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BEWARE!The Election-Infection May Be In A City Near You



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频解读|黑眼圈如何保护美国不受敌人伤害?The Deep State(DS)/Mainstream media(MSM)are fighting for their lives because they know better than anyone else,the crimes they have committed.They are trying to fool the sleepers,or get Trump out of office before Election Day.


They know they will lose and this is why we are seeing COVID,riots,fires,shutdowns,lockdowns,smear campaigns,etc.This was all planned!Those who committed treason,know the punishment…death.


Things will get worse on the streets than they are today,but take heart,Trump's Administration has the enemy's playbook and knows their dirty little secrets.If the DS was really in control,there would be no rioting,no mass hysteria with a disease,no lockdown nor shutdowns.The Patriots are allowing this play out so the people will wake up to the truth!

街上的情况会比现在更糟糕,但是请放心,特朗普政府有敌人的剧本,知道他们肮脏的小秘密。如果 DS 真的在控制之中,就不会有骚乱,不会有带有疾病的集体歇斯底里,不会有封锁和关闭。爱国者们允许这个游戏结束,这样人们才会醒悟到真相!

For years,the DS has tried to obliterate the U.S.Constitution through wars but each time they ended,the U.S.Constitution is still in place.American flags still unfurled and are displayed for all to see.America,the greatest nation on earth,still prevails.

多年来,DS 一直试图通过战争来废除美国宪法,但每次战争结束,美国宪法仍然存在。美国国旗仍然展开,并展示给所有人看。美国,世界上最伟大的国家,仍然盛行。

Since wars have not worked to take down America,the DS seeks to destroy America from within by waging war against her people,her land and the Constitution.Their pawns are the voters who laugh at the thought that Donald Trump couldn't possibly be the monster the media has painted him to be.These voters are being used by the DS,like a dirty needle,destroying America within.

由于战争并没有摧毁美国,DS 试图从内部摧毁美国,对她的人民,她的土地和宪法发动战争。他们的棋子是那些嘲笑唐纳德·特朗普不可能成为媒体描绘的怪物的选民。这些选民正在被 DS 利用,就像一根肮脏的针,摧毁美国内部。

Trump's Administration wants the people to really see what the Far-Left Democrat party's agenda is about;removing our freedom and imposing Communism.Look around;it's here!People have been cited and arrested for not wearing masks.Party-goers were threatened with water/power being shut off due to more than the recommended allowance for in-home celebrations.People are told what they can and can't do.America is waking up.


When Kamala Harris was a presidential candidate earlier in the year,hardly anyone had heard of her.In her home state of CA,she only had an 8%approval rating.She just kind of appeared from nowhere.Who is she?Where did she come from?


X22视频解读|黑眼圈如何保护美国不受敌人伤害?During those debates,she called Joe Biden a racist but now has agreed to be his running mate.Does he even understand what just happened?His own videos indicate incompetency.Surely Biden must know he'll soon be swapped out for another candidate and his name won't be on the final Democratic ticket.When will this be?


Why Harris?A Biden/Harris ticket has no way of competing against Trump.Kamala Harris has been placed on the ticket for a specific reason.In addition,Twitter hired Kamala Harris's press secretary to decide what the President of the United States can and can't say on Twitter.See what they did there?

为什么是哈里斯?拜登/哈里斯竞选团队无法与特朗普竞争。卡玛拉·哈里斯因为一个特殊的原因被列入罚单。此外,Twitter 还聘请了卡马拉·哈里斯的新闻秘书来决定美国总统在 Twitter 上可以说什么,不可以说什么。看到他们做了什么吗?

General Flynn has been under criminal litigation for 4 years,spent millions of dollars,lost his home and been called a traitor.After reviewing his case,prosecutors realize Flynn did nothing wrong and moved to dismiss the charges.Judge Sullivan stepped out from under the rule of law and ruled against the prosecutor's recommendation.This is not the role of a judge yet he refuses to sign off on the order.He was directed to delay the case as long as possible.If the original 302 is disclosed,a lot of people will go to prison,and it won't be Flynn.The world is watching.


In Seattle,WA,the liberal city council voted to move ahead with defunding the police force.This is not what the residents want!Seattle's police chief resigned because of this.Evil and corruption abound where there is no law and order.The DS will be bringing in other forces.The Left is projecting what America will look like if they are in power.Is this what American's want?

