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The entire world is participating in an occult corona-initiation ritual,although hardly anyone will realize it.The measures and policies which governments have rolled out worldwide ever since Operation Coronavirus began–such as quarantine,lockdown,hand-washing,mask-wearing,social distancing and more–are in fact aspects of occult initiation ritual.These aspects have been cleverly adapted to the current fake pandemic and disguised as genuine public health strategies.As I covered in previous articles,this pandemic is a 9-11 type event which has been meticulously planned for decades.


The people who run the world,whom I often call the New World Order(NWO)conspirators,leave very little to chance.They are black magicians,and they are running this live exercise in a similar fashion to how they run their secret Satanic rituals.In both cases,the goal is the same:to take initiates out of their normal mode of existence,break them down,engender submission,remold them in the likeness of their leaders,and then finally,return them to a new normal where they cannot return to their old ways and lives.


Corona-Initiation Ritual:Lockdown and Quarantine(Isolation)


Any good ritual requires preparation.The first part of an initiation ritual is isolation.This isolation serves to separate the initiate from the mundane("of the world")affairs of his life.It is often done by cutting all ties with the outside world.Sometimes,the initiate may be sent into a dark room or cave;this also suggests a coming re-birth from a dark womb.Nowadays this isolation also requires separation from technology and everything that comes with it(phones,computers,emails,social media,etc.).The sensory deprivation sends the initiate afloat where she is less tethered to beliefs and behaviors.


In Operation Coronavirus,the lockdown and quarantine were the isolation aspect of the ritual.Those aware of the situation noticed that quarantining an entire community of healthy people was a contradiction in terms,because the very word quarantine means"a state,period,or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed."Thus by definition one cannot quarantine uninfected,healthy people;one can only quarantine infected,sick people.However the agenda was to isolate people by any means necessary to achieve the first step of initiation.


Corona-Initiation Ritual:Hand-Washing(Rejection)


Another element of the ritual has been the obsessive and compulsive focus on hand washing.While hand washing in general is a good hygienic activity which can help limit spread of disease,Operation Coronavirus has taken it to a completely new level of OCD anxiety(by design,of course).Symbolically,the washing of hands is reminiscent of the story of Pontius Pilate from the bible,who washed his hands of the matter regarding the fate of Jesus of Nazareth,and refused to either punish him or set him free.From this perspective,hand-washing is about rejection.But who or what is being rejected?The'old normal'of freedom?


Corona-Initiation Ritual:Mask-Wearing(Censorship,Submission,Dehumanization,Alternate Persona)


Fourthly,masks are often used by the elite themselves at their parties and rituals.Remember the Satanic sexual orgy scene from Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut?Masks hide identity.They hasten the'death'of the old identity.Masks create an alternate persona.This ties in with the incredibly important theme of Satanic Ritual Abuse(SRA)and mind control.In mind control,a'handler'uses torture and abuse to force the victim to dissociate.This is where their minds split off and detach from reality in order to deal with the tremendous pain which is being inflicted upon them.It's an inbuilt mental defensive strategy.However,in doing so,the victim creates multiple'alters'or personalities which are disconnected from their base personality.These alters do not know about the existence of other alters;thus the victim can be programmed to do things(e.g.become a sex slave or an assassin)and not recall doing them,because an alter can be triggered to come forward and then return to the subconscious after the event.When it comes to mind control,masks are symbolic of the hidden aspects or personas of ourselves which the NWO controllers are deliberately targeting with their subliminal propaganda.

第四,精英们在他们的聚会和仪式上经常使用面具。还记得库布里克的《大开眼戒》中邪恶的性狂欢场景吗?面具隐藏身份。它们加速了旧身份的"死亡"。面具创建了一个替代的人物角色。这与撒旦仪式滥用(SRA)精神控制这一极其重要的主题相关。在精神控制中,"管理者"使用酷刑和虐待来迫使受害者分离。这就是他们的思想分裂和脱离现实的地方,以便处理他们正在遭受的巨大痛苦。这是一种内在的心理防御策略。然而,在这样做的过程中,受害者创造了多个与他们的基本人格分离的"改变"或人格。这些改变并不知道其他改变的存在,因此受害者可以被编程去做一些事情(比如成为性奴隶或者刺客),而不去回忆做过什么,因为改变可以被触发来自首,然后在事件发生后回到潜意识中。当涉及到精神控制,面具是隐藏的方面或我们自己的角色的象征,NWO 控制者有意识地用他们的潜意识宣传作为目标。

Mask-wearing is a huge topic in many ways.In the article Unmasking the Truth:Studies Show Dehumanizing Masks Weaken You and Don't Protect You I covered some of the medical reasons why wearing a mask is not only medically useless if you want to protect yourself from COVID,but also potentially harmful to your health.However,there are many layers deeper when it comes to the ritualistic aspects of masks.Firstly,masks connote censorship,the covering of one's mouth,gagging and the suppression of a free voice.Think how many images depicting censorship show a person with tape over their mouth.Censorship has been a massive part of this agenda,even before it officially happened,with all the Event 201 aficionados practicing their simulation for hours about how they would control the official narrative and censor alternative viewpoints.Secondly,masks symbolize submission,the giving up of unrestricted access to oxygen.This entire agenda is not about the virus;it's about control.It's about forcing people to submit to the will of the NWO manipulators,even when it is legally and medically unwarranted.Thirdly,masks are reminiscent of robots.They are dehumanizing.They remove one's ability to see fully into another person's face.They create distance and separation in people,make it harder for us to communicate via body language and make it harder for us to have empathy for others,since that empathy is often based on truly seeing another person.

