萨鲁萨|第一次接触,在巴西的选举,和扬升It is evident that there are more sightings of our ships, as the threats are being removed considerably, and the first real contact will not take long. 


There is also excitement on our part as we have waited for thousands of years for this moment to come closer and it will certainly be a moment of great joy for all of us.


There is still a certain care, as it is a game of chess and we have to proceed with caution to guarantee, above all, the safety of the people of Earth and the non-violation of their free will.


Those who still operate in the dark keep trying to cause some chaos as they become more aware of our approach and the mass awakening of peoples underway.


Anyway, this is a destiny that cannot be changed, and it is certain that we will all meet and resume our cosmic coexistence as before.


The acceleration for such events continues in full swing, as the old continues to crumble, without delay.


The many leaders who held the surface population in a kind of captivity retreat and begin to leave the physical landscape.


More opportunities begin to emerge and the first signs that your media are starting to yield to the power of the Light are noticed.


The big TV stations of your reality are starting to talk behind the scenes of their administrations about our presence, and that it is becoming untenable to deny our existence.


They fear the pressures of the masses when they begin to question why they have neglected this truth, when they have such far-reaching power and could change, forever, the way of life of thousands of souls.


All of them would benefit from our technologies if we were announced, in a friendly way, contrary to what has been preached about us for decades, painting us as a threat.


These are times, indeed, where all of you will be in more healing processes.


Do not miss opportunities to be in tune with your Higher Selves.


This will allow for great healings and will accelerate your advances towards your release from the old patterns.


As you all continue to advance, it is natural that you also begin to perceive signs of the subtler planes merging with physical reality, such as the very bright points of light sometimes around you, or more vivid colors around you.


These are clear signs of these merging of realities, that the veil that separates the dimensions is getting thinner and that your physical bodies are losing density.


Don’t be afraid when that happens.


Appreciate the experience in order to open up to it more.


It is also important that we emphasize, again, the need for discernment among all of you.


In recent times, there are souls who cling to patterns of fear and insecurity and release terrifying information to the masses about catastrophic events to come that would lead you to extinction.


Needless to say, such things will not happen.


There is a much greater plan for all of you, and it is not the Creator’s desire for you to be annihilated, quite the opposite.


You have overcome tremendous challenges over the millennia and are indeed worthy of much love, respect and admiration for holding the Light through such delicate times.


Do not credit apocalyptic information, for in no way does Gaia want her children to suffer in such a way, even if, for a long time, you have been hard on her through her actions.


Goddess Gaia’s unconditional love for everyone is endless.


Appreciate nature, keeping in touch with it daily.


Connect with the love that flows from everything there is, and you will be able to reframe past actions when you had another level of consciousness.


Seek self-forgiveness and acceptance, in the same way that you seek to forgive those who have not yet managed to transcend the low vibrations.


Don’t forget that everyone is master of their destiny and everyone is responsible for their choices, and the Creator just respects that.


Certainly, many must be thinking about situations where people are violently assaulted and killed, or something similar.


Dear Ones, Divine Justice never fails and seeking self-forgiveness and forgiveness will not relieve you of the responsibility to recover from the misuse of energy, but you will certainly have more strength to heal and heal faster.


The power of forgiveness is endless and puts you on another level, quickly disintegrating layers of pain, suffering and anguish that tend to perpetuate the cycles of incarnation, in an expiatory way.


Enjoy the bonds with your ancestors who have transcended such limitations and ascended to the higher spheres.


Invoke us to assist you in these processes of resignification and healing.


They are present now, more than ever, and they are willing to collaborate with you during the great healings.


Always remember: forgiveness does not exempt you from your responsibilities and your acts as creators, but it gives you strength to heal and give new meaning to something you have practice outside the Law of Love.

永远记住: 宽恕并不能免除你作为创造者的责任和行为,但是宽恕给予你力量去治愈和赋予你在爱的法则之外所实践的东西新的意义。

Divine mercy never fails and there will always be opportunity for redemption.


Jesus said in his passage on Earth: “Forgive to be forgiven. Understand so that you are understood and help so that you are helped, because with the same measure you measure, you will also be measured”.


Enjoy these times and also look at what you don’t like and exercise love and compassion.


In these times when your country (Brazil) is going through an electoral process, evaluate in yourself how your level of unconditional love for those candidates who are not where voting card is going.


This alone will measure your vibration level.


There’s nothing wrong with opting for this one or that one.


The “problem” begins when the one who will not be voted on by you is the triggering of your revolt and fury.


This indicates that their lower bodies still have full control over their emotions.


Of course, if you see that, don’t feel bad or anything, but remember forgiveness and self-acceptance.


Recognizing this, with humility, will give you strength to transcend such inferior influences and raise you to greater and more expanded levels, where you will be able to help so many others who will arrive to receive help attracted by your expanding vibratory state.


It is, in a way, common, in times of elections, to have more agitation than usual, because this also affects the transcendental of most of you.


Many were involved in various political moments in history such as Rome and Ancient Greece.


However, today, you anchor far more Light than ever before and you have the full capacity to push away such lower influences that are awakened and to hold yourself up no matter what scenario presents itself.


In any case, the love and support of all of us will remain inviolable, as we have an oath to fulfill since when the Creator called us to such a mission: to assist the Earth in her transition to the higher dimensions and her original form of Eden.

在任何情况下,我们所有人的爱和支持都将是不可侵犯的,因为我们有一个誓言要履行,因为当造物主召唤我们去完成这样一个使命: 协助地球向更高维度和她的原始形态伊甸园的过渡。

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I see that my words continue to be well accepted by most of you on the surface.

我是来自天狼星的 SaLuSa,我看到我的话继续被你们大多数人在表面上很好地接受。

Thus, I reinforce my commitment to bring clarifications about the progress of the Federation’s plans, which is more active than ever.


We honor everyone who is willing to support us as we prepare for landing.


Those rural landowners, remember us! Our first landings will be in these areas, in order to contact, for the time being, in a more private and delicate way.


Obviously, many of you will be intuited by us to gather groups in meditations in these areas and we will give our signals whenever we are allowed, and if it is safe.


First Contact is not a simple wish: it is a reality that does not take long.

第一次接触不是一个简单的愿望: 它是一个不需要很长时间的现实。

Selatherin A-al Arjaten! 塞拉特林 · 阿尔 · 阿亚滕
(In Sirian: Because Yes, We Are All One!) (天狼星语: 因为是的,我们都是一体的!)

Be in Peace, 保持平静,

Be in the Light! 在光明中

**Received by Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Gratitude, SaLuSa!

收到 Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL) : 感谢 SaLuSa!

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