在西雅图,华盛顿州,自由市议会投票决定取消对警察部队的资助。这不是居民们想要的!西雅图警察局长因此辞职。在没有法律和秩序的地方,罪恶和腐败比比皆是。DS 将引入其他力量。左派正在预测如果他们掌权,美国将会是什么样子。这就是美国人想要的吗?

During Trumps presser(8/11/20),the DS tried to send him a message.A mobster shot at Secret Service Agents outside the White House fence.They shot back,striking the thug.The message to Trump appeared to be:we can send anyone at anytime to go after you.The message Trump appeared to send back:'I don't have time for this,I have a country to run,'and returned to the presser,seemingly un-rattled,finishing his release to the American people.

在特朗普施压期间(8/11/20)DS 试图向他发送信息。一名歹徒在白宫围墙外向特勤局特工开枪。他们开枪还击,打了那个暴徒。给特朗普的信息似乎是:我们可以在任何时候派任何人去追捕你。特朗普似乎传达了这样的信息:"我没有时间做这个,我有一个国家要管理。"然后回到媒体面前,似乎没有慌乱,向美国人民完成了他的释放。

When he returned,he named those who committed treason by spying on his campaign…Obama,Biden,Comey,Page,Strzok,Brennan,Clapper and others.Not one reporter asked any follow-up questions on accusations of treason.Who told them to stand down on this information.Who owns the media's narrative?What have we been restricted from knowing?


When the COVID hit our country,Cuomo decided to put COVID positive patients in adult care homes,in spite of plenty of hospital and naval ship beds for these people.Thousands died!Now,Cuomo is blaming the families for their deaths!This is pure evil!These family members couldn't even go see their loved ones.Trump is allowing New Yorkers to see Cuomo's corruption.Vote Cuomo out!

COVID 袭击我们的国家时,库默决定把患有 COVID 阳性的病人送到成人护理机构,尽管这些人有大量的医院和军舰床位。成千上万的人死了!现在,科莫正在指责这些家庭的死亡!这是纯粹的邪恶!这些家庭成员甚至不能去看望他们所爱的人。特朗普允许纽约人看到科莫的腐败。投科莫一票!

Why is the media pushing COVID cases rather than death rate numbers?This is about the election…the election infection!For those under 70 years of age,it is.04%less than the common flu.The DS doesn't want Americans to vote at the polls.There they can't cheat.If a cyber attack happens,mail-in-ballot counting cannot take place,resulting in a postponed outcome.

为什么媒体报道的是妊娠妇女的病例而不是死亡率?这是关于选举...选举感染!对于70岁以下的人来说,它比普通流感低0.04%DS 不希望美国人在投票站投票。在那里他们不能作弊。如果发生网络攻击,计票邮件无法进行,导致延期结果。

The Federal Election Committee Commissioner,Ellen Weintraub,confirmed the DS plan.She indicated the winner of the presidential race most likely won't be declared on election night.She made it clear,we may have delayed results.Americans are not okay with this!

联邦选举委员会委员 Ellen Weintraub 证实了 DS 计划。她暗示,总统竞选的获胜者很可能不会在选举当晚宣布。她说得很清楚,我们可能会推迟结果。美国人对此并不满意!

November 3 is Election Day but the DS will push for a delay.Q tells us the DS next plan will be massive cyber power attack attempts on 11/4.They must shut down the power grid to keep ballots from being counted.At all costs,they will attempt to block Trump being declared the winner.

113日是选举日,但 DS 将推迟。Q 告诉我们 DS 的下一个计划将是对11/4的大规模网络攻击企图。他们必须关闭电网以防止计票。不惜一切代价,他们将试图阻止特朗普被宣布为胜利者。

X22视频解读|黑眼圈如何保护美国不受敌人伤害?Our experience of the Q Team is that they have been placed here to give Patriots hope and direction during this storm.While attacks do occur,we are safeguarded by the US Air Force Defense Laser Code named,'Black Eye,'which protects our country.We are safeguarded and we know how to counter!


Only when evil comes into the light can we defeat it.The people cannot be told,they must be shown.This evil is what we are witnessing!Armor up,Pray!(Ephesians 6:10-18)


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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