戴面具在许多方面都是一个巨大的话题。在《揭开真相:研究表明去人性化的面具会削弱你并且不能保护你》这篇文章中,我谈到了一些医学上的原因,为什么戴面具不仅在医学上无用,如果你想保护自己不受感染,而且还可能对你的健康有害。然而,当涉及到面具的仪式方面时,有许多更深层次的东西。首先,面具意味着审查,一个人的嘴,封口和压制自由的声音。想想有多少描绘审查制度的图像显示一个人的嘴被胶带封住了。审查制度是这个议程的重要组成部分,甚至在它正式发生之前,所有201事件的狂热爱好者都花了几个小时练习模拟他们将如何控制官方叙事和审查不同的观点。其次,面罩象征着服从,意味着放弃对氧气的无限制获取。这整个议程不是关于病毒,而是关于控制。它强迫人们服从 NWO 操纵者的意愿,即使这在法律和医学上是没有根据的。第三,面具让人联想到机器人。他们没有人性。它们使一个人丧失了完全看清另一个人脸部的能力。它们使人们之间产生距离和分离,使我们更难通过肢体语言进行交流,也使我们更难对他人产生同理心,因为同理心通常是基于真正看到另一个人。

Corona-Initiation Ritual:Social Distancing(The New Normal)


Once the ritual heads towards completion,the initiate comes out into a new mode of thinking and a new manner of behaving.He is remade in the image of his handlers or manipulators who conducted the ritual.In the case of COVID,the end goal is the new normal where everyone is permanently separated and disconnected(as well as tested,tracked,contact traced,monitored,surveilled,medicated and vaccinated).Social distancing is really anti-social distancing;it's all about removing the human touch from our interactions.That touch is what makes us human.

一旦仪式走向完成,提升者就会进入一种新的思维模式和行为方式。他被重塑成他的操纵者或操纵者的形象,他们主持了这个仪式。就 ovid 而言,最终目标是实现新的正常状态,让每个人都永久地与外界隔离和断开联系(以及测试、跟踪、追踪联系、监视、监视、用药和接种疫苗)。社交距离实际上是反社会的距离;它完全是为了从我们的互动中去除人际接触。这种接触使我们成为人类。

The Overarching Goal of the Ritual:Destroying the Old and Creating the New


If I were to sum up the entire corona-initiation ritual with one concept,it would be this old,tried and true one.Ordo ab chao.The Hegelian dialectic.Problem-reaction-solution.The phoenix rising out of ashes.All of these phrases point towards the same method:destroying the old to make way for creating the new.This method in and of itself is not bad;it's all about how it is used.The true purpose of ritual is to alter one's mind and character,and it can be done consciously or unconsciously,wittingly or unwittingly.Ritual can be used for white magic just as much as black magic,e.g.you can use this technique to conquer destructive habits within yourself and become a better person.It's just that in the context of the worldwide conspiracy,this method is used by the NWO conspirators to make the world a less free,less peaceful,more controlled and more hierarchical place.

如果让我用一个概念来总结整个冠冕启蒙仪式,那就是这个古老的、经过验证的、真实的概念。从早到晚。黑格尔辩证法黑格尔辩证法。问题-反应-解决。凤凰浴火重生。所有这些短语都指向同一个方法:摧毁旧的,为创造新的让路。这种方法本身并不坏,关键在于如何使用它。仪式的真正目的是改变一个人的思想和性格,它可以有意识地或无意识地、有意识地或无意识地进行。仪式可以用于白魔法,就像黑魔法一样,例如,你可以用这个技巧来克服你内心的坏习惯,成为一个更好的人。只是在世界范围内的阴谋背景下,NWO 阴谋者利用这种方法使世界变得不那么自由、不那么和平、更受控制、更有等级制度。

Final Thoughts


Operation Coronavirus is a worldwide ritual,and its many elements are highly symbolic.People are being led along as unwitting participants without a clue as to how they are unconsciously supporting the deeper agenda(e.g.by cooperating with their own enslavement,acquiescing to ridiculous restrictions and even actively policing their fellow citizens).The fact that this fake coronavirus pandemic is a ritual is not surprising,given that the inner core of the NWO are Satanists who practice black magic.As surviving whistleblowers attest,some of their Satanic rituals involve rape,hunting humans like animals,mass orgies,drinking human blood,cannibalism and child sacrifice.We must remain vigilant to the deeper symbolic aspects of this agenda if we are to truly retain our rights and our freedom in the face of this darkness.

冠状病毒行动是一个世界性的仪式,其中的许多元素具有高度的象征意义。人们被引导成无意识的参与者,对于他们如何无意识地支持更深层次的议程毫无头绪(例如,与自己的奴役合作,默许荒谬的限制,甚至积极地维护自己的同胞公民)。这种假冠状病毒流行是一种仪式的事实并不令人惊讶,因为 NWO 的核心是施行黑魔法的撒旦教徒。幸存的告密者证实,他们的一些撒旦仪式包括强奸、像猎杀动物一样猎杀人类、集体纵欲、喝人血、同类相食和儿童祭祀。如果我们要在这种黑暗面前真正保持我们的权利和自由,我们就必须对这一议程更深层次的象征意义保持警惕。

About the Author


Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com(FaceBook here),writing on many aspects of truth and freedom,from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance.Makia is on Minds,Steemit and FB.

马基亚·弗里曼是《自由文章》的编辑,也是 toolsforfreedom.com 的高级研究员,撰写了关于真理和自由的许多方面的文章,从揭露全球阴谋的方方面面,到为人类如何创造一个和平与富足的新体系提出解决方案。马基亚在思想,斯蒂梅特和神奇宝宝。



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