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米迦勒|取得进展I am Archangel Michael with a message for the angelic warrior group.


We are making good progress, the Light is anchored in so many places around this world.


It is growing in power. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces still missing. It is filled in to 60% of its wholeness. That will give you an idea of what the Light’s efforts are looking like now here on earth. The pieces that remain to be filled in with pieces or more Light, are what remain.

它的力量正在增长。想象一下,一个拼图游戏仍然缺少很多部分。它被填充到整体的60% 。这将给你一个关于光的努力现在在地球上看起来是什么样子的想法。那些仍然要用碎片或更多的光来填充的碎片,就是那些仍然存在的。

These pieces can be concepts, they can be virtual realities. Such as the reality of truth. The truth does not appear to you in a box. It does not come to you via a sales floor. It comes to you virtually and yet you anchor it.


It is the actions you undertake that strengthen this truth within you or weaken them. Strive to undertake the right actions. If it is wrong and you know it to be wrong, then do not do it.


If you have found something without asking for it, is it right to have it or should you ask if you can keep it? If you found a ten dollar bill on the street and you knew it fell out of an old woman’s wallet while she fumbled to find her change, would you not return it to her?


All things done in virtue are paid off by God in more good things. When you do a good thing for someone you are rewarded with more good things. When you do things you know to be wrong, you are rewarded with more bad things. It is your choice for you are all One.


To hurt another is to ask to be hurt yourself. Choose your path wisely for these are the times that are telling. As many of you know, you reap the reward for your actions almost immediately now, so much so that you can determine something occurring as a consequence of an action you recently undertook.


Years ago you could not. Life seemed to be a soup of right and wrong, good and bad, pleasure and pain that had no particular meaning or connection of events. Now you see the connection, now you know why when you experience pain it was you that set that wheel in motion and not even too long ago.


Now life makes more sense. This is because of the increase of Light and the increase in the dimensional energies.


Raise yourself up with them. Do not be left behind. To be left behind is to relive the pain you just experienced throughout many lives, lives in which your lessons were unlearned.


Learn the lesson now and make the correct changes. When the lesson goes away, it is because you mastered it. It is that simple.


Yes, Sharon is reminding me: To criticize another is to express your own fear. When you see another person driving poorly, you know you have a fear of being in an accident. When you criticize another for making a blunder, you know you have a fear of looking the fool and being judged. When you criticize another for their unhealthy body you know you have a fear of losing health yourself. This is an easy way to determine your fears and an easy way to understand yourself better and to learn to love yourself more. Life is a mirror and what you fear in yourself you criticize others for.

是的,莎伦在提醒我: 批评别人就是表达自己的恐惧。当你看到另一个人开车很糟糕时,你就知道自己害怕出车祸。当你批评别人犯了错误时,你知道你害怕看起来像个傻瓜并被批评。当你批评别人不健康的身体时,你知道你自己也害怕失去健康。这是一个简单的方法来确定你的恐惧和一个简单的方法来更好地了解自己,并学会更爱自己。生活是一面镜子,你害怕自己的地方,你就会批评别人。

Me: Thanks Michael. It’s true and your energy helped me to see it this way. I’m going to watch very carefully when the critic comes out and yes, I don’t want to be in a car accident.

我: 谢谢,迈克尔。这是真的,你的能量帮助我这样看待它。当评论家出来的时候,我会非常仔细的观察是的,我不想出车祸。

AAM: As for this week, I have a dual challenge for you all. And I know you’ll do well with it. I would like those who are inclined to to send energies to Sri Lanka and for those who are inclined to send energies to the Russian army. This army, who is doing good work for earth, grows fatigued. Battle weariness will set in for even the most eager warrior and they are experiencing some difficulties with this. They are still located in the Ukraine. There are other Russian forces abroad but they are new forces that have come in.

麦: 对于这个星期,我有一个双重的挑战给你们所有人。我知道你会做得很好。我希望那些倾向于向斯里兰卡输送能源的人,以及那些倾向于向俄罗斯军队输送能源的人。这支正在为地球做好事的军队开始疲惫了。即使是最热心的战士也会感到战斗疲劳,他们正在经历一些困难。他们仍然在乌克兰。国外还有其他俄罗斯军队,但他们是新来的军队。

I am Archangel Michael. I am your servant. We are One. We are Power. We are Legion.




**Channel: Sharon Stewart

频道: Sharon Stewart



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