,但是选举还没有结束。市场已经在预测谁会胜出----在选举期间,人民币像石头一样跌落。特朗普和爱国者们准备带领整个国家实现经济目标。系好安全带。[DS]/MSM 做了爱国者认为他们将要做的事情。他们看到了山崩,看到了红色的波浪,不得不在山崩发生之前将其关闭。

The[DS]/MSM have just outed themselves.Remember the[DS]/[CB]are going to fight to the very end,and they will use everything in the arsenal to get rid of Trump.The birth of a new nation does not come easy,just go back in history to the founding fathers,the British fought to the bitter end.The patriots knew this was going to happen,they know the playbook,the trap is set.This is not about the election,it is about returning the power to the people and the people have voted and the[DS]/MSM stopped the voice of the people when the stopped the elections.Watch what happens next.

那些[DS]/MSM 刚刚出柜了。请记住,[DS]/[CB]将战斗到最后一刻,他们将动用一切武器来除掉特朗普。一个新国家的诞生来之不易,只需要回到开国元勋们历史,英国人奋战到底。爱国者们知道这会发生,他们知道剧本,陷阱已经设好。这不是关于选举,而是关于将权力归还给人民,人民已经投了票,当选举停止时,人民的声音被阻止了。看看接下来会发生什么。


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